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5 Reasons Why Appreciation Matters So Much | Day 11


Hello, my dear reader,

Today is the 11th day of our 30-day blog marathon. I say us because you read the blog every day as I write. I feel happy reading your comments. That’s the real jewel for a writer, the appreciation from her dear readers.

I realized the importance of appreciation at the time of my first blog marathon. I was in college then and was always neck-deep into assignments, submissions, and other college activities. Out of excitement, I would start a blog marathon, but staying consistent was a difficult task.

After a tiring day at college and a hell lot of travelling back home, I would crash on my bed as soon as I reached home. But something would always push me to get up and want me to write the blog for the day.

That something is the comments from my dear readers.

Years passed by, I finished college, took up various jobs, got married with double the responsibilities on my shoulders, and life changed. But one thing remained constant. The appreciation I got from my readers.

Since I started this blog marathon, I’ve been getting only one to two comments on each blog. Though the number is less than the previous blogs, I still sit back after having my dinner to write something for that one reader. The size of the audience seldom matters to me.

I’ve had a terrible day at the office, have been cooking three meals, did some exercise, and have a fatigued body. Keeping a pillow as a back-rest, I am here, writing this blog. All thanks to you and your appreciative words.

So, today I’ll be telling the five reasons why appreciation matters so much.

  1. Appreciation improves your mood making you more productive

  2. Your mindset is changed concerning the work you’re doing. You start investing more time and effort to do it better.

  3. You feel valued by the kind words and feel nice about yourself.

  4. You want to stay longer. Like, I can’t sleep without posting this blog tonight.

  5. You feel motivated to do more the next time.

I appreciate my mother-in-law for the tasty food she cooks, my colleague for the help he extends, my mother for her shopping skills, my house-help for the clean kitchen platform, my neighbour for her new job, and my friend’s new t-shirt is wearing. I appreciate all the good things.

Above all, I appreciate myself for being consistent at things, being patient with people, not quitting, and doing all the good I’m doing.

Why wait for others to appreciate it? You can do that for yourself as well.

So, before going to bed tonight, don’t forget to appreciate the good in you and from tomorrow, make some efforts to do the same to others. You’d love the feeling you get when you appreciate someone.

That’s all for today. I will go straight away to bed now. My back has finally given up on me.

Bye, good night!

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