Who Is Mrs.Rao | The Tale Behind A Tale [Blog Marathon Post 4]

Mrs.Rao was in my head since forever now. And all I wanted is to get into her head. Getting into your character’s head is the first and foremost task for a writer. It’s almost impossible to write unless you’re right there.

Many of you have been asking me who is Mrs.Rao, how did you think of writing about her, or is it a real-life story.

Answering so many questions on messages is not possible sometimes so I thought of writing a blog and so I’ll be trying to put everything in one place.

The first thought of Mrs.Rao came to me when I was at a family wedding, observing the rituals closely. When it’s a wedding in your family you understand that, witnessing a wedding is not just about admiring the glittering dresses and treating yourself with the fancy food around.

It’s about starting a new life. About the advent of the new relationships. And about all the little things associated with weddings.

You understand a wedding is not an event when you experience the rituals going on in those few hours at a wedding.

On one such wedding, I was attentive and seated in the chair pondering on the people closely related to the function. I could feel the pressure that goes on in everyone’s mind and heart.

It’s a big day for everyone. But it’s the biggest day of the bride and the groom’s life.

The happiness on their face is boundless. That was the moment when I thought what if one is denied of this happiness?

Marriage is a beautiful experience in one’s life. Imagine the plethora of emotions one would go through if he or she is turned down to this happiness of life.

And this pure imagination is what Mrs.Rao is all about. It’s a gripping love story that makes way for a new outlook on love, marriage and separation.

What do you think is the definition of love? Or is ‘Separation’ always about a break-up or a divorce?

Mrs.Rao will force you to contemplate on these 3 importance concepts of life – love, marriage and separation.

Let me ask you a few questions –

What does separation mean to you? Do you believe in love after separation? Or do you think it all dies off with time?

You’ll impulsively find out the answers in this gripping and subtle short story – Mrs.Rao

I longed to write it down and so I put those extra efforts and wrote the entire story in bits and pieces on the train, while I traveled to and fro to office.

Managing my weekly blog and writing Mrs.Rao was a challenge and I wanted to take this up, like I’ve taken up this  current Blog Marathon challenge.

Publishing Mrs.Rao on Kindle Direct Publishing Program was pretty much a smooth process. I chose the least amount from a specified price range so that the book is read by many of you.

The good thing about this is, you can read the book for free if you’re a Kindle unlimited subscriber. Some of you have read Mrs.Rao for free and I’m quite content because for me all that matters is – “YOU reading”

Writers get the smallest chunk of commissions from the book they write. It’s the publisher who earns the maximum percentage (in my case the publisher is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Program).

I hope you like Mrs. Rao. Go here and read the reviews before you think of buying my book 🙂

Also, if you like the book do leave your review on Amazon Kindle for the benefits of other readers.

See you tomorrow with another blog 🙂

P.S. You need to download the Amazon Kindle App to read the book. It’s a great app where you’ll discover thousands of books. Read as many short stories as you can from there and you’ll be confident about the whole reading idea.

What Happens When You Read A Lot Of Books ! [Blog Marathon Post 3]

I know you’d immediately want to know what happens when you read a lot of books.

But before getting into that let me thank you for the love and best wishes you’ve been showering on me and my blog Marathon. YOU are the source of my energy.

Some of you have been telling me in comments that you like my blogs and I’m happy to see as promised you’re reading every day. So, I’m into a writing Marathon and you’re into a reading Marathon.

Isn’t that great? A win-win situation, right?

The reason I chose this topic today is because I was moved by one comment on my yesterday’s blog.  She’s not my regular reader and she honestly confessed the same (I like this about people – honesty). She liked my yesterday’s blog and confined to herself that she’ll not take her partner for granted anymore. Above all, the concluding words astounded me. She said, “Reading really helps.”

Many people will still deny this universal fact that – Reading helps! And so here I am all set to tell you what happens when you read a lot of books.

1. You get the strength to forgive

I feel I’m Ali Baba and I’ve got the superpower of saying “Khulja sim sim” to open the books full of treasures.

Books are the jewels of life that introduce you to the inner you. They enlighten your mind and soul with humanitarianism and you automatically empathize with others. You start putting yourself in other people’s shoes and think from their perspective, ultimately forgiving them.

That’s the power of reading.

2. You understand the real meaning of social media

Social media is a puddle where we all vomit out negativism and evil thoughts. Only when you start reading more books will you understand that social media is not the right place to be in.

Understand that turning the pages of books is far better than scrolling through your social media posts. The sooner this sinks into you, the smoother your life will function.

3.  You know the significance of motivation

Life is not a bed of roses all the time, right? And you cannot have a human motivator every time around you. That’s when books come into the picture. It takes only one good book to understand the importance of books in your life.

The book which keeps me motivated even after 7 years of reading it is “Life is what you make it” If you’ve read my previous book-related blogs you’ll know I’ve recommended this book in almost all of them.

Carry a book in your bad every day, read even if you’ve got 5 minutes and believe me or not – this helps in staying motivated always.

4. Failure is just normal

Books tell you failure stories that leave you inspired for a long time. Sometimes the characters and their life stories are so relatable that you strangely connect with them, thus knitting a beautiful relationship with the virtual characters.

You know when your favourite character fails, he/she emerges strongly at the end of the story. And so you know failures are just normal and part of life.

5. You become sensible towards life

When you read more books your mind processes to think wisely. The words you read every day and the thoughts you feed your mind make you a sensible person.

Your mind starts listening to your heart and you start living a meaningful life.

6. You feel the happiness and sorrow of others

Yes. You not only empathize with the characters in the books but also feel for your colleagues, your co-travellers, or any random person that you meet on your journey of life.

Try reading more and more books every year and you’ll believe this.

7. You see a leader in you

Many self-help books bring in the best out of you. Reading non-fiction books is reading YOU.

When you read more of motivational books, you gradually evolve a leader in life. You unwittingly grasp the leadership qualities that helps you upgrade yourself.

You’ll see no manager who doesn’t read. Reading improves the managerial skills in him/her and that’s the reason they read more and more.

8. You believe in living a happy life

Reading books makes the world you a happier place to live in. Your mind wanders in the magical world of books and when you’re back in the real world you seem to be a happy person.

When I close a book after my reading sessions, I feel a different level of satisfaction – that which can’t be expressed in words.

9. You discover the difference between love and lust

When a writer writes a book, he/she describes the insights of the characters. While you read through any book, you instinctively know the difference between good and bad.

The author does not put it in straight forward words but you just know it.

When you read a lot of books you gradually start knowing the difference between love and lust, provided you hold the right book.

10. You learn new quotes, new words

I love highlighting new words, anecdotes and good quotes while I read. Thankfully now I don’t have to use a highlighter, I can do that with my fingers on the Kindle.

It’s good to introduce yourself to new things. Books help to explore the magical phrases and proverbs which you’ve probably never heard of.

11. You know when to step out from an argument

This, I think is the most significant thing that happens to you when you read more books. You know exactly when you should stop and step out of an argument.

Because you immediately understand the thought process of the opposite person and it comes to you that whatever you’ll say is bound to fall on deaf ears.

And hence, your sensible mind (who has read a lot of books) asks you to stop banging your head on the wall.

I know I might miss on one or the other importance of reading in our life but I’ll have to end this blog here.

Please do let me know how did you find my today’s topic and the points mentioned in it. Also, if you want to make a start and take that baby step, you can read my short story which is available on Amazon.  It is 20 minutes read.

See you tomorrow. Till then, good night 🙂

7 Must-Read Books By Sudha Murty [Blog Marathon Post 1]

As it was a Sunday yesterday, my Mom was a bit worried and she asked me,” Your blog didn’t come up this weekend?”

I felt good about how concerned she was about my blog. I grinned and said, “It’s true that I blog every weekend. This time I thought of challenging myself and so I’m doing a blog marathon.”

She was confused as she didn’t understand what did a blog marathon mean. I said, “I’ll be writing one blog every day for a week.” 

Once the concept of the marathon sank in she got back to her household chores. And I did a small dance step expressing my excitement.

So, now you know why the title says Blog Marathon 1. Without any further ado let’s get started with today’s blog.

When I posted this below picture I got many messages asking me to recommend the must-read books by Sudha Murty. To be honest, I was taken aback when they said they hadn’t read any of her works yet.

9 Must-Read Books By Sudha Murty That'll Transform You Into A Nicer Person! [Blog Marathon Post 1]

If you haven’t read Sudha Murty, you’ve committed a crime, I’d say. I might seem to exaggerate on this point but for me, she’s an epitome of a true human being.

Sudha Murty did her mechanical engineering in the era where girls were deprived of education. She was the only girl in the entire college.

Sudha Murty is an engineering teacher, author in Kannada, Marathi, and English and the best philanthropist I’ve ever known. I say this because I’ve read all her non-fiction books that depict her humanitarian work and portray her simplicity and devotion towards society.

The first book I picked up was of Sudha Murty and then I read all of them that were available at the library (which I visited in my late school days).

I would recommend and urge you to read at least one book from the below list. I’m pretty sure you’ll come back with a smile – a smile of integrity, wholeness, and that of humanity.

So, here are the must-read books by Sudha Murty :


Mahashweta is a novel that’ll leave you tears. It is a story of a married woman who’s hit by leukoderma. 

You’ll be dumbstruck to know the social stigma associated with this disease. Mahashweta is an inspiring story of resilience and courage in a world marred by betrayals.

Click here to buy Mahashweta.

2. The Old Man & His God

This is non-fiction where Sudha Murty shares stories about her work with the villagers, the common men and women, and slum dwellers. 

She listens to them and empathizes with them. She recorded their stories and has written down every single word with great affection and love. 

She feels their struggles and hardships which they’ve at times overcome, and at other times left vulnerable.

Read here. 

3.Wise & Otherwise

I know one of my friends who had read this book in one sitting. You can understand how moved was he by her work and experiences. I’ve also loved this book more than any of her non-fiction ones.

Again one of the must must-read books by Sudha Murty. Click here to grab it and then own it.

4.Three Thousand Stitches – Definitely a must-read book of Sudha Murty

This is again non-fiction and the only book I possess as it was published a couple of years ago. Back then, I could only access the library. You’ll be awestruck and amused to know why this book is named Three Thousand Stitches. Of course, I’m not going to tell you. You have to find it yourself. It’s an earnest story that’ll be remembered forever.

I possess this, will you also want to own it? Click here. 

5.Gently Falls The Bakula

Sudha Murty is a good novelist also. Her novels are based on the societal obligations and sufferings that one has to go undergo, come what may. At the same time, her stories inspire us to emerge powerful and courageous. Gently falls the Bakula is one such poignant story that’ll leave you inspired. 

Click here to buy. 

6.Dollar Bahu

Now you that Sudha Murty writes straight from her heart. Dollar Bahu as the name suggests holds money over relationships. Once you start reading through this book it’s difficult to put it down. The story revolves around the ‘Big American Dream’ and its impact on Indian families. It could be a story of any Indian middle-class family and so it seems quite relatable. 

Check out Dollar Bahu here. 

7. Here, There And Everywhere

This one is the latest book I read only a few days back. You see, I just cannot stop reading Sudha Murty’s books.

It’s a compilation of her best real-life stories along with some new stories. I truly loved it despite most of them were repetitive stories for me. 

But if you want an overview of her life and work this one is a go-to book for you.

I hope you’ve decided which one to pick from the above must-read books by Sudha Murty. If not, then it’ll be like a battle lost. 

Disclosure : Some of the book links are Amazon affiliates links which means I might receive a small commission if you decide to buy them.

You won’t be charged extra. If you liked my blog then use the links given in the blog and help me support this website.

See you tomorrow 🙂

What Are You Loosing On If You’re Not Reading Books And 7 Best Books To Read If You Hate Reading

I’m here again in the midst of my daily ritual (writing a blog on the best books to read). While I write this blog, I’m in the middle of a family wedding ceremony. Weddings are bliss, aren’t they?

But that won’t let me from missing on my weekly ritual. So here I am with this very very important blog exclusively written for all those who hate reading or think reading books is not for them or “not-their-types.”

I’ve been working on this blog for around three weeks and am now clubbing it up here, in my favorite space.

In the past few months, I came across a bunch of people who had similar views on reading books. One guy said, “I can’t read books.”

“How did you pass your Engineering then?” I wished to retort but remained quiet.

For a better conversation, one guy said, “I read one book in one day once and then didn’t turn back to any book at all.” His statement puzzled me, and I thought maybe he made the wrong choice for his first read.

To add some positivity, one of the friends says, “I want to read books, but I get bored when I sit to read.” And he even asked me for suggestions. I’ve written a blog, especially for him, and he promised to follow it. Check out – How To Improve Your Reading Habit With These 6 Simple Hacks

And I’ve got many more such messages where you guys struggle to read. I completely understand your plight, and the old version of me would completely relate to you. Yes. I too was like you. You’re a non-reader for one reason – YOU HAVEN’T FOUND THE RIGHT BOOK.

According to a survey, 30% of men have not read a book since school. I’m not surprised at these statistics at all.

Well, all I wish is to lower down this stat to zero. Let me tell you some facts about a few great men you and I look upon.

  • Abraham Lincoln – An avid reader, he stayed up to date on news reports. Every morning he read all the newspapers before having his breakfast. He borrowed books from all his neighbors until he had read through every book he had ever heard of in that country.
  • Dr.A.P.G Abdul Kalam said, “Coming into contact with a good book and possessing it, is indeed an everlasting enrichment.” He has not only read books but also written plenty of books himself. He believes that books become permanent companions. Sometimes, they are born before us; they guide us during our life journey and continue for many generations.
  • Sudha Murthy has a library of 20,000 books shared between Narayan Murthy and her. She has donated 60,000 books to other libraries through Infosys foundation. When talking on parenting, she says, “I used to tell my children that they wouldn’t get dinner until they completed that one chapter. In the night, before going to bed, I would say – Come…Let’s have a discussion on the book.” (I’ve read almost all her novels and non-fiction books. She is the best author and human being I’ve ever known)
  • Dada Kondke – the famous and beloved comedy Marathi actor of good old times (in the early 80s) read each and every paper that was published. He created characters and wrote jokes after studying daily newspapers.
  • Swami Vivekanand – read for 18 to 21 hours a day. On some days he didn’t sleep and read books at a stretch for many consecutive days. That was the dedication level.
  • Warren Buffet – the third richest man in the world(2019), takes this reading habit to the extreme — he read between 600 and 1000 pages per day when he was beginning his investing career and still devotes about 80% of each day to reading.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, needless to say – the CEO of Facebook, vowed in 2015 to read one book every week “with an emphasis on learning about different beliefs, cultures, histories, and technologies,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today,” he wrote.

Do you see how much all successful and great people are reading? Isn’t it breathtaking? Are you still stuck in these questions – “How to read?” “Why should I read?” and “How I hate reading from the bottom of my heart!” Then there’s this danger alarm that goes on now.

What Are You Loosing On If You’re Not Reading Books?

You’ll be missing on all the below benefits of reading books.

1.Reading books reduces stress.

2.Improves your memorizing ability.

3.Boosts your imagination power.

4.Strengthens you to make decisions wisely.

5.Develops critical thinking skills.

6.Builds your vocabulary.

7.Improves communication skills.

8.Reading books keeps you occupied and hence, away from evil thoughts.

9.Reading a book is the cheapest entertainment ever.

10.Builds self-esteem.

11.Helps you sleep better.

12.Learn about another world and learn at your own pace.

13.Makes you smarter

14.Makes you a creative person.

15.Improves your entire personality.

If you wish to become a better version of your current self, reading books is the only way out. So, what are you thinking? Get started today. It’s never too late to do a good thing.

I’ve picked a few best books to read from my book list. Pick any one from the below list and kick-start your reading habit today (all successful people Read, read and read more)

7 Best Books To Read If You Hate Reading

1. Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

This book is often recommended as a gift to friends and relatives. It’s that effective and life-changing. Buy it and have it with you. You know when you have a book in front of you in your bookshelf has a lifetime impact on your brain.

2. Abdul Kalam’s “My Journey-Transforming Dreams into Actions”

You’d be moved to read the life journey of our beloved Abdul Kalam. This book narrates his story right from his childhood. It’s an inspiring read.

3. Sudha Murthy’s “Wise & Otherwise”

Sudha Murthy’s writing is the simplest and yet powerful. All her books are filled with beautiful stories. This one is a collection of her real-life stories that’ll leave you dumbstruck at times and a full of learning at other times. It’s an excellent book for a start.

Click Here to buy.

4. Rupi Kaur’s “Milk & Honey”

If you’re too tired of reading long stories, you can start with this book which has mini-poems in it. The illustrations in the book are intense and intimate. It’s the best book to read if you’re fond of poems.

5. Chetan Bhagat’s “2 States”

This one’s far better than the movie that was adapted from the book. If you’re someone romantic, you can go for this book.

6. Ravinder Singh’s “I too had a love story”

This is a real-life story of the author, and it’ll take you through various beautiful layers of life. If you’re an emotional person, it’s a great book for you.

7. Preeti Shenoy’s “Life is What you make it”

Yes. You are right. I recommend this book in all my blogs. Because it has changed the life of many, including me. Go grab it.

Hope you’re excited to read these best books just like the successful people in the world are doing. You’re free to choose any genre you like. The bottom line is READ, READ AND READ.

Happy Reading!



8 Life-Changing Books That’ll Shape Your Thinking

I’ve been waiting to blog about these 7 life-changing books that I’ve read, and I think you should also read them before you die.

Yes, I mean it.

A few days ago, our HR had asked me to suggest some books which they could showcase in an already fixed pretty wooden structure on one of the walls.

Very smartly, I suggested her a few books that I’ve read and a few that are in my wish list. So that I could read them in the lunch break, in office.

When the books arrived, my boss asked everybody, “So, are we going to read them or just see them on the shelf collecting dust?”

On that one guy answered, “Sir, I’ve never touched books in my life except for the school and college textbooks,” and he laughed.

And our Sir had an interesting say on that. He said, “This isn’t a thing to be proud of, ok?”

I don’t know if he understood what Sir meant. But I was happy from within that I’ve got into the habit of reading.

Read this blog to know the advantages of reading – 3 astonishing and never read before the advantages of reading books. 

So, guys, that’s the reason I want all of you to actually go and buy these books or at least one of them (for starters) and see your life changing for yourself.

1. Who moved my cheese By Dr. Spencer Johnson

This book has changed my life to a great extent. No matter you’re at which point in your life, you ought to read to his book.

It’s an epitome to the proverb – “No person ever reads the same book.”

Yes. You’ll find Who Moved My cheese different than what I understood it.

In other words, your cheese will be different than mine. And I bet you that you’d come and thank me for having suggested this book.

I’ve written a blog on the 9 quotes from who moved my cheese for an effective change. Do read.

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma

This is a sheer, self-help book to live a content life. It’ll change your life and give you a crystal clear picture of life.

I read this one just a couple of months back and repented not to have read it before. It’s a wonderfully crafted fable. It tells an extraordinary story of a lawyer and his life-changing odyssey.

You should read it at least once in a lifetime and do not delay as I did. I’ve written a blog already on 37 Famous Quotes From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 

Read it and just grab the book from the below link. That’s the beauty of Amazon. You can buy a book in the comfort of your couch.

3.Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is a #1 New York Times Bestseller. It’s about what the rich teach their kids about money and that what the poor and middle class do not.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book about how to build assets and become rich, and it’s narrated in a story form. Nowhere in the book will you find any kind of bragging about being rich.

Now that you’re an adult (or entering your adulthood) you’ll need to start investing your money, isn’t it? So, this book is a complete guide for you if you want to make smart moves and evolve rich.

The diagrams and examples mentioned by the author are lovely and straightforward.

Click the link below and buy it today to become a rich man tomorrow.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

4. Life is What You Make it By Preeti Shenoy

This one’s an inspirational novel. It’s a tale of a girl named Ankita and her life struggles. The story forces you to believe that life is undoubtedly what one makes it.

Having this book in your house in front of you everyday is in itself a daily motivation. Just read the title of the book, and you’ve made a great start to the day.

I bought this book many years back at only 60 bucks. And today, I  feel each penny is all worth it. The author has recently published a sequel of this book – Wake Up! Life is Calling!

Both are in the Neilson HT’s top 10 list. Grab your copies now using the below links.

5. Message in a Bottle By Nicholas Sparks

It’s a multi-million-copy international bestseller. Again, a novel that’ll change your thoughts about love and life.

The story has an unheard concept of the message in a bottle. You’ll be fantasized to read the letters in all the bottles just as I was when I read this book.

And this poignant love story will have you weeping for the joy and tragedy of it all.

If you’re in love with someone or happily married to someone, this book is a must-read.

6.Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

The very first chapter in this book says – THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Oh Boy! Did you just read that?

Yes my dear, the things you think of actually are bound to happen. Today, if you wish to have something and you think about it with definiteness of purpose, persistence and have a burning desire for it, you’re bound to have it.

I’ve highlighted around a hundred lines with a pink highlighter in the book that I own. They’re all worth reading and then applying in actual life.

Think and Grow rich will teach you the secret of success that other great men like the author have adapted to. It will show you not only WHAT TO DO but HOW TO DO IT.

7. Unposted Letter By Mahatria Ra

This book is very close to my heart. I have a hardcover copy of this one. It’s a beautiful one with a few glossy papers inside.

We (two of my friends and I) bought this book when we were in college. Back then, we had very little money with us, so we had contributed the amount amongst the three of us and bought this book for 280 bucks.

It was decided that the book would rotate among us based on the circumstances the person would be facing at that point in life.

When I went to Pune, the book was handed over to me and is still with me. I know I’m being selfish by keeping it with me, but to be very frank, it’s difficult to give it away.

You turn any page of it and you’ll end up smiling after you read it. It’s the best book that I have on my shelf.  (Girls, sorry but I can’t part with it now. You better buy a new book for yourselves)

Unposted Letters

8. The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

I felt the change in myself after reading half the book. Yes. I didn’t complete the book. Because it gets repetitive after every 20 pages.

But the message Rhonda has to convey is beautiful. The whole book revolves around a single thought of the law of attraction. Now what that is you’ll know only when you read it.

I had got a chance to read the hardcover with glossy pages from a library. Today, I own an old copy of this book and only after I brought it home did I realize that it’s a torn one and contains the latter part of the book which I hadn’t read.

Probably, it’s a sign that I should finish the book.

Guys, I hope you’re going to hit the links and buy some of the books and evolve brighter than what you’re today.

Do let me know after reading which one you liked the most.  And if you have already read any of these let me know how it changed your life.

If you don’t want to miss any blog update please subscribe by clicking on this link and you’ll get a gift downloaded into your device.

How To Improve Your Reading Habit With These 6 Simple Hacks

Do you struggle with the question – How to improve your reading habit? Then is the perfect blog for you. Dive in!

Read for an hour a day. This ritual opens up frontiers that’ll make you a better producer, a more profound thinker, and a richer human.- Robin Sharma.

I like the way Robin Sharma calls reading to be a “ritual.” Yes, it indeed is a ritual. Just like you pray to the good Lord every morning and thank him for the beautiful day He has gifted you, by reading books you’re being thankful to yourself for utilizing this beautiful life of yours in something good.

And books are not good but the best gifts you can give yourself.

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked, “I want to read books, but I get bored and feel sleepy.”

I could completely relate to him. Because back in school, when my father pushed me to read books, my answer would be the same.

But you know what, eventually we all realize the importance of reading, sooner or later.

Related Blog : 3 Astonishing And Never Read Before Advantages Of Reading Books.

Now, the question arises how do you improve your reading habit or start off with the reading ‘ritual.’

So, not to worry, here are some new and exciting tips on how to improve your reading habit.

1. Start off with a newspaper

You can start your reading journey primarily with a paper. Choose your area of interests.

By doing this, you won’t end up in folding back the paper and getting rid of it.

If you’re a sports person, grab the sports section first and if you’re more into the glamour world, go for the page 3 section. And if politics is your niche, the central part of the newspaper is for you.

This is the cheapest hack, as you can read an e-paper also, or simply borrow your neighbor’s paper (most of the times our paper travels the neighborhood and then comes back home).

2. Read anything and everything

You won’t believe if I tell you that when I was a kid, I used to read every hoarding displayed on the roads (the name of the shops also).

Now when I think about it, I fantasize with that habit of mine. Maybe that habit drove me to read further in life.

For a beginner, you should be reading while you eat. Confused? By this, I don’t mean you’ve to hold a book in one hand and eat with the other. No.

When you eat a bar of chocolate, have a drink from a tin or tetra-pack, simply read the ingredients/instructions/warnings behind the wrapper while you chew your food.

You’ll be introduced to so many new words. For instance, this is written behind a dairy milk silk, “Temperature and humidity changes may cause the product to develop a whitish layer, without affecting its fitness for consumption.”

Did you see how many words you found in just one sentence?

3. Read comic books

I feel images are good at telling stories. No wonder why comic books are so favorite even today.

In case you don’t want to go with much of words in the initial stage, then you can go for comic books.

They’re engaging and attractive. Read them, you’ll gradually want to move to more books.

4. Visualize to improve your reading habit

No two persons ever read the same book.

This is so true. Suppose I read a book and you read the same book. But my imagination is different than yours, so ultimately we don’t read the same book.

Because I visualize the characters, plots, and emotions in a different way than you. This is why visualization becomes an essential aspect while you read.

Start visualizing things. You’ll automatically fall in love with reading.

5. Read regularly just as you sleep and eat

To improve your reading habit, you need to get into consistency. If I ask you, do you sleep every day? Do you eat every day?

Your answer has to be ‘yes.’ But if I ask you, “Do you read every day?”

There’ll be a fluctuation in your answer and that’s natural. Not to worry.

Once you build the habit of reading regularly, you’ll not skip a single day come what may.

The other day I read a beautiful caption on Instagram – “Food for mind and food for the body,” for a picture of a book and a bowl of muesli.

If you’re a romantic person, the first book you read is – I too had a love story. Click to buy.

And if you like motivational stuff read – The monk you sold his Ferrari. Click to buy the book. 

And this, if you’re both – Life is what you make it. Click here to buy. It’s in HT’s top 10 books for 10 years now.

I recommend these to beginners and guarantee that you’ll not stop by reading just one book. You’ll go on.

It takes one good book to get into the reading habit.

6. Use a highlighter

This is one practice that I follow while I read. Though the entire book is good, there’s this one sentence that you’ll love the most and feel connected to.

Highlight it. It’ll help you feel nice that you’ve read that sentence and on a broader scale that book also.

Yesterday, when I was in my boss’s cabin, you know what we were discussing?

About books. My boss shared his favorite books with me and recommended a few that I should be reading in my age.

No wonder, he’s the boss. As I mentioned in the beginning, books make you a richer person, both monetarily and intellectually.

Your Turn…

So, when are you starting to inculcate this precious habit in yourself?

And, why not start off with reading a small ebook that I’ve written and offered it for free. Just click here you’ll get a little book downloaded to your phone or computer.

Do let me know how did you find these reading hacks in the comment section below. Also, share if you could relate to any of them.
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You Are The Best Wife – A Book That’ll Move You Completely

You Are The Best Wife, the book’s name and Srushti Publication’s posts kept flashing in my Facebook feed. But I held myself back and did not buy it as I knew what the consequences will be.

Folks, this is a true love story of the author. And the name screams and tells us that his wife is no more. Yes, this was the sheer reason I avoided to read this book.

But one fine day I don’t know what got to me, I just could not control myself and ordered ‘You are the best wife’ book and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

Just to highlight one thing, this is a national bestseller. As soon as the book arrived, I literally jumped off my couch to receive it from the Amazon dealer.

Immediately, I dived into the book but somehow could not read it in one go despite it being a page-turner. Will you like to the turn pages in anticipation as to when will the person die? No,right?

But I’d still insist you to read the complete book. Yes. Read it. Read if you don’t want to repent later.

After reading every page, I closed the book and looked at the picture behind the book. I’m sure you’ll do the same thing. Tell me in the comments below if you could resist the temptation.

Every time I saw the smiling couple I struggled with the fact that she’s no more. Her beautiful smile is lost forever. God! She looked gorgeous.

The author and the protagonist of this book, has poured his heart out and has immortalized his wife in this book. Now you know how important the book is to him.

Each page is filled with sheer emotions.

I began crying from in the second half of the book and continued till the end. Reading all the chapters thereafter was a challenging task. My mother kept doubting as to what was wrong and I ended up telling that it’s because of the book. To my dismay, she laughed. I wish I could tell her how tough it would have been for Ajay when Bhavana left him all alone.

I wonder from where did he gather so much courage to put pen to paper. Definitely, he wrote this entire book with tears in his eyes.

What you’ll gain after reading this book?

It’ll teach you to love your significant other more than you ever did and never give up on anything.

A very personal suggestion

You know what guys, money is far inferior thing in front of your dear ones. Stop being a miser, once and for all.

Is a small gift so difficult to buy? Will it costs you a million dollar?

Stop cribbing if you received 0.05 lakh less than your friend. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Though money is very important in life, don’t measure everything in money.

Is a small gift so difficult to buy? Will it costs you a million dollar?

Every time he typed the word Bhavana just imagine the number of pieces he must have broken into. Every sentence he wrote must have witnessed one drop of tear.

What is the use of you saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I Miss you’ after your partner is dead. Yes, it’s a harsh word. But it’s the only truth of life. If u shy away holding her hand today maybe you’ll have no hand left to hold tomorrow. You never know. ( Kal ho na ho)

Just close your eyes and try to visualise your loved one on death bed. Wasn’t it scary? Wasn’t it a slap on your face for those taken for granted moments?

If you still can’t contemplate on what I’m saying, please go ahead and order the book right now. It’ll be an eye-opener for you.

And, let the author know how you felt after reading his story and let me know how did you find the suggestion.

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P.S. I feel proud that I bought this book at INR 88. The amount will directly go to an NGO.