How I Read 13 Books In 3 Months | 1 Secret Tip


Hey there, Aren’t you flabbergasted to read the blog title? I’m sure you are, or else why would you have clicked on the link? I would be more than happy if you are curious to know how to start reading or read more or how I read 13 books in 3 months. First of all, […]

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Why Books Are The Best Gift To Give | 7 Undeniable Reasons


It’s Christmas already! 2020 is finally going to end. We’ve all survived through this life-threatening year by doing the best we can. As we all celebrate this last week of 2020, let’s gift something valuable to our loved ones. So when it comes to gifts, all I can think of is – BOOKS. I’ve always […]

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My Lockdown Friend [Not Books This Time]

Hi There, How are you doing? Are you bored of staying indoors, all day long? I understand, though you are working from home or attending online classes, it becomes quite boring at times. Also, it’s been over six months since the coronavirus entered our lives and is still hanging over our head and we don’t […]

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How To Download Kindle Ebooks On Your Mobile Phone

You know it’s an undeniable fact that your day starts with a mobile phone and ends with it by your bedside. Today, I’m going to tell you how to download kindle ebooks on your mobile phone and make the BEST use of it. I’ve heard a lot of you guys making excuses of the book […]

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Quarantine, You & Free e-books | How To Read Them!

Hey, it’s a bright sunny day and I hope you’re inside your little homes. I say little homes because not everybody lives in a bungalow or a 4-BHK flat. It’s time we love our homes the way they are as not everyone has a shelter to dwell in. So, on this positive note let’s dive […]

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6 Books I Read In January (2020)


It’s been a while since you and I became friends over this blog of mine. But it’s no longer my blog. It’s our blog. As I always say, readers make writers, in that context, my blog becomes our blog. I share all significant things happening in my life and the words of wisdom arising from […]

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10 Best Books Of 2019 [A Reading Tip Inside]


This blog is being delayed a bit because of the other blogs that were lined up. Sharing my best books of 2019 with you is a must, isn’t it? So, it’s better late than never. I read around 32 books in 2019, certainly the largest number of books I’d ever read. So, I’ll be recommending […]

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