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The Lady At The Railway Ticket Counter

Yesterday, at around 9 pm when I was returning home, I was happy that there was a shorter queue at the ticket counter. I had been trying to issue a pass for Parel to Vashi for one month for the past two days.

But seeing the long queue I would end up having a ticket. Confused? (Issuing a new train pass takes a few minutes extra than getting a ticket. I did not want the other passengers to wait for long in the peak hours when everybody is in a rush)

When it was my turn, I asked the lady at the ticket counter to issue me the pass. She asked me for my ID card. I handed over my PAN card to her. Probably, she was entering the PAN number in the system when I saw tears rolling down her eyes.

“What had happened suddenly? Why was she crying? Maybe her children were ill back at home or maybe a family issue bothered her”, I was lost in my thoughts.

She held my PAN card in one hand and typed with the other hand, hence she could not reach out to her handkerchief.  I was distracted by the ‘ti-ti-ti’ sound that the ticket-printing machine made.

Just then she said, “Here it is. Kural to Chinchpokli.” I was taken aback but told her calmly that it was wrong. Her hands hastily ran for her handkerchief, and she wiped her tears.

I was scared if she would get mad at me for no reason. But she was calm and started issuing another pass so I leaned over the counter to get a little bit of cool air from the air-conditioned room.

I heard her saying, “I’ve never given anybody any chance to talk about my work,” she said. I thought she was telling me, so I simply smiled out of humanity.

“I’ve been working honestly. And despite that, if anyone says such things then how am I supposed to bear it?”, she continued, and I realized she was talking to the guy at the adjacent ticket counter.

Probably, someone had said something to her, and she was sad about that. But this lady at the railway ticket counter sat right there at 9 in the night and worked dedicatedly without any complaint.

She was right when she said, “I’ve never given anybody any chance to talk about my work.”

I thanked her and left. On the way, I thought about my day and the unbearable pain I had gone through as I was in my periods.

I looked around me, there were at least 15 to 20 ladies walking back home. Do you know why I’m talking about this?

Guys, just look around and see how strong women are! We, women, are an incredible creation of the All Mighty. I realize it today, and I want all the men and women to admire this fact and feel blessed.

SHE stands tall, strong and brave despite all the odds. I’m sure you’ll all agree to this.

Girls – Take pride in your strength, your power, your emotional intelligence and your ability to move around in the world so seamlessly.

Boys – Take a note of this and appreciate the women in your life for their continuous support and will-power. SHE is your strength.

I hope you’re liking my blogs.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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4 thoughts on “The Lady At The Railway Ticket Counter

  1. Yes shradz we are strong, bold and beautiful. We bear all pain which boys can’t even imagine. We are physically strong enough to bear pain of a child birth and emotionally strong enough to leave our home and parents after marriage and live in an unknown house with unknown people. Then also i never understood why people say “sakht launda/ mard hai kuch bhi seh lega/ he is a man he is strong”. We women are soft as silk when times come and hard as diamond. And rha baat meri story ka i think u know it already.

  2. Firstly, words of appreciation for your little but GREAT gesture of valuing other’s time!!!
    Back to storyline, I’m not raised with many SHEs in my life, but whoever I had, I still have them. Afterall, these are the constants of my life!
    One in the form of mother, another sister and few friends. All with amazing uniqueness – soft with nature and excellent with their job, yet “Kabhi ghamand nai kiya”.
    That’s all I can say here coz, no SHE’s of my life can be storied down in such little comment box πŸ˜›.
    By the way, you can count yourself as one of the list. 😊

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