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An Open Letter On The Eve Of Friendship Day!


Friendship Day, for me, back in school and college days were buying colorful ribbons, cutting them into equal length, recollecting each friend’s name and writing it on every ribbon, and buying one special ribbon for that best friend of mine.
After all, friends are the family that we choose.

Friendship is the purest form of all relationships and friendship day is the day to express your feelings.

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
-C.S. Lewis, Novelist

It is this dialogue after which the friendship blooms into a beautiful bond of never-ending chats, talks, and meets.

Friendship Day is that special day in our life when all those well-knit memories keep flashing in front of the eyes.

The idea of this open letter has come straight from the heart. I’ve been living with a pang of guilt deep down inside since for a few years now. And so, I decided to write this open letter to express my true feelings with you, my dear friend, without giving way to excuses and lies.


Dear Friend,


How are you doing? I hope you’re hail and hearty in this threatening monsoon that is hitting Mumbai now and then. Well, even if you’ve fallen sick due to the change in the season, it’s ok. Yes. It’s fine. At least you got a reason to take a day off and rest for some time.

Otherwise, I know you’ve been running hither and tither behind the daily activities.

Hey Dear, take it easy. Pause, breathe, and then resume.

Make some time for yourself. Pamper yourself once in a while. Stop being harsh on yourself.

Today is our day. The day we need to celebrate. We need to be together. But once again, we’ve got an excuse – “The Mumbai Rains instead!” Oops! not we, I have got a reason not to go out and write this blog for ‘you.’

But let me be honest today. I know my efforts towards our friendship have fallen poor and I’ve taken you for granted now and then. Keeping all the thoughts aside, I want to apologize to you today about all the excuses and lies said for a few years now.

I am sorry that I could not meet you when I came to Mumbai from Pune on the weekend. I was too tired to step out of my bed and travel by the Mumbai local and see you at the other side of the city. Sorry for being so lazy. The thing was, Pune’s beautiful climate and slow-paced life had such a significant impact on me that I subconsciously avoided traveling in the crowded locals of Mumbai.

Plus, working in IT would suck out all the energy out of me. And then taking small efforts would also seem confusing.

But you still understood my plight and never complained. I cannot be grateful enough to you.

Sorry for the stories I made and canceled our plan. When I did that the only reason was, I had a deadline for myself for I cannot miss on my weekly blog.

The rules and regulations that I’ve enforced on me are sometimes the reason behind me taking less or no efforts towards our friendship.
When it comes to friendship, it should always come first; I know. And I wasn’t the same until this dream of mine encircled me, and I started working hard to fulfill it.

I remember, sitting hours on the group chats and organizing outings, getting mad at you for not turning up and begging everyone to come online to execute the plan. Oh, God! I miss all of that so much.

Even I feel like hanging out with you guys like I always did – my favorite Diploma group, the addictive Degree group, the special School group, the lovely office group, the adorable Banglore group, the happening Kerala group, I love spending time with you all.

But…well, there’s always a ‘but.’

I don’t when did I begin holding my blogs and my writings above everyone. For that matter, sometimes even above my parents.
You know what, for me, friendship is the same bond that I share with my mother. She understands how much I yearn for writing. And of course, you too know it by now.

Nevertheless, giving excuses are wrong, and I ought to apologize for them.

I apologize for that wedding I couldn’t attend. Sorry for the plain reply – “I can’t come. Sorry”, when you asked to go on a trip. Those days were a little difficult for me for I was jobless. And going on a trip and spending money felt wrong. But explaining all this to you was even harder. So I decided to be straight forward. I might have sounded rude, and I’m sorry about that. (Read this story if you haven’t)

Now, when I’m working, I still don’t make plans to meet you up. And the guilt haunts me sometimes when I sit alone pondering on the olden days. The mere reason for this is I don’t know which Saturday would be an off until it’s Friday evening. And by that time maybe you’ve made up your plans with someone else, so I do not initiate anything.

You’ve consistently put my pictures on Whatsapp status for my birthday every year. I couldn’t even do that. If you know me, you know I forget birthdays. It’s high time I start taking efforts to note down your birth dates.

You also wish my mother on her birthday.

Sometimes I feel awful about my memory. I don’t put up your pictures on my status because I fear the fact that I may forget to do the same for one of your birthdays.

I know that shouldn’t be an excuse.

I’m sorry for not initiating a message on Friendship Day. You are always the first one to wish me. You are far better than me when it comes to taking efforts. And I appreciate that about you, my dear friend.

After reading this open letter, can I have at least 50% hopes of forgiveness?

After writing 50+ blogs, I don’t know how to conclude this heart-to-heart connection. All I would want to say now is, I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. If this weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have written this apology cum love cum open letter to you.

And yes, Happy Friendship Day 🙂

Lots of Love,



P.S. I wish I could write this letter on a piece of decorated paper and sent it over to you via post. But, you know there’s always a ‘but.’ Watch this beautiful video by Filter Copy until next time.

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