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Why Books Are The Best Gift To Give | 7 Undeniable Reasons

It’s Christmas already! 2020 is finally going to end. We’ve all survived through this life-threatening year by doing the best we can. As we all celebrate this last week of 2020, let’s gift something valuable to our loved ones.

So when it comes to gifts, all I can think of is – BOOKS. I’ve always asked for gifts from my friends on my birthdays. And I’m quite lucky I’ve received many.
Many of you don’t know why I stress so much on ‘books’ to be given as gifts. So, today, on the eve of Christmas lets get to know why books are the best gifts to give this festive season.

1. You’re gifting them a whole new world

Books offer a whole new world that is exotic, fantastical and exciting. This opens up the reader’s mind and helps them discover, imagine and live a completely different world. In these difficult times (COVID-19 times), where there are travel restrictions, gifting someone a book is like giving them a free tour of a new place through the book.

2. There is a book for everyone.

Yes, there’s a book for everyone. All you need to do is understand the interests of the person you’re gifting the book to, know what he or she is going through currently and browse the internet to pick the book that suits best. Recently, I gifted a book to my best friend’s mother. As I know her interests and her current situation, I gifted her a book full of positivity to encourage her and bring a smile on her face. I’m happy that she loved the book and that I was the reason for her joy.

If your friend/colleague/sibling has had a rough time lately, do consider giving them my book – Monday Mornings Done Right. It’s a book full of positivity and fun. I’m sure the person would be thankful to you for the gift. Click here to buy.

3. Books make people better human beings

Books are very humbling. The characters in the books make you feel down to earth. Also, as per a scientific study, reading makes people more empathetic. When you gift a book you’re helping the person to understand human psychology a little better.

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4. You can personalise a book

I think this the best thing about why you should gift books. You can write a little note inside the book for the one you’re gifting. If you have wonderful handwriting, its a plus. Tell the person why you are gifting it to him/her and how the book will help them. You can also pour out your emotions and add some artwork to make it more creative and lively. Your efforts count!

5. Books are affordable & easily available

Often people hesitate to buy books ( I don’t understand why ). Buying books for someone won’t harm your pocket at all. They are cheap and worth every penny. Also, you don’t have to take a cab and go to a gift shop for buying books. You’ve got Amazon, flip kart where you can buy them with just a few clicks and send them to the person’s address. It’s that simple.

The online portal also offers gift wrapping option which you can opt for and as well send a note which gets printed on a small piece of paper (varies from portal to portal).

6. You’re supporting the authors

When you buy a book you’re celebrating the artwork of an author. The author is going to get his share of profit when you buy a book online or from a book store. In a way you’ll be bringing a smile on three faces – 1. the one whom you’re gifting the book, 2. on the author’s face, 3. on your face too (for obvious reasons).

7. Books stay forever

When you gift something like a toy, a showpiece or even a handbag, they won’t last forever. Though books get older, turn yellowish or experience tears, they last forever. Imagine your gift being with the person forever. Isn’t that the best thing?

Well, if you agree with the above point on why books are the best gift to give, why not gift one to your friend or loved one? I’m sure you’ll experience all the above things and ultimately be a happy person.

If you liked this blog, you can consider gifting my book. Click here to buy it and send it as a GIFT.

See You until next time!

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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6 thoughts on “Why Books Are The Best Gift To Give | 7 Undeniable Reasons

  1. So true. Every Christmas I gift my sons a book as a present. I always try to get them something they’ll enjoy like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man series. Presents characters that look like them and or enhances their minds like the Hidden Witch, Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky, Dear Martin by Nic Stone, Sundiata: Lion King of Malie and Superhero Like Me!

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