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Watched A Beautiful Short Film Today – Neel Mrugsee


Today’s blog is based on a wonderful coincidence that happened to me today. Let me start with the whole story of how I ended up watching a short film, Neel Mrugsee.

After preparing dinner, I had some time on my hands so I decided to sit peacefully without thinking about anything (not even about today’s blog topic). At the very next second, my brain asked me to clean the methi in the refrigerator. Signs of the woman next door!

I made myself comfortable on the sofa and started doing my job while listening to some nice tracks on YouTube.

After three songs, YouTube played something different which had my attention. It was a short film that was on my watch list for the longest time.

I wanted to see this short film – Neel Mrugsee because it’s directed by Krunal Rane. I have loved watching his web series called ‘Don cutting’ which was in Marathi.

I choose books by their authors. That’s what I did today. I knew nothing about the short film but the director. I remember doodling the name ‘Don cutting’ in my art journal and tagging Krunal in an Instagram story.

When I love something, I appreciate it wholeheartedly. Be it a thing or person or movie or a book.

Neel Mrugsee is a short film on YouTube with over 2 million views. It’s a story of a confused girl. Who’s completely clueless about her life partner and keeps rejecting prospects without giving it a second thought.

I think there are many Mrugsee’s around us. She may be your daughter, your friend, or a colleague.

This short film is a must-watch for every girl who’s running away from potential prospects just because they’re scared. I would have loved to talk about the short film in detail but it would be a spoiler.

Hence, I would highly recommend you guys to go and watch it right away on YouTube. After watching, you’ll do one of the two things –

If you’re Mrugsee, you’ll give yourself a chance and start afresh.

If you know someone who’s like Mrugsee, you’ll simply share the short film’s link with her/them.

Well, I’ve already done so. For the past two days, I was in deep thinking about how to make my Mrugsee understand the importance of taking decisions.

Being scared of decision making is the stepping stone toward failure.

Not letting the doors open for someone new into your life will not help you. Open the doors of your heart and give someone a chance to take you to a nicer place, where you deserve to be.

Closing doors to newer opportunities or being scared of taking that new step won’t help in any aspect of life.

God also helps those who help themselves.

If you’re reading this blog and have a storm inside your head related to marriage, career, or anything, I would suggest you watch this short film now.

This isn’t a sponsored blog if you feel so. I write about anything and everything I genuinely like.

Click here to watch Neel Mrugsee.

See you with another blog tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

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4 Replies to “Watched A Beautiful Short Film Today – Neel Mrugsee”

  1. Indeed it was beautiful and very sweet

    1. Yeah! We’ve got such good story tellers out there.

  2. Loved this one!! Im sure it must’ve helped your mrugasee !!
    She is very lucky to have you in your life

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