Hey there,

How did you spend your Diwali? I spent it with my cousins laughing, chatting and reliving our childhood days. I think that’s what festivals were introduced – to relive the memories all over again with the same enthusiasm and zeal.

Hope you exchanged genuine smiles with your family and spent a quality time keeping your electronic devices away. I was almost off social media during the Diwali days. It was needed much as I’ve been quite busy with the book’s promotion.

I know how difficult it is to go back to work post celebration, isn’t it? So, I thought of dropping you an email and having a nice interactive email session.

Let’s connect through email or simply comment on this blog. I’d be happy to connect with you. Waiting for your comments.

See you there!

P.S. Hope you‘ve bought my new book. If no, what are you waiting for? Click here.

P.P.S Monday mornings done right can be read on any morning, you see.

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