Why God Why! Turning 29…


Hey there, I’m here again, this time, with a short gap between two blogs. I hope you liked my previous blog, which was quite emotional, and just an update: I’ve started writing the book I mentioned earlier. I’ve been writing this blog for a week now, in bits and pieces, as sitting for hours in […]

9 Signs Your Life Is Going Off Track

9 Signs Your Life Is Going Off Track

Hey there, How are you doing? I know I’ve been an occasional visitor to my blog, and you can see I’m going off track. Yes, I know everything today is noticed, your presence and your absence. It’s been a while since I released my latest ebook, First 365 Days in a Marriage, and my readers […]

If Cats Could Talk | Day 13th of Blog Marathon


Today’s blog is a continuation of my previous one. Read here if you haven’t. You read how I finally adjusted to the family where cats are the topmost priority.¬†Soon after I got comfortable with the cats in the house, my mother-in-law and the rest of the family members had to leave for Belgaum to tend […]