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All good things come to an end | Finishing Post

I’ve done it. A 30 day Blog Marathon stands complete today. A challenge that I gave myself exactly 30 days ago is finally a success.

I was determinant on taking up this 30-day blog marathon despite being aware of the number of challenges I would go through.

It was a task. A big one. Coming up with a new blog every single day for 30 consecutive days is not an easy job.

You need to turn down all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’ type of phrases from your vocabulary if you’re passionate to do something. Similar to how I was passionate about completing this blog marathon, and I think I’ve qualified it in with flying colours.

The idea of a blog marathon is not mine, it’s something I’ve sincerely adapted from one of my role models whom I look up to. Preeti Shenoy goes on a blog marathon once or twice a year.

I was in complete awe of this concept and wished to do to it on my blog one day.

But there were these stupid excuses coming my way, always. Like where’s the time, it’s such a hectic task, how am I going to cope up, how will I balance work and everything, etc.

Until one day when I stopped waiting for the perfect time to come and started off the very moment when the thought flashed my mind, this time with extraordinary vividness.

I began with this blog Marathon with two tools in hand – courage and determination.

Besides these two I had nothing in mind. Neither did I list down the topics in advance nor did I write two blogs on the same day to compensate for the miss.

I wrote every single day and tried my best to bring up a new topic in each blog post.

Every day I got ready for the office and thought about the topic for the day’s blog. Sometimes the ideas came to me naturally, sometimes it was a ‘Eureka’ moment and some other times it was a I had to strain a little to finalise on a topic.

On some days my mind would be bustling with topics and then it was a challenge to settle for one of the ideas.

The moment I finalised on a subject I would jot down the pointers while I was on the bus, on the train, in my lunch break and on my way back home.

I didn’t panic when the bus wouldn’t arrive. Rather would kick start my blog writing while in the queue waiting for the bus which took me home from the station.

On better days when I reached home quickly ( at 7.30 pm ) without any hassles, I would take a bath and quickly sit down to write the blog.

On some days I only compiled the blog written in bits and pieces in the course of the day, on some other days I wrote the entire blog upon reaching home and went to bed only after publishing the blog.

I sat down with everything ready in front of me – my diary ( in which I note down all the bullet points ), mobile phone ( where I note down ideas whenever and wherever I get them ) and turned off my phone’s WiFi.

While writing the blog, I sat forward, straight and away from the chair. When you sit in this posture you feel confident and effective.

Once I sat down for writing I kept going until I completed my blog.

I’ve bought a chair that has a removable wooden flip desk that is fit for writing. It gives good support for my waist and back hence preventing any kind of pain.

I don’t have the liberty to shut myself in a room and isolate myself while I’m writing.

But that doesn’t stop me from writing. When I sit down for writing the background noise is automatically cancelled. I’m focused until my work is done.

During the blog marathon, my parents were instructed that they can talk amongst themselves but they were not allowed to talk to me.

Many times my Mom would forget the instructions and ask me something really irrelevant and I would just say, “Not now, afterwards please.”

When I started with the Marathon my laptop was half dead, so I wrote the major chunk of my blogs in the office during lunchtime.

On the tenth day of the blog marathon, I got a new iPad followed by a Bluetooth keyboard and since then blogging has accelerated.

Amidst this beautiful roller coaster ride of office, blog marathon, friends, family and reading I’ve enjoyed each and every bit of this.

Every evening I knew the blog had to go live and that’s what kept me going. Determination and courage as I mentioned earlier have been the pillars of my 30-day writing.

Today I’m sharing this with you to make you understand that I’m listing down the challenges that I faced. But didn’t give up on my aspirations.

Understand that challenges are part of your life and you ought to deal with them.

Put in those extra efforts to do complete the task you’ve taken up. Don’t hesitate to skip that one movie, that one night out with your friends to stay sustainable with your work.

Well, now that this marathon is finished, I can go ahead and start a new regime.

And this is not the end. I shall keep coming back with new and good blog posts.

You know how much I love to talk and share whatever little I have with you, my dear reader.


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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “All good things come to an end | Finishing Post

  1. I have to have your brain after this….for this impeccable consistency you have….
    I had a wide smile on my face throughout the read and kept scrolling down for i didnt want it to end….
    Keep going….your hard work will definately take you to places

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