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Exercise 10 – The Magic Mindset By Preeti Shenoy


Hello Saturday!

It’s a lovely sunny day here, and I’m sitting on my balcony writing to you as the wind kisses my cheeks, making me want to sit for longer. The leaves of the coconut trees in our society compound are swaying in a soothing rhythm. I love this space in the house. If given a chance, I can make it my room and stay here all day(but the mosquitoes shall be a problem).

Though I woke up an hour late, I’m still taking it slowly, minute by minute. I have a busy weekend, but I don’t want to miss the beautiful moment.

I did some strength training workouts, slowly and steadily, until I churned out some nice sweat off my body. The exercise worked well, and I felt fresh.

After five minutes of rest, I made myself a cup of coffee and grabbed a book from the bookshelf. I’m currently on the tenth chapter of The Magic Mindset, a non-fiction book by my favourite, Preeti Shenoy.

This book has an exercise at the end of every chapter, or some activities are in between too. Since I guess February, I’ve been reading this book and taking up each exercise diligently.

The exercise in chapter ten asks you to note down all your achievements in sets of five years starting from birth. For instance, make a table or dedicate one page for 0 to 5 years, 6 to 10 years till date.

Write details about the achievement, big or small, write everything.

Excited to do the exercise, I ran into the room to grab my diary. I followed the author’s instructions and wrote down all my achievements until today in sets of five years.

This was a fantastic exercise; I felt and re-read my achievements. One of them said, “I am proud of coming out of my comfort zone, ” which happened when I was 16 to 20 years old. I think these years would be similar for many of us.

I stopped hesitating and started asking questions. I initiated talks without holding myself back.

These small achievements proved to have a more significant impact on my life. I’ve developed myself by leaps and bounds.

That reminds me, this did not happen by turning some magical wand around. I started reading lots and lots of books from 16 to 20. Books helped me carve my life well. And conscious efforts went hand in hand.

This is such a beautiful thing to discover about myself. I want to thank Preeti Shenoy for such an impactful exercise.

Today is the ninth day of the blogging marathon, and I am writing this in the morning, unlike the previous days. The rest of the day will be jam-packed with a blogging workshop and reading blogs for a competition.

I’ll be conducting a blogging workshop for the Rotaract Club, Dombivali and am the judge of a blogging competition run by them.

Join me in the workshop by clicking here (at 7 pm) if you wish to. It’s FREE!

So, I shall end my blog here. If you wish to have a positive mindset toward life, you should read this book by Preeti Shenoy. Click here to check.

See you tomorrow!

Have a nice weekend.

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