February 29, 2020

You Are The Best Wife – A Book That’ll Move You Completely

You Are The Best Wife, the book’s name and Srushti Publication’s posts kept flashing in my Facebook feed. But I held myself back and did not buy it as I knew what the consequences will be.

Folks, this is a true love story of the author. And the name screams and tells us that his wife is no more. Yes, this was the sheer reason I avoided to read this book.

But one fine day I don’t know what got to me, I just could not control myself and ordered ‘You are the best wife’ book and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

Just to highlight one thing, this is a national bestseller. As soon as the book arrived, I literally jumped off my couch to receive it from the Amazon dealer.

Immediately, I dived into the book but somehow could not read it in one go despite it being a page-turner. Will you like to the turn pages in anticipation as to when will the person die? No,right?

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But I’d still insist you to read the complete book. Yes. Read it. Read if you don’t want to repent later.

After reading every page, I closed the book and looked at the picture behind the book. I’m sure you’ll do the same thing. Tell me in the comments below if you could resist the temptation.

Every time I saw the smiling couple I struggled with the fact that she’s no more. Her beautiful smile is lost forever. God! She looked gorgeous.

The author and the protagonist of this book, has poured his heart out and has immortalized his wife in this book. Now you know how important the book is to him.

Each page is filled with sheer emotions.

I began crying from in the second half of the book and continued till the end. Reading all the chapters thereafter was a challenging task. My mother kept doubting as to what was wrong and I ended up telling that it’s because of the book. To my dismay, she laughed. I wish I could tell her how tough it would have been for Ajay when Bhavana left him all alone.

I wonder from where did he gather so much courage to put pen to paper. Definitely, he wrote this entire book with tears in his eyes.

What you’ll gain after reading this book?

It’ll teach you to love your significant other more than you ever did and never give up on anything.

A very personal suggestion

You know what guys, money is far inferior thing in front of your dear ones. Stop being a miser, once and for all.

Is a small gift so difficult to buy? Will it costs you a million dollar?

Stop cribbing if you received 0.05 lakh less than your friend. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Though money is very important in life, don’t measure everything in money.

Is a small gift so difficult to buy? Will it costs you a million dollar?

Every time he typed the word Bhavana just imagine the number of pieces he must have broken into. Every sentence he wrote must have witnessed one drop of tear.

What is the use of you saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I Miss you’ after your partner is dead. Yes, it’s a harsh word. But it’s the only truth of life. If u shy away holding her hand today maybe you’ll have no hand left to hold tomorrow. You never know. ( Kal ho na ho)

Just close your eyes and try to visualise your loved one on death bed. Wasn’t it scary? Wasn’t it a slap on your face for those taken for granted moments?

If you still can’t contemplate on what I’m saying, please go ahead and order the book right now. It’ll be an eye-opener for you.

And, let the author know how you felt after reading his story and let me know how did you find the suggestion.

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P.S. I feel proud that I bought this book at INR 88. The amount will directly go to an NGO.

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4 thoughts on “You Are The Best Wife – A Book That’ll Move You Completely

  1. You are right shraddha……
    Love can be felt even after ur loved ones leave u…….may be parents…..friends…..siblings….or partner…..

    Also u are right……..ppl should never take love for granted……or as a business where they can get profit…..because
    Ur loved ones will do anything for u….and one should never betray them…..

    When you said abt author…….i could feel his pain…….such a beautiful way of expressing his feel by ur words…….

    Loved it……because even i value true love๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. “Just close your eyes and try to visualise your loved one on death bed.”
    These words really broke me, cannot imagine, not only wife n husband’s love…but the all dear ones…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”..
    Mostly i still miss my dad n my granny and my mama(uncle)… I hv visualised their last moment๐Ÿ˜ž
    Sorry got senti… tears will not stop now..
    Gn bye..
    But nice u hv written…

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