How To Change Your Mood Instantly [Blog Marathon Post 5]

It’s 8.30 pm in the clock when I writing this in my diary. And my mother will be typing this later for me. Today morning when I woke, my eyes refused to open. I did have a slight pain in my left eye for two days but today was the worst day. 

I couldn’t blink my eye and the pain was unbearable. So I took a sick leave from the office and went for an eye checkup. It’s some kind of an eye infection. I’ve slept for the entire day. The eye is still swollen and I can’t look at the laptop screen. 

My mother knew I was upset because I couldn’t face the screen. So she offered her helping hand as she did not want my Blog Marathon to be affected. 

That very moment my mood was uplifted and I started writing today’s blog on how to change your mood instantly so that you also can learn the same art. 

Today, it was because of my mother I was able to change my mood instantly. One more reason was an email (I checked around 8.15 pm on my laptop)- that said my article was published today on a website. This was a guest post blog that I had written a few days ago and today it’s live on their website. Click here to read the blog. 

I’m so grateful and happy for this. And I’m glad I read that email (almost instinctively )otherwise since morning I haven’t checked my phone at all. 

Before I extend the introduction let me stop here and without any ado give you a few tips on how to change your mood instantly. 

  1. Change your physiology 

Your posture, the way you sit, stand and walk plays a vital role in changing your mood. 

When you sit with your chin in your palms, you’re bound to feel gloomy. Or even when you’re lazying in your bed for no reason you feel diffident. 

On the contrary, examine your mood when you’re sitting up erect, or walking with your head up. Aren’t you more confident and happy? 

Whenever you feel a little low, just get up from your chair in the office or home and walk for a while. This uplifts your mind and body supplying energy to both. 

And hence, changing your mood to a great extent. 

2. Change your psychology 

How to change your mood instantly, is completely in your hands. You have to prepare your brain for the same. 

You need to choose between the two states of mind. Whether you want to continue sobbing or quickly forget about it and play around happily. 

If I would have mourned over my eye pain and slept for the rest of the day, it would have affected my blog marathon and as a result, I would be unhappy for the rest of the day. 

So, you need to set your psychology right to keep yourself uplifted always. Always remember one thing – Nobody should be responsible to uplift your mood except for you. This eliminates dependency. 

3. Shift your focus 

Focusing on the dark part of the day will only ruin your mood more. Then why not shift your focus from the bad to the good? 

Shifting your focus will fasten your mood changing process and you’ll train your mind to the brighter side of everything. 

4. Do something nice for somebody else

You and I are often self-centred about our troubles. But when you see your sufferings are far less than that of others, you feel good about it. 

Similarly, when you go out of your way and help people in need you start feeling good about yourself. 

Your mood changes almost instantly after you’ve done something good for someone else. 

Maybe it is helping a blind man cross the road or helping your mother in the kitchen. In both the scenario you’re the reason for someone’s happiness. And in return, that’s the reason for your happiness. 

5. Laugh at yourself

I’m not even kidding when I say laugh at yourself. When I feel low about the office environment, I crack jokes on myself and laugh aloud. I laugh and make others laugh along with me. 

By doing this, my focus is shifted from the bad to the good. Laughter collaborates your mind and body. It facilitates bonding across a group of people. Laughter lowers anxiety, releases tension, and improves your mood.

So, laugh it out. Your mood is bound to change. 

I hope you liked today’s blog. I would like to thank my mother for delivering this one successfully. Without her, it wasn’t possible. 

Do let me know in the comments below how did you like the five ways of changing your mood instantly. 

See you tomorrow 🙂 Hoping to type tomorrow’s blog by myself.

What Happens When You Read A Lot Of Books ! [Blog Marathon Post 3]

I know you’d immediately want to know what happens when you read a lot of books.

But before getting into that let me thank you for the love and best wishes you’ve been showering on me and my blog Marathon. YOU are the source of my energy.

Some of you have been telling me in comments that you like my blogs and I’m happy to see as promised you’re reading every day. So, I’m into a writing Marathon and you’re into a reading Marathon.

Isn’t that great? A win-win situation, right?

The reason I chose this topic today is because I was moved by one comment on my yesterday’s blog.  She’s not my regular reader and she honestly confessed the same (I like this about people – honesty). She liked my yesterday’s blog and confined to herself that she’ll not take her partner for granted anymore. Above all, the concluding words astounded me. She said, “Reading really helps.”

Many people will still deny this universal fact that – Reading helps! And so here I am all set to tell you what happens when you read a lot of books.

1. You get the strength to forgive

I feel I’m Ali Baba and I’ve got the superpower of saying “Khulja sim sim” to open the books full of treasures.

Books are the jewels of life that introduce you to the inner you. They enlighten your mind and soul with humanitarianism and you automatically empathize with others. You start putting yourself in other people’s shoes and think from their perspective, ultimately forgiving them.

That’s the power of reading.

2. You understand the real meaning of social media

Social media is a puddle where we all vomit out negativism and evil thoughts. Only when you start reading more books will you understand that social media is not the right place to be in.

Understand that turning the pages of books is far better than scrolling through your social media posts. The sooner this sinks into you, the smoother your life will function.

3.  You know the significance of motivation

Life is not a bed of roses all the time, right? And you cannot have a human motivator every time around you. That’s when books come into the picture. It takes only one good book to understand the importance of books in your life.

The book which keeps me motivated even after 7 years of reading it is “Life is what you make it” If you’ve read my previous book-related blogs you’ll know I’ve recommended this book in almost all of them.

Carry a book in your bad every day, read even if you’ve got 5 minutes and believe me or not – this helps in staying motivated always.

4. Failure is just normal

Books tell you failure stories that leave you inspired for a long time. Sometimes the characters and their life stories are so relatable that you strangely connect with them, thus knitting a beautiful relationship with the virtual characters.

You know when your favourite character fails, he/she emerges strongly at the end of the story. And so you know failures are just normal and part of life.

5. You become sensible towards life

When you read more books your mind processes to think wisely. The words you read every day and the thoughts you feed your mind make you a sensible person.

Your mind starts listening to your heart and you start living a meaningful life.

6. You feel the happiness and sorrow of others

Yes. You not only empathize with the characters in the books but also feel for your colleagues, your co-travellers, or any random person that you meet on your journey of life.

Try reading more and more books every year and you’ll believe this.

7. You see a leader in you

Many self-help books bring in the best out of you. Reading non-fiction books is reading YOU.

When you read more of motivational books, you gradually evolve a leader in life. You unwittingly grasp the leadership qualities that helps you upgrade yourself.

You’ll see no manager who doesn’t read. Reading improves the managerial skills in him/her and that’s the reason they read more and more.

8. You believe in living a happy life

Reading books makes the world you a happier place to live in. Your mind wanders in the magical world of books and when you’re back in the real world you seem to be a happy person.

When I close a book after my reading sessions, I feel a different level of satisfaction – that which can’t be expressed in words.

9. You discover the difference between love and lust

When a writer writes a book, he/she describes the insights of the characters. While you read through any book, you instinctively know the difference between good and bad.

The author does not put it in straight forward words but you just know it.

When you read a lot of books you gradually start knowing the difference between love and lust, provided you hold the right book.

10. You learn new quotes, new words

I love highlighting new words, anecdotes and good quotes while I read. Thankfully now I don’t have to use a highlighter, I can do that with my fingers on the Kindle.

It’s good to introduce yourself to new things. Books help to explore the magical phrases and proverbs which you’ve probably never heard of.

11. You know when to step out from an argument

This, I think is the most significant thing that happens to you when you read more books. You know exactly when you should stop and step out of an argument.

Because you immediately understand the thought process of the opposite person and it comes to you that whatever you’ll say is bound to fall on deaf ears.

And hence, your sensible mind (who has read a lot of books) asks you to stop banging your head on the wall.

I know I might miss on one or the other importance of reading in our life but I’ll have to end this blog here.

Please do let me know how did you find my today’s topic and the points mentioned in it. Also, if you want to make a start and take that baby step, you can read my short story which is available on Amazon.  It is 20 minutes read.

See you tomorrow. Till then, good night 🙂

The Little Things In Life [Blog Marathon Post 2]

“Little things make a big difference”

The other day I attended a birthday party. My father’s close friend celebrated his 50th Birthday -the golden jubilee of his life.

On this auspicious occasion, his wife threw a small house party where only the near and dear ones were invited. Theirs was a love marriage. As usual, I was excited to attend the party. Because I was curious about the preparations and of course the ‘Biryani’.

I got ready for the party and walked towards the party house. It’s a 3 minutes walk from our house. Imagining Smita Aunty (birthday boy’s wife), I knew she’d be the one managing stuff from A to Z.

Inviting people and hosting them is a big task and a mountain of responsibility. And in the society we live in, we’ve got a bunch of guests who are too unpleasant to appreciate things. Therefore, in Indian homes keeping your guests content is a pressure. You constantly need to prove yourself in front of your guests.

When I entered the room, the first thing that immediately caught my attention was the birthday cake. As you can see the picture, the cake is clothed by a thick green layer of cream which makes the cricket pitch. The edible bat and ball complete the setup.

The edible cricket pitch 😛

My father’s friend – the birthday boy, has lived cricket all his life. I won’t say played because this is the only thing he is passionate about and has treasured all his trophies all around the house with immense pride.

Undoubtedly Smita Aunty was keen on making her husband’s 50th Birthday the best one of his life.

One of the walls of their house was embellished with stylish golden letters of the happy birthday of a beautiful font style and a big golden balloon blown in to make the number 50.

It looked as elegant as Smita Aunty herself. Her taste and choice are unique and trendy. No wonder nothing from the arrangements seemed cliche. Everything was up to the mark and new.

As part of the Indian tradition, the ladies did a small Aarti and blessed the birthday boy. It a nice ritual but strangely everybody maintains a knowing silence while it’s on.

The Birthday boy & the auspicious ritual!

Coming to the snacks for the evening, Smita Aunty had ordered samosas that were stuffed with palak and cheese and it just melted into our mouths. It was yummy and perfectly complimented the party.

The veg and non-veg biryani were ordered from a well-known biryani centre and it was the show-stopper of the evening. I savoured over the piping hot rice and enjoyed each morsel of it.

The birthday party had a personal touch to it and was not an event that was made live on social for the sake of likes and comments.

The reason why I am describing everything in detail is because these are the little things that matter in life.

Smita Aunty, being a working woman, put all the efforts only to see a wide smile on her beloved husband’s face.

Even after so many years of marriage why would someone put efforts to tell their better half that they love them? It’s because everyone wishes to be loved by someone.

But sadly enough now you’ll see that love slightly fades away after a proposal, then a little more after marriage and a little more after a few months of marriage.

Isn’t marriage a life long affair? Why would you take your partner for granted once he or she has accepted your proposal? Shouldn’t you take those tiny efforts time and again to see that beautiful smile of his or her that you had once fallen for?

Well, everybody is busy in this world. But nobody is too busy to make their partner feel special.

I loved how Smita Aunty cared about the minutest details of the party and made it a memorable day of her husband’s life.

Saving your husband’s name as ‘sweetheart’ or ‘hubby’ doesn’t symbolize your love. Taking care of the little things in your relationship does.

I’ve seen people say, “Ah! What’s there to say now? I’ve already told her I love her/him and she/he very well knows that.”

How illogically ruthless this is!

You need to understand that there’s a difference between knowing and feeling. Make your partner feel that you love him/her every day. And a little more on auspicious days like birthdays and anniversaries.

You are not too old to express your gratitude and love towards your partner. Neither is your marriage or relationship are too old to be taken for granted.

The little things in life are the once that matter the most.

Say you love them immediately after reading this blog and see how  love plays it’s magic.

And thank you for wishing me the best for my blog marathon. See you tomorrow 🙂

P.S. And yes, a very happy International Men’s Day to all the men reading this. Be informed that you’re an inevitable part of the universe. 

7 Must-Read Books By Sudha Murty [Blog Marathon Post 1]

As it was a Sunday yesterday, my Mom was a bit worried and she asked me,” Your blog didn’t come up this weekend?”

I felt good about how concerned she was about my blog. I grinned and said, “It’s true that I blog every weekend. This time I thought of challenging myself and so I’m doing a blog marathon.”

She was confused as she didn’t understand what did a blog marathon mean. I said, “I’ll be writing one blog every day for a week.” 

Once the concept of the marathon sank in she got back to her household chores. And I did a small dance step expressing my excitement.

So, now you know why the title says Blog Marathon 1. Without any further ado let’s get started with today’s blog.

When I posted this below picture I got many messages asking me to recommend the must-read books by Sudha Murty. To be honest, I was taken aback when they said they hadn’t read any of her works yet.

9 Must-Read Books By Sudha Murty That'll Transform You Into A Nicer Person! [Blog Marathon Post 1]

If you haven’t read Sudha Murty, you’ve committed a crime, I’d say. I might seem to exaggerate on this point but for me, she’s an epitome of a true human being.

Sudha Murty did her mechanical engineering in the era where girls were deprived of education. She was the only girl in the entire college.

Sudha Murty is an engineering teacher, author in Kannada, Marathi, and English and the best philanthropist I’ve ever known. I say this because I’ve read all her non-fiction books that depict her humanitarian work and portray her simplicity and devotion towards society.

The first book I picked up was of Sudha Murty and then I read all of them that were available at the library (which I visited in my late school days).

I would recommend and urge you to read at least one book from the below list. I’m pretty sure you’ll come back with a smile – a smile of integrity, wholeness, and that of humanity.

So, here are the must-read books by Sudha Murty :


Mahashweta is a novel that’ll leave you tears. It is a story of a married woman who’s hit by leukoderma. 

You’ll be dumbstruck to know the social stigma associated with this disease. Mahashweta is an inspiring story of resilience and courage in a world marred by betrayals.

Click here to buy Mahashweta.

2. The Old Man & His God

This is non-fiction where Sudha Murty shares stories about her work with the villagers, the common men and women, and slum dwellers. 

She listens to them and empathizes with them. She recorded their stories and has written down every single word with great affection and love. 

She feels their struggles and hardships which they’ve at times overcome, and at other times left vulnerable.

Read here. 

3.Wise & Otherwise

I know one of my friends who had read this book in one sitting. You can understand how moved was he by her work and experiences. I’ve also loved this book more than any of her non-fiction ones.

Again one of the must must-read books by Sudha Murty. Click here to grab it and then own it.

4.Three Thousand Stitches – Definitely a must-read book of Sudha Murty

This is again non-fiction and the only book I possess as it was published a couple of years ago. Back then, I could only access the library. You’ll be awestruck and amused to know why this book is named Three Thousand Stitches. Of course, I’m not going to tell you. You have to find it yourself. It’s an earnest story that’ll be remembered forever.

I possess this, will you also want to own it? Click here. 

5.Gently Falls The Bakula

Sudha Murty is a good novelist also. Her novels are based on the societal obligations and sufferings that one has to go undergo, come what may. At the same time, her stories inspire us to emerge powerful and courageous. Gently falls the Bakula is one such poignant story that’ll leave you inspired. 

Click here to buy. 

6.Dollar Bahu

Now you that Sudha Murty writes straight from her heart. Dollar Bahu as the name suggests holds money over relationships. Once you start reading through this book it’s difficult to put it down. The story revolves around the ‘Big American Dream’ and its impact on Indian families. It could be a story of any Indian middle-class family and so it seems quite relatable. 

Check out Dollar Bahu here. 

7. Here, There And Everywhere

This one is the latest book I read only a few days back. You see, I just cannot stop reading Sudha Murty’s books.

It’s a compilation of her best real-life stories along with some new stories. I truly loved it despite most of them were repetitive stories for me. 

But if you want an overview of her life and work this one is a go-to book for you.

I hope you’ve decided which one to pick from the above must-read books by Sudha Murty. If not, then it’ll be like a battle lost. 

Disclosure : Some of the book links are Amazon affiliates links which means I might receive a small commission if you decide to buy them.

You won’t be charged extra. If you liked my blog then use the links given in the blog and help me support this website.

See you tomorrow 🙂

10 Cool Things To Do With Your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

The other day when I was reading a physical book, I happened to press on the difficult word habitually. And then laughed when it did not throw back the meaning of the word.

Well, once you start using a Kindle device you ought to make a boo-boo of yourself. Yes, you guessed it right. I own a Kindle device. It is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader.

This festive season my father gifted it to me so that I can read more books more efficiently. You’ll know why I used the word efficiently at the end of this blog.

To be honest, I’m a big fan of holding a physical book and inhaling its aroma while I read through the lively words. Nevertheless, you need to upgrade and make a choice for your good.

And buying more paperbacks meant buying a new house to fit them in. So I thought why not own this tiny Kindle device which is capable of housing a mind-boggling 50,000 books into it.

I completed reading one book on my Kindle device and I must say the experience was ecstatic. It was like I had a teacher guiding me through my reading.

So without any further ado let me share with you the 10 cool things to do with Amazon kindle paperwhite ebook reader.

1. The in-built Oxford Dictionary

While you read on a Kindle, you have a dictionary on the go. You no longer have to rush to your phone and search for the meaning of a new word in your phone’s dictionary.

You can completely put away your phone and happily concentrate on your reading.

If you don’t want to highlight and have the meaning on the page itself, you can go to the settings and turn on the ‘wordwise’ option. Kindle will display the meaning of a difficult word on top of the word.

All you have to do is long-press on the new word and the meaning pops up explaining you in detail. The highlight feature then goes a step ahead and replaces the highlighter that you used to use while reading a physical book.

2. An Amazing Vocabulary Builder

When you highlight the new words, you’ll be building an overwhelming treasure of vocabulary that you’ll be proud of. You don’t have to waste your time in writing them down (if you remember the words only after writing them down you can always write by looking up at your vocabulary builder)

The book I read on Kindle gave me an astounding list of 195 new words. And I feel blessed to have a Kindle device with me.


You may want to read these articles also –8 Life-Changing Books That’ll Shape Your Thinking

What Are You Loosing On If You’re Not Reading Books And 7 Best Books To Read If You Hate Reading

3. Flashcards to make you a ‘Pro’

And then you evolve a Pro with the flashcards. It’s like revising the words you learned while reading the book. And then mastering them.

I loved this feature of Kindle and probably it’s the best thing to do with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader.


4. The Helpful ‘GoTo’ feature

On the very first day when I was trying to discover my Kindle device, I first thought about how can check the number of pages of this book.

That was when I discovered the GoTo option. It’s basically a navigation button that’ll take you on your book tour, chapter by chapter or page by page.

5. Take a ‘Screenshot’ with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader!

Oh Yes! You can take a screenshot by holding the diagonally opposite ends of the Kindle and then tapping in. But you cannot view your screenshots unless your kindle is connected to a PC.

6. Share a Kindle (but I won’t)

Just like you lend or borrow a book from your friend, you can share your Kindle books with your friends. But I’ve already crossed out this option.

I HAVE STOPPED LENDING & BORROWING BOOKS FROM ANYONE(except for libraries). I strongly believe each one should buying their own books because it’s an investment that you do to grow.

I’ll always encourage people to buy books by not lending the 100 books that I possess. I’ve invested in them and I feel great about it.

And the only way writers can survive is by buying their books and not lending or borrowing them. I feel proud that my thoughts match with Sudha Murthy – the author, an engineering professor and a philanthropist. Read some interesting facts about her here.

7. Check your reading speed with Amazon Kindle

Well, I’m ignoring this feature as of now. Reading speed shall increase gradually.
Your Kindle tells you how much time is left in a book or in a chapter (by tapping at the bottom of the screen).

8. Adjust Font Size & Choose Your Favourite Font

Another cool thing to do with the Kindle device is you can read a book in your favourite font. The default font set is ‘Bookerly’

By zooming in and zooming out, you can easily change the font size also.

9. Bookmark your last reading page

Though I was a bit disheartened on putting off all my pretty bookmarks, I’ve now got adjusted with the new kindle bookmark.

10. Integrate your Goodreads account

Last but not the least, you can integrate your Goodreads account to your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader and keep a track of your Goodreads challenge.

The next time my colleague asks me, what’s in a Kindle I shall silently send him the blog’s link and he shall know it all these cool things to do with Amazon Kindle.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual Kindle tour. If you liked the blog do share it and also let me know in the comment section below more Cool Things To Do With Amazon Kindle (if you own one).

Do read my short story “Mrs.Rao” on Kindle. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited users.

Happy Reading 🙂

P.S. Now you’ll never find me without my Kindle.

How To Deal With Death Of A Family Member

Two weeks ago, I published my blog – 25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25, and put off my laptop. It was around 10 pm in the clock when my father dragged himself in the house and closed the door slowly behind him. He looked weary and despondent.

His eyes looked too mournful to tell us what had happened. He murmured something which only my mother could interpret and that’s how I got to know that my uncle had died a while ago.

After all, my father had lost his brother. The death was quite unexpected and sudden for him to accept. He sat there silently for two minutes, contemplating on the news he had received.

But as he was the only one in charge of the entire family, he picked himself up and got ready for the further process. Death is the most uncertain thing to happen in one’s life. It gives you no time to think and cry upon the sudden loss.

Instructing us to come after some time, my father left for making arrangements for the funeral. I had goosebumps as this was the first time I would be attending a funeral of a family member.

When Mom and I reached my uncle’s place, I found the 18-year-old on the phone announcing his father’s death to friends and relatives. “What can be more unfortunate than this?”, I thought to myself.

He lost his mother 3 months back and now he was all alone. Once he was done with informing everybody, he sat in front of his father’s dead body (it’s heart-wrenching how the father suddenly becomes a dead body) and there was finally a flood of tears in his eyes.

Though this topic is a sensitive one, I had to share it with you, my dear reader. You’re an inevitable part of my life and I ought to share my life happenings with you and the things I learn out of every incident.

While I write this blog- How to deal with death, the lessons have come straight from the 18-year-old boy who has lost his mother followed by his father in the same year.

1. Join in rituals wholeheartedly

Though death is unfortunate, join in all the rituals and honour the person who died. The funerals, memorial services and other traditions help people get through the first few days and help the soul rests in peace. Be in the presence of other people who knew your loved one. This will comfort you to a great extent.

2.Value your neighbours

Neighbours are your immediate relatives living next door (Unfortunately, the neighbourhood tradition is fading away rapidly amidst the huge flat system). When there’s a death in the house or someone in the family is ill, your neighbours are the first helping hands. Your relatives take some time to arrive at your rescue.

I’ve seen God disguised in a bunch of neighbours at my uncle’s funeral and other rituals. Their support and cooperation were unbelievable.

My cousin is fortunate enough to have blessed with such great people as his neighbours.

3. You might be scared, but that’s OK

A sudden departure of your loved ones leaves you in a shock which is irreparable for an uncertain period. During this time, there are high possibilities of you feeling afraid quite easily.

You may go sleepless or get nightmares for a few nights, but remember, that too shall pass.

It’s Okay to be scared! It’s all the impact of you seeing death with your own eyes.

4. How to deal with death – bravely

Today, after completing all the rituals, I see brave 18-year-old in my cousin. He has evolved strong and rugged after going through all the death business.

And that’s the only option you have ultimately – to evolve into a brave person.

5. Open up and talk about it

I was under an impression that if you talk more about the sad incident, it makes you sadder. But I was proved wrong after this death. The more you talk about it, the more you express yourself to your near and dear ones, it helps you start the healing process.

Whether it’s to a parent, sibling, best friend, opening up about death does not mean you are weak. It means you’re strong enough, to be honest with the world, and most importantly yourself.

Also, open up and talk about it only when you’re ready. Take your own time.

6. Allow your friends to be there for you

The answer to how to deal with death is – ‘friends’

Friends are the primary source of your healing process. My 18-year-old cousin had a battalion of friends around him, consoling him and being his strength at this difficult situation of life.

His friends stood beside him like pillars and helped raise his hopes. I’m in awe of their friendship and pray that it lasts forever.

7. Don’t get into alcohol

I’ve seen people taking the help of alcohol after their loved one’s death. Well, is it worth it? Do you need some artificial power to help you forget your pain?

The best example here is again my cousin. At his age, when he’s all alone there were high possibilities of him getting into bad company and maybe start consuming liquor.

But, touch wood, he’s surrounded with all good people. Why? Because he chose them. He chose the right path for himself.

I’m proud of him.

8. People will come and go

It’s good that people come, sit, feel bad about death. This practice of paying condolences to the family of the dead person still prevails in our society which is good as far as the family isn’t more disturbed by the repetition of the incident.

And the bottom line is, people will come and go. They won’t tell you how to deal with death.

At the end of the day, you’re all by yourself. You should be picking up yourself, no one else can.

9. Take up the responsibilities

Sadly, you are left with all the responsibilities after the death of a family member. I only realized how big death is when I heard my father guiding the 18-year-old boy – to apply for the death certificate, to erase the name of his father from the ration card, transfer the electricity bill onto his name, start the procedure of writing the house on his name, and much more.

I found he was already prepared for all this. But the truth is all this is too much for his age.

As I said, death is the most uncertain thing so are the responsibilities. And yes, it would be a moment of pride to see the 18-year-old manage the house single-handedly.

10. Live like there’s no tomorrow

Well, knowing the uncertainty of life live like there’s no tomorrow.

An ancient Sanskrit saying, goes like – “When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.”

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This is all about how to deal with death and the consequences after death. Hope you agreed with at least some of the points.

Let me know your views on death, because speaking out is the advent of the healing process.

25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!

Yes. You guessed it right. I turned 25. First and foremost a heartfelt thanks for all your sweet wishes.

Being the 25th there was a lot of planning going on in the background which I was unaware of. In the evening, at the railway station, I got a beautiful and the best surprise ever from my three close friends.

I’m grateful to them for all the efforts they’d put in planning to see the biggest smile on my face.

Birthdays are so special. You’re being wished “Happy Birthday” now and then by someone or the other. There are cakes, candles, gifts and so much of love around.

Birthdays are also to be thankful for the year you’ve lived by. To ponder on the new people you met, the new lessons you learnt and new obstacles you conquered.

When I look back at the 25 years I’ve lived, its one hell of a journey.

 I’m happy I did meet the deadline that I had mentioned in my previous blog. The joy of achieving something you’ve always wanted to is immeasurable. 

And so you ought to do maximum things before you turn 25.

So, here are 25 things you should do before turning 25.

1.Live alone

When you live alone away from home, you learn to be independent. Be it a rented flat or a hostel, your life away from home teaches you to ‘live.’

You realize the importance of ‘home’ only after staying away from it. Decorate your rented flat to make you feel at home.

2.Travel to your dream destination

Travelling to new places is an epitome of gaining practical knowledge.

Get out of your house and travel to that one place you’ve always longed to see with your very own eyes.

I was fortunate enough to visit my all-time dream destination before I turned 25. Read my travel experience here.

3.Get your dream job

Work towards your dream job and get it before you turn 25. Because once you’re used to the boring job you’ll continue repeating – “I’m bored” your entire life.

Get a job that’ll be your first inspiration to dismiss your alarm and get out of your bed.

Work for your passion where the money is not the centre point. With consistency and your determination, things will automatically fall into places and money shall flow in.

4.Quit the one you don’t like

When you’re in your bed for a longer time and still are lazy and clumsy then you’re not happy at your workplace. Stop dragging yourself to the place you don’t like and get a switch.

Work hard towards it and do it before 25.

When you’re 25 you’re considered old. Your body automatically searched for a cushion to rest on.

But if you set the right momentum before you turn 25 you’re on your toes throughout your life.

Read my story here and chalk out a smart plan for yourself –Why I Quit My Job? – Answered In Detail. 

5.Spend time with your family

As you grow old, your parents also grow older. Don’t let your priorities clash into your family time.

The family should be your priority.

One day, when my mother sat in front of me, I happened to gaze at her after a long time. It was then I noticed her wrinkles. That hit me hard that she’s getting old and that she needed me more than anything else.

Take a break and look closely at your parents you’d see the difference yourself.

6.Join a Yoga class at least once before you turn 25

You’ve learnt a lot about your body and the various systems that run inside you. But when was the last time you did complete justice to your body?

Until you join a Yoga class you’d probably never know what the right practices to lead a healthy life are.

Yoga is a way of living. Yoga pumps in immense positive energy for spiritual living which will help you look young irrespective of your age.

Meditate. Live. Repeat.

7. Read a life-changing book

Between the ages 18 to 25, there are high chances of getting stuck in life at some point or the other. You have no idea what you’re doing with your life and where life is taking you.

When in doubt just read randomly. Go around the book stores and pick a book (self-help) you find interesting.

You never know which book proves to be a life-changing book for you.

For book recommendations read the below blogs. 

What Are You Loosing On If You’re Not Reading Books And 7 Best Books To Read If You Hate Reading

8 Life-Changing Books That’ll Shape Your Thinking

8. Go on a night out with a bunch of unknown people.

Yes. It’s a completely different experience. Talking to people of different professions, age groups and interests under the same roof is crazy.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced one such mad night.

Read about it here –The Nightout – Interesting AF


You’re no longer in your 16s where you could eat junk, go to college and be a sloth at home. It’s you who have to take care of your body.

When you grow older your body starts giving up on you. And the ultimate solution to keep it functioning is to exercise. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative to this.

10.Learn to say ‘No’

If you keep on nodding your head in acceptance to everything the world will keep on dominating you.

Say ‘No’ if you’re not in for something that you’re least interested about. If it’s not your job you have all the rights to say ‘No.’

11.Learn to be alone

As soon as you’re out of college, you got to be picking yourself up after a fall. People are too busy to check on you.

Learn to enjoy your own company and be self-sufficient.

12.Learn to cook well

25 years is a significant number. You cannot order food every day, can you? Learn to cook at least your favourite dishes perfectly.

That’ll give you the confidence to go ahead and cook whenever and wherever it’s required for you to take over the kitchen.

Make your parents proud by being a good chef at home.

13.Take Good Reads challenge

As I always say, there’s no alternative to reading. If you want to achieve something in life reading is the base to everything.

Go and take a good reads challenge which will motivate you to read a considerate number of books in a year.

Read at least 50 books before you turn 25.

14.Come out of your comfort zone

You’ll go nowhere if you continue to be in your comfort zone. Get out of it and kick off your laziness now.

15.Stop relying on others

– for anything and everything. Do your work all by yourself. Be it grabbing a glass of water from the kitchen or making your bed.

16.Respect your weekends

Treat your weekends as they need to be treated. A two-day weekend is comprised of 48 hours. That’s huge you see.

Don’t take them for granted and spend the entire weekend clubbing and partying. Instead, make them productive.

those 48 hours which are only yours. Work on yourself and do justice to your time. Amidst the hustle and bustle also take some good rest.

17.Stop being addicted to the technology

Use your electronic device in the right way. Don’t overdo the social media thing so much that one day you’ll lose your own self.

Related blog –8 Productivity Apps To Help You Make The Most Of Your Time!

18. Attend a book launch before you turn 25 (if you’re a book lover or not)

It’s inspiring to see how passionately the author talks about his/her book at the book launch. The joy of their book getting out into the market radiates in their eyes.

Do experience this wonderful moment to inspire you to do what you like, passionately.

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19.Never Settle

Though it’s a tagline of one plus series, it goes well with our lives. You must have heard people saying, “Ek bas settle hojaye to phir bas maje hi maje hai”

Well, I think settling is becoming a slave to money. Once you get a decent package at the job, you tend to get the feel of settling in life.

Don’t let that happen. Keep working with the same enthusiasm throughout and let new things happen to you.

20.Let the grudge go

Don’t celebrate your 25th birthday with grudges inside you for your friends and family. Start with a clean slate and let go off the negatives.

21.Make friends everywhere

You meet many people in your teens and early adulting years. Exchange good conversations with them.

Make friends wherever you go. More the merrier.

22.If you’re a non-Mumbaikar and have not visited Mumbai, do visit once

I felt Mumbai was overrated until I went away from the city. You’ll know why I say after you read this blog. It’s a detailed guide for a one day Mumbai tour. –Top 8 Places To Visit In Mumbai – By An X-Mumbaikar

23.Order your own cake

I mean it. I ordered my own cake asking the Swiggy guy to write my name on it. Don’t wait for anyone to get a surprise cake for you.

You’re capable enough to buy your own cake, aren’t you?

24.Pay the ‘Bills’

Start paying your electricity bill, recharging the D2H service, renewing your internet pack and also paying the restaurant bills.

Your parents have been doing all this for so many years now. Now it’s your turn to pay the debts. Though not all of it can be returned, you can at least do your bit.

25.Be brave and do that one thing which you always wanted to do

For once don’t think about anybody and be brave enough and just do it.

There are only two possibilities, either you’ll fail at it or pass with flying colours. But if you don’t do it how will you know the result?

I took that brave step and published a short story on Amazon Kindle. Read the description, the free sample, reviews and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

After all, you’ll be investing your money into it.

Also, let me know how you liked the 25 things to do before turning 25. I’ll be waiting for your response.




P.S. If you’re already 25, don’t worry because it’s NEVER TOO LATE! Start right away if you’ve not done the above 25 things.

8 Productivity Apps To Help You Make The Most Of Your Time!

Technology and productivity apps have helped businesses flourish. The rate at which businesses grow has doubled. Great productivity comes with a disciplined life. And that’s what businessmen believe in – discipline.

Both young and experienced businessmen have smartly adapted to the technology and helped themselves stay disciplined throughout their journeys.

Although smartphones can gobble up your precious hours, it has brought a magnificent change in the productivity of the people with these productivity apps.

Productivity apps help you manage your time more efficiently and help you make the most of your time. As a writer, all I got to do is write. But sometimes, there is ‘n’ number of distractions revolving around.

Surprisingly, the biggest distraction comes to my rescue – my smartphone, where I have installed/uninstalled a lot of productivity apps to help me stay organised.

Among the many apps that I’ve used, I’ve shortlisted 8 most liked productivity apps for you. So, here are the top ten productivity apps to keep your studies or goals on-track and stay organised.


Stay focused, be present.

Before you start anything you need to put down your phone and focus on what’s more important in your life. This is the most difficult thing to do, right?

Forest app helps you do what exactly what you ought to do. This app helps you stay away from the phone. It is best for reading and writing.

Whenever you want to focus, plant a tree. The tree will grow in the following time. The tree will be killed if you leave this app.

This works like this – you have to set a target time for the work you’re going to do. Time is equated to the number of trees. If you leave the app, you kill the trees. This guilt motivates you to keep going and stay intact to your target.

With this mechanism, the sense of achievement strengthens and helps you increase your productivity. (Know more)

Summary – Best app for ignoring your phone.

2.Dashlane Password

Never forget another password

My biggest weakness is I cannot remember passwords. And there are so many passwords to remember.

This app is a rescue for me. It remembers all the passwords for you. You just have to remember one password, that’s it.

“Dashlane is life-changing great. Get it. – David Pogue, The New York Times

It is user-friendly and a must-have app. (Know more)

Summary – The best to remember passwords.

3. Keep notes

Store notes and lists

Ideas come to you anywhere and everywhere. And they stay for some fraction of seconds in your mind and then wither away.

I’ve been using keep notes for a long time now, also known as Google keep. I found it’s the best app to jot down all my ideas and also note down my to-do-list. It is super simple to use.

I love the checklist option. Once you finish your task on the to-do-list you can just tick it off and that task automatically gets transferred to another section.

This gives you a sense of satisfaction that you’re on track and completing your to do things. (Know more)

Summary – The simplest app to jot down ideas and to-do-list.

4.Stumble Upon

The more you use it, the more it knows what you’ll love.

Recently, I discovered this cool app which allows you to find your favourite content. Just one tap and you the most popular articles from around the world.

Once you start using this app you’ll not have to go to any search engines. Whether you’ve to read a news or improve any skills Stumble upon will suggest you the most liked articles. (Know more)

Summary – Best app to find your favourite articles.

5.Loop – Habit Tracker

Stick to your good habits

Loop is a mobile app that helps you create and maintain good habits. Thus, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals.

Detailed graphs and statistics show you how your habits improve over time and how your productivity doubles and triples.

I tried out maintaining a tracker journal and failed almost every time. Drawing lines to make columns and rows are tedious.

But with this habit tracker app, things get easy and so much effective. (Know more)

Summary – Best habit tracker and productivity app.


Your pocket dictionary

This was the first productivity app which I installed on my phone, and continue to re-install in all my new phones. I call it a productivity app because it has helped me quicken my reading and writing process.

You type one word and get a huge list of synonyms and gives a simpler meaning to the word you enter.

I’m in extreme awe of this dictionary app for its simplicity and results.

I hardly visit any search engines to find out the meanings to tough English words.

A must-have app for all of you in case you need to know the meaning to any word. (Know more)

Summary – Best mobile dictionary app

7.Pocket – One of my favourite productivity apps

Save content from everywhere.

This is one of my favourite productivity apps. It saves articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. This app curates your own space filled with everything you can’t wait to learn.

You can save the articles and read them later offline. (Know more)

Summary – Save articles in your pocket app to read them offline.

8.Amazon Kindle

Read anywhere and everywhere

I consider this as a productivity app for a deeper reason. If you’re an avid reader and imagine one day you forget your book at home. You can immediately download this app and buy a wide range of books at as cheap as 9 bucks onward.

I do not yet possess a kindle device and so this app proofs to be a boon to me.

You get over 1.5 million books at your fingertips on this kindle app. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader — and you don’t need to own a Kindle to use it. Isn’t that amazing?

I have around 8 to 10 unread books on my Amazon Kindle. I buy the books when there’s a sale on the app. During sales, you get your favourite books at a cheap price. (Know more)

My short story book – Mrs.Rao is also available on the Amazon Kindle app at a very reasonable price. Click here to read the sample book. I‘m sure Mrs.Rao shall win your heart. 

Summary – Best app to get over 1.5 million books at your fingertips.

Your turn

To make the best of your time and stay disciplined like the businessmen around you, you can install these apps on your phone. You’ll certainly see significant changes in you within a few days.

If you find the recommendations useful do share the blog using the below social media icons and also subscribe to my blog. 



Why Deadlines Are Important And How To Meet Them

Lately, I’ve been working 14 to 16 hours every day (that includes my office works) to reach my goals. But, the other day I realized that this wasn’t just enough. I needed something else to keep me moving.

And that’s when I realized I needed to set a deadline for myself. Now when I actually have a deadline in my mind, I feel the difference in my attitude towards my goal.

It’s crucial to have deadlines set for yourself to help you achieve your goals. Be it long term or short term goal, deadlines play a vital role in fulfilling them.

And so, I thought I should be sharing the importance of deadlines and how you too can meet them with you.

1. Deadlines push you

Do remember how you stayed up late in the night to complete your school homework and college assignments? Why do you think you carried all the pressure on your head?

You thought about the consequences you’d have to face the next day. And this pressure set you on fire and helped you push through your tasks.

Sometimes you need that push to achieve your goals. That push is the deadline.

Now replace your assignments with your life goals. Weigh the necessary pressure on your back and get ready to achieve your goal.

2. Deadlines help you prioritize things

When you have a lot to do in life you’re ought to get confused and mess up things. In such a situation, prioritize the most significant goal, set a deadline, accomplish it and then go for the next goals likewise.

Here, the deadline will help you do one thing at a time and avoid the confusion and mess.

3. Clear deadlines lead to more revenues

Does your boss give you deadlines to complete a particular task? Have you ever thought why does he set deadlines for you?

Because he has set similar deadlines for himself also. Having clear deadlines leads your boss to more profits and make the most of you to help him grow his business.

Now imagine implementing the same strategy in your life. Wouldn’t it help you in your personal growth?

For instance, if you are thinking of taking up an online course or learn a new skill. But due to some circumstances, you are not able to even start working on it, let alone complete the task.

If you set yourself a deadline you’d probably have learnt a set of skills at the end of the year.

“Deadlines give us the sense that we are really on our way and that we will achieve the goal – soon!”
― John Patrick Hickey

4. Road-maps go hand in hand with deadlines

Having a deadline is not enough. You need to have a plan or a road-map ready that’ll lead you to your destination.

I blog every week and by Monday I know what I’ll be writing for my next blog. If I hadn’t prepared this road-map of myself I would never sit down and write a single word.

Everything that I had to say would have never come out in the form of blogs, hadn’t I set a deadline for myself. You would never have known what goes on in my head.

And we would have never formed this reader and blogger bond.

5.Brings in self-satisfaction

As a content writer, I have daily tasks to be completed in the office. I finish them off on the same day and leave the office with a relaxed mind.

As there’s no pending work for the day, I have the privilege of setting a deadline for personal work. So I come home and get ready for personal commitments.

In the entire process, I sleep with a sense of satisfaction despite all the fatigue and exertion.

Deadlines help you work harder towards achieving your goal and you automatically feel satisfied when you realize you’re not far away from your goal.

6. You reduce procrastination

Procrastinating important things take you away from your goal. And deadlines take you close to your goal. When you’ve imprinted the deadline in your mind you’ll naturally stop putting away important things.

Read more about procrastination –How to stop Procrastinating-5 Ways To Stop it at once

7.You step out of your comfort zone

When you don’t have a definite date in front of your eyes you tend to rest in your armchair. You’re certainly not serious about your goal when you’re in your comfort zone.

Having a deadline helps you step off your comfort zone and strive to fulfil your dreams.

8. You attain momentum

If your life has reached stagnancy, set deadlines for yourself. Life automatically gets it’s momentum back.

9.Teaches you discipline

I’ve grown up seeing my father’s disciplined routine. Every morning he sets goals for the day. He says, “Utilize your morning to plan your day and stick to the plan. When you do so you follow a disciplined pattern and become serious towards life.”

His teachings have helped me in the long run and so, like him, I also maintain a to-do-list.

I’ve guest posted a full-fledged blog on why I prefer a hand-written to-do-list over any technological device. Click here to read.

Now you may ask how do you meet the deadlines? Keep reading…

a.Set consequences and rewards

Do you remember your school teacher giving you stars in your notebook for completing your homework? They were the rewards you got for not procrastinating and showing your sincerity in doing the homework.

Punishments were the consequences you faced if you didn’t complete your work on time.

Similarly, set consequences and rewards for yourself to push you to your destination.

For instance, if you meet your deadline promise yourself a shopping treat or a gift that you’ve longed to have for a long time. And if you miss your deadline you’ll be keeping yourself away from the thing you enjoy the most.

b.Think through all the steps and challenges involved.

Don’t think of the ‘best case scenario’ when you create deadlines. Think through all the steps and challenges involved in the long run.

This will help you create realistic deadlines. Chalk out the plan, give yourself a buffer time and save yourself from setting unrealistic dates.

c.Publish your deadlines and updates on social media

Let people know your goals – be it losing weight or following a daily routine.

Put up stories on your social media accounts and update your progress to your followers. This will encourage you to overcome all the challenges coming your way.

d.Save the date as mobile phone’s wallpaper

When you see the date now and then you’d realize that it’s nearing and you have less time in your hands.
By saving the date as your mobile phone’s wallpaper you’ll see the date at least 50 times every day. This will speed up the actions you need to take to reach your destination.

e.Sacrifice on timely happiness to see the bigger picture

If the festivals are round the corner but you’re keen and focused on your goal you ought to choose one. Either you want to enjoy the events or sacrifice and keep working on your goals.

Remember the days when you skipped that Garba night for the examination you had to write the next day. Sacrifice is the base of success.

If you want to see the bigger picture you cannot stick to the small happy moments. You need to let them go.

So, are you ready for the bigger moments in life?

Let me know by commenting below and share if you like this blog. I’ll be glad to know your views on ‘deadlines.’

Also, get access to my free ebook here – for a stress free life.



Why And How You Should Take The Big Leap

It seems it’s been ages since I’ve talked to you. To give you a brief of my last weekend’s activity – I published my short story on Amazon Kindle. The cover page, editing, formatting ate up my entire weekend, and I couldn’t complete my weekend ritual.

Alas! Can skipping a weekend make such a difference? Well, it does to me. The bond between the blogger and the reader is such that if I don’t write to you, it seems something is missing.

Blogging has always been closet to my heart, and I don’t think I can keep myself away from it. Though a couple of days ago I’ve set a deadline for myself – for completing the manuscript of my first book, I don’t think pausing my weekend ritual would help me in any way. Instead, it would torture me for not having conversed with you, my dear reader.

Skipping a weekend tends to a lengthy introduction right? Well, but let’s come to the topic for today without any further ado.

Why you should take the big leap – this thought has come to my mind while I was pooping. Yes. A significant chunk of all my blog ideas come to me either while I have a bath or poop.

Tell me, how many times do you think to act upon a particular thing you’ve had had on your mind for ages? While you think about the answer, let’s dive into my explanation of why should you take the big leap.

1. You learn in the whole process

When you decide to go for something, whether it is a course, a new job, a competitive examination, you don’t get success on the first day itself.

There goes a lot of hard work into making it a success. You go through numerous ups and downs in your everyday life.

Similarly, when you take the big leap (many times bearing the criticism from the society) wouldn’t the good and bad times double? Instead, every single day would be a roller coaster ride for you.

You’ll fall a hell lot of times, but you’ll rise the equal number of times. In the whole process, you’d either grow a little higher or you’ll learn a little more.

Taking that big leap shouldn’t come with a baggage of – what will people say, rather everything should be about you.
The sheer joy lies in the journey more than the destination. Enjoy the process; the target won’t seem too hard to conquer.

2. Each day is a bundle of opportunities.

When you think to take the big leap, you’d probably keep thinking forever. Instead, why not embrace the day and the opportunities coming along?

Unless you don’t decide to discipline yourself and prepare a path for yourself, your destination will seem impossible to you.

When you take the big leap, every single day counts. You cannot afford to waste a single day. Come what may you got to seize the day and make the best out of it.

All the hard work you put into a single day adds up and takes you nearer to your destination.

3.Have a purpose of rising and shining

Without a goal in life, it’s tough for you to define a path for yourself. Sit back and contemplate on your life events. I’ve set a goal for myself. But whenever I feel I’m moving away from it, I read it out loud and come back on track. Click here to read. 

Once you have a goal, you’d automatically get to the definite path and ultimately find the purpose of your living. And hence, the use of rising every morning.

4. Take those small steps for a big leap

If you take the big leap suddenly without preparing yourself for it, you’re bound to hit the wall. Before you make your mind to fly, you first need to make proper provisions to avoid the unnecessary crashes.

First, take those baby steps, gain enough knowledge on whatever you tend to do, go beyond your internal limits, release your old fears, learn a new set of skills and addict yourself to good habits that’ll drive you close to your destination and then you’re ready to take that big leap.

5. Take the big leap not to regret later

It is upto you to decide whether you want to reach that height or sit back and chant the most discouraging line, “If I could…”

If you don’t take that big leap, how will you even know what it is like to be there?

If you want to experience the best and not regret later, you ought to take the big leap.

6. Keep your focus of the Bird’s eye

Guru Drona delightedly commanded Arjuna to shoot when he said, “I see the eye of the bird.” Likewise, you only need to see the bird’s eye and try not to get distracted by other miscellaneous activities.

For instance, I’ve taken Goodreads challenge of reading 52 books in 2019. I’m 29 books away from completing the challenge. There are so many exciting web series coming up, so much more to get distracted by, but my focus hasn’t moved.

Around 6 of my followers and friends have suggested me to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but that would profoundly affect my Goodreads challenge. So I decided against it. F.R.I.E.N.D.S can wait; my goal can’t. I do respect their recommendation, and it’s on my future to-do-list.

7. You understand where you stand

If you don’t take the big leap, you’d never comprehend as to where you stand in the long run. You’ll never know how much more you need to work to reach your goal. You’ll probably keep beating around the bush rather than taking the appropriate actions.

Know your worth by firstly going for what you’ve always longed to do.

8. Be humble

The big leap shouldn’t be an i-want-to-prove-to-the-world kind of feeling. Rather your attitude should be generous and benevolent.

Place a smile of gratitude and fellow feeling on your face wherever you go. Carry your charm along and make the world a happy place to live in.

Also, be happy with yourself first rather than expecting people to be happy with you.

Found this on the internet today and I loved it.

9. Don’t quit before the magic happens

Sometimes people leave in the middle of the journey. But what if the destination was only a few steps far? Wouldn’t that be a significant loss?

Well, if you think of quitting in the half-way, you’ll be missing the real magic.

I took that big leap and published my short story on Amazon Kindle. I enjoyed the entire process of writing, editing, and the immense learning that followed.

If you like reading short stories, go for it. It’s free for kindle unlimited subscribers.

Hope you liked this blog, if so please share your thoughts on the same. Share because – Sharing is Caring!
And it’s free too.