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9 Signs Your Life Is Going Off Track

9 Signs Your Life Is Going Off Track

Hey there,

How are you doing? I know I’ve been an occasional visitor to my blog, and you can see I’m going off track. Yes, I know everything today is noticed, your presence and your absence.

It’s been a while since I released my latest ebook, First 365 Days in a Marriage, and my readers are already messaging me asking when is my next one coming out. And this time, I don’t have a solid answer to their questions.

I’m sure at some point, you, too, must have fallen into a similar situation where you have no answers to people’s questions. For instance, sometimes you can’t explain to someone why you have those nasty pimples on your face. And the most terrible thing about it is you can’t really do anything about it.

You go through different phases in life. Sometimes you feel content and blissful, and sometimes you might feel your life is going off-track. But many times, you lose track of your life and the worst is you realise it when the time has slipped off your hands.

I’m sure you don’t want time to slip off your hands and want to see your dream come true. So, let’s understand the nine signs your life is going off track:

1. You are constantly dependent on others for your happiness

I am not entirely in favour of the phrase – ‘Happiness comes from within’. We are dependent on others for our happiness. But when you start relying completely on someone else for your happiness, that’s a red flag.

Because once the person goes away or the situations change for both of you, you’ll stop feeling happy, which might take you to a completely unwanted situation in life.

2. You aren’t using your free time wisely

Before marriage, I had a tiny circle with whom I would hang out or spend my spare time. Hence, most of my free time was invested in reading books and writing.

But inevitably and evidently, things change after marriage. Now I have a lot to deal with—new people, new relationships, tons of festivals to celebrate and so on.

Similar life changes consume your free time, and you lack planning it well. Most times, the time to be invested in fulfilling a goal is spent on outings or other responsibilities/priorities.

3. Your values are being compromised

Sometimes you are forced to give up on your values which were your way of life. You might give in to make someone happy, but if your values are being compromised continuously, you lose control of yourself.

A typical example here is a friend forcing you to smoke a cigarette. Needless to say, once you’re into it, there’s no turning back.

4. Self-doubt has overpowered you

When all the above three points are valid for you, you naturally start going into self-doubt. You’re constantly worried about your present and future as you aren’t doing what you should be.

5. You have incomplete goals and ambitions

When you’re doing nothing towards completing your goals, you’re definitely going to have incomplete goals and ambitions. You can’t achieve something simply by talking about it; you need to try to accomplish it.

6. You are sad most times

Half-achieved goals, or incomplete dreams, often bring in extreme sadness. When you suddenly start feeling sad about life and cannot leave your sad zone, that’s a red flag for you.

Life is slowly slipping off your hands while you stay sad for a prolonged time.

7. Your me-time is lost in the noise

When suddenly your priorities change, and you go with the flow, you tend to lose on your me-time. This happens soon after your marriage. And it’s a dangerous state to be in. De-prioritising your me-time can be harmful for your mental health.

8. You are living for others

The moment you realise you’ve stopped thinking about yourself, and your happiness, that’s when you’ve started living for others. Living on someone else’s terms, following someone else’s values or ideals.

A classic example is, in the process of trying to fit in the new house, a woman unwittingly starts living for her family, sometimes even moulding into a new person altogether.

9. You rarely smile

It’s natural that your smile goes missing when you don’t feel good about yourself. Rather all the above factors are the reasons behind you not smiling often.

Well, if you are facing most of the above things, your life is slowly going off-track. And while I was writing this blog, I have been taking baby steps to bring my life on track – where I was the hero of my life.

Now you know why I wrote this blog. I have been facing all of the above points, which has impacted me immensely.

Once I feel I am on track in life, I will definitely share my journey with you 🙂

Till then, take care!

Keep smiling, and see you soon!

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  1. I can feel points 3,8 and 9

    1. I can completely understand !

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