March 30, 2020

Be Happy Today & Tomorrow | Day 22

It’s a trend these days to get affected with a slightest jerk in your life. The mere reason for a sad WhatsApp status can be the silliest thing on earth like a friend of yours going on a Europe tour for his/her honeymoon.

And I think it’s time for looking at the bigger picture of life.

And on that note I have decided to do more things that make me happy.

Making yourself happy is not that difficult you see.

Let’s do some introspection. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

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1. Do you smile often?

2. Are you giving to society?

3. Are you at peace with yourself?

4. Are you trying to be the best version of yourself in 2020?

5. Are you appreciating the people and things around you?

Okay now take a deep breathe and be honest with yourself. If your answer is ‘No’ for maximum questions then I’m here to throw some light on the solutions and help you change your answer to ‘Yes’, as much as I can.

1 > If you’re not smiling often then you’re found to be a grumpy person all day long. It is fine if you have no makeup or fairness cream put on but a smile is the most important cosmetic you can wear. Smile often. Enlighten your surroundings with your sparkling smile. Smiling every once in a while will make you a less serious person that you may be.

2 > Before writing something, I implement it first in my life. I’m giving positivity to society in the form of blogs, free of cost. It’s a win-win situation both for me and you, my dear reader. I feel happy writing to you and return bring a smile on your face. I’ve paid for our happiness. This blog is hosted on Do something to land in a win-win situation. And you’ll be happy forever.

3 > Are the pre-wedding, wedding or the honeymoon shoots of your friends ruining your peace of mind? Then bang goes the warning bell. Let people marry, buy a new car or flaunt their luxurious life on social media. If you’re getting affected negatively by all this it’s time for some introspection. Make peace with your loved ones, be happy that you’ve got everything (that thousands of people are deprived of ) and live life with no regrets.

4 > If you’re still in your comfortable couch, let me tell you it’s already 2020. Don’ t you want to see your best version? The time is now to work on yourself, to put in those extra hours at work and achieve your goals. Skip a night-out, sacrifice on that last piece of pizza and rise up an hour early – believe me you’ll thank yourself for all the compromises you did in your early years of growing.

5 > Can you imagine making peace with a bunch of people who’re jealous of you, who never praise you for the good that you do or are they always ready to discourage you? No, right? So treat people as you would like them to treat you. Appreciate the good, praise the good in people, be thankful for all the beautiful things around you and then see what change it brings in your life. You’re bound to experience an unbelievable transformation around you. Happiness comes from within, and we often seek it somewhere else.

Let me be honest, I was the girl who would get irritated and unhappy with a casual and shallow comment passed by people. But now that I’m connected with myself, I smile and let go of such comments.

I’ve attained my peace of mind. The sheer reason being – ‘my best friends – books’.

The moment I have a book in my hand I make peace with myself and am taken to a different world, a world full of enlightenment, knowledge, motivation, courage, and sheer bliss.

Do you feel connected with yourself when you read a book? Do let me know in the comment section below.

I’ll be waiting for your comments.

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See you tomorrow 🙂



P.S. Ask those five questions and find the answers all by yourself. All the best for your journey. Happiness is just a few steps away.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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One thought on “Be Happy Today & Tomorrow | Day 22

  1. Asking those questions is easy….accepting the answer (especially when you dont want to hear it) is time consuming and difficult.
    Thankyou for sharing this

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