Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein…

You must be wondering why today’s title is in Hindi, isn’t it? I understand it’s unusual of me putting up something like this as a title of my blog. But imagine reading – In the window opposite to mine, sounds weird right? I think some phrases should be used without translating them. That retains the essence. […]

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A Letter To “Humans”

Dear Humans, Did you clap today? Well, I know you did. Stories pe jo dalna tha… When it was five minutes to five, I asked the little one in our neighbourhood who was heading towards the terrace with a plate and spoon in her hands, that why are we clapping today? She said, “I don’t know.” Didn’t […]

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The Super Delayed Secret Santa | Day 25

In office, we’ve been delaying this popular game of exchanging gifts from a nameless person who’s our secret santa during the season of giving. The reason being the fluctuations in Mumbai temperatures leading to ill employees. During the Christmas season almost all offices have this warm game played amongst their teams. I call it a […]

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