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…And The Hangover Shall Stay For A Little Longer!


The bedroom is a complete mess with the jewellery, hair pins, half-finished pack of safety-pins, makeup kit, lying on my study table making me search for my office laptop (as I don’t have a dressing table), the chair in the room is dumped with a heap of clothes including the long gowns, sarees, blouses, petticoats, and the matching purses hanging on the wall hooks.

To add to the mess, some medicines have also occupied my table and they keep reminding me of the fun I had in the past few days.

Yes, the hangover of a four-day long function has stayed back and shall stay for a little longer this time.

The iphone photos are being uploaded on the drive slowly in batches every day and I’m seeing them on a timely basis whenever the day feels dull and the hangover rushes in. We definitely needed a fifth day to sit and chit-chat and ponder about everything we did in the past four days. But that’s life, the happy moments don’t last forever. We all had to resume back to work with a heavy heart filled with a ton of memories that’ll be cherished for life.

Marriages are made in heaven. And this fact comes out to be true when we see the smiles on the bride and groom’s faces. As I witnessed a marriage right from its day one function, I saw the bride with all smiles and laughter, evidently excited and happy for her D-day.

The kind of marriages social media shows where there’s a grand bridal entry, there are dress codes for the bride’s maids, there’s different decor for different functions, and not missing on the Sangeet dance, our dear bride wanted it all. I don’t know how and when I fell into this trap and decided to make it happen by taking a lead in gathering everybody and ultimately made it happen. 

Well, we all put our heart and soul into whatever we did for our friend and made sure to make her happy on her big day. 

To be a part of each function, we all had applied for 2 days of official leave from our workplaces a month prior to the wedding. So, weekends plus 2 days leave equalled four days of fun. 

I used to wake up early in the morning, make breakfast for my family, as that was always on top priority, and then run to whatever functions were lined up for the day. All of us almost slept for only 4 to 5 hours for all the 4 nights. No wonder everybody is suffering from cold, cough, dizziness and extreme fatigue. 

I always wondered why the other people surrounding the bride and the groom were so happy getting them married. Now that I was the ‘other people’ I know how it feels. It’s fun to be a part of someone’s happiness. It’s satisfying to see someone smile after the efforts we put in making them smile. 

If you’ve read my previous blog, you’d be able to relate more to this one. Our gang has been involved in this marriage right from the Bachelor’s party. If you haven’t read the blog yet, click on this link

I am very happy and proud to have shown great team work towards making all the functions of our dear friend the most memorable days of her life. If not the bride, we’ve at least had the most happy and tiring days of our lives.

There’s a lot to tell and a lot of preps have gone behind the 4-day event. We’ve invested our energy, efforts and money to some extent just to bring out the best from us. 

If you wish to know the details, about the planning and want to enjoy the behind the scenes, do let me know in the comment section below. If I get a good number of requests, I’d be writing everything in detail in separate blogs. 

Till then, take care and see you soon!


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4 Replies to “…And The Hangover Shall Stay For A Little Longer!”

  1. Aditya Salagare says: Reply

    Yup!! Another good one to read.
    Yes ,I will definitely like to read everything in detail in your next blog.

  2. Aditya Salagare says: Reply

    Another good one to read.
    Yes ,I will definitely like to read everything in detail in your next blog.

  3. Excellent blog, Re-lived the moments all over again!
    Do share preparations blog, Early waiting!

    1. Eagerly*

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