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New Relationships And Much More…


Hey there,

I don’t remember when was the last time I wrote a blog. It’s been ages since I sat down to write something. Well, that’s life. Sometimes the external forces do not allow you to do something you love the most.

Writing blogs and reading books have always been an inevitable part of my life. But for the past few months, both have taken a backseat. Writing blogs has been replaced with writing scripts for my Instagram reels (shraddharane23) and reading books with reading new people.

It’s amusing how we can make friends/relations at different stages of life. And how those new relationships become a beautiful part of our lives. It’s even more astonishing to share a bond with people you know won’t stay around you for a lifetime, but you still invest your time and heart into them.

For the past few months, I have surprised myself by doing things I’d run away from. I’m surprised I’ve sacrificed reading and writing to spend time with the people I know for a year now. Isn’t it unbelievable for a blogger like me who has sacrificed all the fun to just sit with my laptop and write blogs for my readers?

I remembered a scene from Wake Up Sid where Ranbir’s friends are surprised (and happy) to see him enjoy with Konkana Sen at a club.

If you’ve been reading my work for years, you’d feel the same way Ranbir’s friends felt for him. And after you read this blog, you might say, “We did feel bad that you prioritised new people over your readers. But we are happy that you lived the beautiful moments of your life”.

It all started with our first impromptu plan: to a small waterfall nearby, followed by three more in the next consecutive weekends. They were the first treks of my life. I live with my husband and other family members in a beautiful society in Roha. I remember writing a poem years ago in which I dreamed of opening my door to a lush green garden filled with soothing trees and bushes.

The place where I live today is similar to what I dreamt of. I have a fantastic view where tall coconut trees sway their leaves merrily on the rhythm of the cool breeze and a green lawn that attracts a herd of grazing cows throughout the day. I simply have to come to the balcony and feel happy about a dream come true. The balcony is my favourite corner of the house, and I often make it my workstation too.

Besides the beauty of the place, society has also given me a bunch of amazing people with whom I’ve spent some lovely moments of my life. Being super enthusiastic and sharing the same vibe, we visited a few places together and planned plenty of successful hangouts. But our favourite hangout place remains the one inside the society – a swing and a couple of benches where we laugh our hearts out until our voices echo.

Roha is a small town in Raigad district with significantly fewer distractions like malls and fancy places for hangouts. This was important in strengthening our bond by being together and chatting for hours. The place did not matter much to us as long as we were hanging out together. That’s a rare bond to share with someone, and I am pretty lucky to share it with these wonderful people.

Recently, we planned a bachelor’s party for one of our friends who’ll soon marry the love of her life. The party got postponed and cancelled tons of times. But we finally made it to the day to face one more hurdle in our way on D-day. It came as a surprise to us that one of our friends was stuck in an urgent issue at his workplace. He went missing in all the party preparations and the fun we had while decorating the stage for the bride and the groom.

As he had been a vital part of our plan, we waited for him for a long time, till midnight. But when he gave up and messaged us that he was out, we wore a smile and executed the plan for the bride and the groom. We welcomed them with a dance performance which we had been practising for around 5 to 6 days and missed our friend who had been actively present in our practice sessions.

A cake-cutting and a long photo session followed the dance performance. When at 1 am we sat down to have our dinner, we got a message from our friend that he was on the way and would join us in a while. That was the happiest moment of the evening for all of us. We all rejoiced in unison, and I loved how everybody was genuinely smiling after a long time that evening.

This incident proved that despite so many people being together, we still miss that one person who couldn’t make it. We executed our plan, but true happiness came only when everybody was together.

So, to compensate for his absence, we decided to stay up all night around the bonfire and spend the rest of the time together, chatting, singing songs, and just being there with each other, giving warmth in the chilly night under the million twinkling stars.

Well, look at the irony of this blog. I’m writing after a long time to you, my dear readers, but all I can write is about the people who kept me away from you and my writing for so many months. Well, that’s me, honest about what I feel for the people around me.

We all know, deep down, this isn’t a permanent life setup, and our favourite hanging place might wait for us to occupy its seat a few years or maybe months later. But one thing that shall stay forever is our special bond and the plethora of memories we’ve created in such little time.

It’s difficult to console your heart for something that’s going to happen in future which might not be in your favour. Still, as change is inevitable, we ought to accept it and move on along with the beautiful memories created.

P.S. All thanks to my husband for he is the sole reason I could be a part of his society.

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6 Replies to “New Relationships And Much More…”

  1. Refreshing as the view from balcony 🌻

  2. You are such a natural storyteller. I just love your writing. It keeps me engaged in the story to the very end.

    1. Thank you so much ❤️

  3. Mesmerizing days of your life!
    Many more to come along😉

    1. Looking forward to them ❤️

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