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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Embrace Positivity

When someone points out your mistake, you get those negative vibes. You know you need to correct it, but you keep thinking about that person and how he/she dared to show your fault.

You think, think and think till you’ve drained off all your energy. At the end of the day, you know it was your mistake and that you need to repair it, but you’ve no energy left to do anything at all.

You waste your time and energy in asking yourself – How could he/she say that? Instead, why not thank that person for giving you a chance to improve on your mistake. If it weren’t for him/her, you wouldn’t even know you were committing an error in the first place.

A problem is only a problem when you see it as a problem.

– Robin Sharma.

Similarly, a negative thought is harmful if you view it as negative.

Did you know a single negative thought can ruin your day to the core? The other day I posted this thought on Instagram. One comment had a horrifying impact on me, and hence I decided to write this blog to help you to overcome the negative feelings which may contribute to ruining your day and week in worst cases.


1. Distinguish, erase, embrace.

Recently, I attended a workshop on Getting Published. It was conducted by the best selling author herself. The workshop was actually a hidden promotion of her book.

She revealed a lot of realistic statistics and useful facts about selling books. It was a quite interactive session. Each one on the house was enthusiastic about asking her questions.

I admired the way she carried herself, confident and focused on her thoughts.

But the fact that she criticized other successful authors was annoying.  Sometimes one thing that works great for you does not work for others.

It’s just that we need to respect each others success and not comment on it. At the end of the workshop, I was exhausted. Exhausted mentally.

A lot of negative vibes does that to me and apparently to all of you also. That’s the reason I’m writing this blog, and you’re reading it, right?

To overcome such negative thoughts, you need to distinguish between the negative and the positive. Then erase the negative and embrace only the positive.

I did struggle in erasing that author’s words because sometimes the one who is a great orator has a significant impact on you – both positive and negative.

But as soon as I realized that it’s harming me, I got rid of the negatives and made peace with the positive ones.

2.Question your negative thought

OMG! What will happen now? The answer to this question is always a negative perspective, and you get a lump in your throat.

Many times negativity grows within you. You don’t require somebody to spread the negative vibes.

You are your enemy.

Ask yourself this question whenever a negative thought peeps in – Should I take you seriously?

If the thought is displeasing, flush it off your mind and say a big ‘No.’

Don’t ever allow it in your mind. A negative thought has the potential to suck out the energy out of you and leave you weak and discouraged.

3. Replace the negative thoughts.

Pragmatically, you don’t overcome your negative thoughts, you replace them. The art of replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones will not come to you overnight.

You’ll have to strive towards attaining the same. For instance, if you’re not gifted with an excellent IQ, take pride in your hard work.

If you think you may miss your promotion this year because you were not upto the mark, remember that there’s only one winner in the running race and yet everybody runs. Keep working and stop worrying.

If you’re about to take an important decision and hesitate for you may fail at it, you’d never be able to make the decision.

Sometimes, negative thoughts are larger than life. To wash them off, watch a motivational video on youtube.

Also, if you get such thoughts frequently, start following only the positive stuff on Instagram and Youtube. You know social media works like karma, follow good, and the good will follow you.

4. Be your best friend

You have best friends, then close friends, hang-out friends, online friends, etc. Imagine a situation when you need your best friend desperately, and he/she is busy. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to speak to him/her.

The desperation worsens and leads to further sadness. Now your negative thought seems smaller in front of this new issue.

You can’t bare that your best friend isn’t available for you. Maybe he/she is genuinely busy and can’t talk to you at that moment.

To avoid such a situation, what if you be your best friend?

Believe me, it’s a fabulous idea. Find ways to come out of the cynical world yourself. You’ll be stunned at the outcome.

You’d also have stories to tell about the entire process of ‘overcoming your negative thoughts.’


5.The best way out

When you know that one thought you got in the morning is a prolonged one and refusing to leave you, just go to bed and sleep. Yes. Sleep.

I’m not even joking when I say this. Go to bed, shut your eyes and try to sleep. You’ll feel the intensity and strength of that negative thought when you’re in your bed.

Even though you’re tired after a long day that negative thought of yours won’t let you sleep so comfortably. You got to face the struggle in bed also.

But all the struggle is worth it when you wake up with a fresh mind the next day.

Next time when one such negative thought hits your mind, tell it that you’ve read this blog and that you aren’t afraid of it.

Share your experiences in the process of overcoming your negative thoughts and embracing the positive ones. Do share this blog with your friends and family, because sharing is absolutely free.

Give happiness, receive happiness.

Thank You 🙂

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4 Replies to “How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Embrace Positivity”

  1. Nithya Yadav says: Reply

    I loved this example the most from this blog
    “remember that there’s only one winner in the running race and yet everybody runs. Keep working and stop worrying”

    So true!!!!

  2. Shrads we are not saint to control our mind everytime and remove negative thoughts. The more i try to remove r replace the more my mind hover over dat thought. Even i tried sleeping but it comes in my dream 😂. Suggest something to control our mind and replace negative thoughts……

    1. Saints also gained eternity through reading positive stuffs.
      So keep reading positive and motivational books.

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