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Dear Reader,

Firstly, I want to thank you for visiting this page. This website is a medium to connect with you through my writings. I aim to share all the experiences of my life to benefit you in your day to day life.

I think that every day teaches us something. Grabbing that something and applying it in our lives is what makes all the difference. Also, if someday you feel low, just remember one thing – There’s something positive in every day. Find it! And embrace it!

Why do I write?

It’s been around seven years I have been writing. I wrote a total of about 350 poems, one-liners, and essays on my former blog site. Before that, I used to write diaries and still continue to do so.

Writing journals makes a person disciplined. It’s a creative process to maintain a journal. Every time I look at the heap of the diaries in my bookshelf, nostalgia strikes in.

Sometimes reading our own diary pages brings tears and smiles to our eyes. It’s all the life we have lived until now that dwells in the pages of a diary.

I also maintain a creative journal wherein I collage my day out. I’m not a good sketch artist or a painter, so I chose to do collage. I pour my creativity there when I’m not writing. You can check out my Instagram highlights – Journal Writing.

The reason I started writing blogs back in college was to get connected to the world. Connected virtually via my blog and emotionally via my writing.

Telling stories is what I have done for twenty-four years. No wonder I attempted to write the very first draft of my book. I wish to nurture this raw draft of mine and publish it in the coming years, though the timeline is still uncertain.

The reason for the uncertainty is quite simple, learnings. The more I learn, the more justice I can do to my first book and ultimately to you, my dear readers.

What keeps me going?

Writing brings in peace and a sense of satisfaction. In years, I happened to read a book called -“Man’s Search For Meaning” where the author revolves around a single idea. He says, “Live for a Why that’ll help you to endure the How”.

This very idea keeps me going. The fact that I want to write and inspire my readers keeps me hooked up to my ‘Why’. The ‘How’ automatically crawls in.

Who am I?

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I did my schooling there. I completed my Engineering from the D.Y.Patil University of Mumbai and got placed in an IT company in Pune. I lived in Pune for 2 years and 3 months, and I genuinely love this city.

Ever since in college, I’ve been writing and continue to, also while I worked in the giant world of IT. Life there was stressful many times.

But I had my stress buster handy with me in Pune. My writing.

I read books while I travelled and wrote when I was in the hostel. Staying away from home was not easy, but at the same time, it was all exciting and adventurous.

Jotting down the experiences I went through in Pune was all I did in my free time. This website is a gift to all my readers who have stayed by my side through my years of learnings.

It’s time you benefit from my writing. I look forward to helping you out in all the ways I can.

Life Update

After all your seamless support and encouragement and the love you showed to my website, I quit my IT job and am now working as Content Writer in a Software Company in Mumbai.

Read this blog to know my entire journey.

In the meantime, I also published an e-book and am giving it for free to all my fellow readers.
Do check it out and live a stress-free life.

I’ve published my first short story – “Mrs.Rao”and it is now available on Amazon. Check it out 🙂 

My second ebook was an accidental one – “Home Quarantined”. It’s about my COVID-19 experience. Do read. 

I, lately achieved the first milestone of my life by traditionally publishing my first paperback – Monday Mornings Done Right and other stories. It’s a bundle of positive short stories. Check here.


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  1. Really amazing… To know about you
    Here myself Hitesh a curious student recently passed out from Sainik school Rewari Haryana. I am always wishes to connect with New people around this labyrinth world. I wanna explore much towards life. I have my innate notions which may lead me to a new era of success.

    1. Hi Hitesh,
      Glad to know about you too.
      All the best for your future endeavors.
      Explore and flourish 🙂

  2. Ankita Chowdhury says: Reply

    Good going Shraddha! These are some really beautiful articles! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much Ankita ☺️☺️

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