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The Hardest Part Of A Journey

The Hardest Part Of A Journey.

I wish I could turn back the clock hands in the reverse direction.

I wish I could cease the time where I wished to.

I wish I could go back at the moment which is most dearer to me.

I wish I could just pause and make everything reappear right away.

Sometimes we can only wish, we cannot go back in time. It’s certainly impossible.

A journey has so many layers to it. Right from the planning, the anticipations, the excitements, and the destination. But the excitement dies off the moment the day just stands in front of us. The big day of a trip.

Yes, you read it right. The excitement dies off the moment that day becomes a reality.

I had been to one such journey/ trip where the excitement was all alive only until the day arrived and it slowly withered away with every passing hour.

This was definitely not a normal trip. It was a special one in many ways. It was going to be a trip to cherish all our lives. I had been on a 2 day trip with my friends’ cum colleagues. Prior to this trip, it was the other way round. They were my colleagues’ cum friends.

Two weeks prior to our trip, the planning began and we were all on cloud nine then.

And the excitement within me began lessening hour by hour as soon as the journey started. Every time the thought of the end would creep out, I would try and find my distraction.

Laughing and singing throughout was my distraction for the two-day trip.

The trip was special for 3 reasons. First, for the friend with whom I’ve worked for 2 years will be leaving office to start his life afresh. The second reason, ‘a friend known a little late’ too will be leaving in a few days to get himself some life.

And the third reason was a special one. The one who could not join us on our previous trip as he had met with an accident was going to be a part of us for this trip.

Each moment came to me with happiness and sorrow both at the same time. I was happy as I was with all my dear ones. But the thought that they will be leaving soon bothered me throughout the trip.

I can’t help now but write an open letter to all these beautiful faces who came into my life only to give me happiness and more happiness.

Dear Vinay,

You’ll be the first one to leave. The last two days will be marked as a tribute to your jokes (though lame sometimes, I still laugh) and yes to your ‘precise nature’ too. Talking to you in office hours and off work both are a treat. I wonder what I’d be doing after 10th October. And let me tell you one thing I won’t be there for your farewell. It’ll be as difficult for me as it was to say the last ‘Bye’ yesterday.  And your smile then was dangerous, just enough for me to have tears in my eyes. But I controlled.

Dear Mukund,

Not only your face, but your heart too is photogenic. Right from your smile to your words, everything is just so pure. Bhagwan ne tumhe badi fursat main banaya hoga! Tu ek goad rahasya ahes, kiti hi ulgadla tari man bharatch nahi. I remember our first acquaintance when you did not look at me while you spoke. And it took you many more days to become comfortable. That was the one thing which differentiated you from the others. And the curiosity grew within me to know you a little more. And after knowing you, it’s still the same – I want to know you a little more. You speak less, but your eyes speak a lot. Those brown eyes do have a magnetic power in them. And yes, I didn’t know you act so well. That stupid game of mine was a fun only because of you! Thanks 😉

Dear Kiran,

In the past few days, we’ve spoken a lot so much so that it was obvious for you to guess something was wrong with me at the end of the journey. Will come to it later in the blog. My open letter to you would always be – “Never ever lose this smile of yours. Not everybody has such a beautiful smile like yours”. And yes, be comfortable wherever you are. Do not hesitate. No girl will say no to sit beside you 😉 And as Gaurav says, “Ladkiyan tadti hai Kiran ko”, he’s not wrong. I really Thank God that I am not in town for your farewell. I got my genuine excuse. I hope we all (especially your better half) cope up once you leave Pune.

Dear Pragati,

I am still firm on my words. You have a motherly instinct in you. What medications could not do, your warmth did it. You helped me cheer up despite my ear pain. It’s a quality, rarely found these days. And yes as Kiran says, “Iss ladki main sare ladkiyon wale goon hai”. He is so right. Did not get to know much about you but the fact that I was comfortable sharing my life stories with you, created a bond between the two of us.

Dear Vaibhavi,

You were the 4th surprise reason for this trip. You filled that empty space of Tanvi’s in my life. Your maturity levels are too high. And you are just like me when it comes to addressing people. Even I hesitate a little whether to say ‘tu’ or ‘tumhi’. It tells a lot about that person. Every time I spoke to you I was taken down the memory lane where I spent some beautiful months with Tanvi. I would not say you were a replacement for her, but you are a new Tanvi in my life – matured, responsible, sweet and smart.

Dear Gaurav,

“Abhi na Jao chod kar…..”, I had to cut you at this point because really dil bhara nahi tha. But before aankh bhar ati I had to stop you. I had missed you at our Mumbai Trip, so two days was a compensation for that. You are not my Gira hua Dost, but Girne ke wajese Bana hua Dost. You know what I mean. Got to see your smile for the last two days, it’s a treat in itself (except the deployment time). I was very upset when you couldn’t make it. But our prayers did the magic and we had our handsome hunk with us.

Coming back to the title, the hardest part of every journey/trip is,

the return journey!

We always go on an outing with our favourite people. The moment we realise that the end is nearing it takes pretty much time for the fact to sink in. And hence the return journey becomes difficult.

Gaurav you were right, Beete Lamhe yaad aate…

I was completely mute as I realised the journey was soon to come to an end. No more waves of laughter, no more craziness, no more talks, no more stories and no more confessions. I could hardly look into anyone’s eyes while biding the final ‘bye’.

It wasn’t done and dusted, it was done and treasured.

P.S. – Apologies for the selection of spot, I know it wasn’t that good. And the first trip is always the best, cannot be compared with any. And thanks to all the drivers, we are all alive today. Kiran you were the best driver this time though, for a short period of time, I must confess. Also, thank you all for being there for me in my pain and not getting irritated.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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6 thoughts on “The Hardest Part Of A Journey.

  1. This one is written legitimately from the bottom of your heart !!!!
    Enjoyed the open letters the most….too innocent and sweet, well done, friend 😘

    1. 2years later, these words still create the same world in front of my eyes that I lived at that moment. Such is the beauty of words. Have always been in awe of how delicately you knit each word to create the same magic every time!!!

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