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My Top 6 Reads Of 2020!


What better post to write at the end of this difficult year. I’ve read 27 books in 2020. Though I couldn’t complete my Goodreads goal, I’m happy I could read a few.

Here are my top six reads of 2020. I’ve picked these books based on how much impact they have had on me. The below five books have left their imprints on my heart so much so that I can never forget the story, the characters and author, of course.

1. Wake up! Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

This one is a sequel to Life is what you make it – one of my favourite books. I’d say, I loved the sequel more, for obvious reasons. The book surprised in many ways. The aesthetic descriptions of Mumbai back in the year 1990 had my heart. Above all, the book has an amazing climax which soothes your mind and soul. It’s a must. Grab your copy here and make it your first read of 2021.


2. Imperfect Misfits by Devanshi Sharma

What I loved the most in this book is that every chapter is a story in itself which keeps adding value to the bigger one. The young author converses directly with the readers in between the chapters. This was a unique thing I found in this book. Also, reading about a chef’s and a stand-up comedian’s life was an exciting experience in itself.

3. Someone that I used to know by Preeti Shenoy

This is a short story which is available on only Kindle app. I was dumbfounded on reading this exotic and forbidden love. The author’s excellent style of writing is outstanding and the story hovered over my head for the longest time. I can still remember the lovemaking scene that the author has described and ponder on the love that is expressed in the book.

4. Land of the lonely by Sayanta Goswami

This was my first thriller read. I’ve procrastinated a lot to start reading this book but at last, I finished it at an unbelievable pace. Sayanta has done a wonderful job in writing this psychopath novel. Sitting into the heads of the characters – especially a serial killer is not a piece of cake. I can only imagine the amount of research and hard work the author has put in to bring out this masterpiece.

It’s a must-read if you’re into thriller and I’ll highly recommend it if you haven’t read one ( like me).

5. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Just like other Nicholas Sparks books, this one too had me in tears. The Notebook is yet another mesmerising love story which had a long-lasting effect on me.

6. The one you cannot have by Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy has this magic wand that she turns around and makes her book a beautiful read. I loved this book much for its climax. It was just what I expected from the characters to do!

I would highly recommend all the above books that’ll make 2021 a better year for you. Hope you read more in the upcoming year and have a prosperous new year.

Have a great 2021!

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