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Home quarantined

Home Quarantined – a story of hope, inspiration & kindness!

It’s been four days since I published the e-book “Home Quarantined” on Amazon. And I so grateful to you guys.

Over a hundred copies are downloaded and the reviews pouring in are beautiful. You guys are awesome. To be frank I had not expected such a big response.

All I wished was to share my story with maximum people to inspire and motivate you to handle the most difficult situation in life.

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Here’s the prologue of the book “Home Quarantined”

It’s the tenth day since I’ve been home quarantined and I feel alone. I’ve been doing everything to keep myself busy and sane through these bad times. But today, I feel nothing works. And so, when there’s nothing left to do, I decide to hit the keyword and write about how I feel. It’s the most difficult thing to do right now. But writing is the only therapy I’ve mastered.  

All these days I’ve been portraying a strong girl’s figure and moving inside these 4 walls right from the morning until my eyes refuse to stay open. I am tired of staying motivated, and I’m done with this straight face of mine. I desperately want to snuggle up into someone’s hug or just break into huge laughter all over again. Those contagious laughters of mine have gone missing since the day we got the news. It’s been 20 days ever since I smiled.

In this melting summer afternoon, I sit on a mat, with my iPad on my lap, trying to cope with the weird feeling I’m going through since today morning. I choose to sit on the floor despite the bed being empty today. I’ve always complained about how I never get a chance to lie on the bed and have it all to myself. Today, I don’t feel like sitting there as it’s always been owned by my mother and she’ll have to come back to own it again. 

I’ve brought down the extension board as I’ve made a working space for myself on the floor. My office laptop lies off the mat with its charger attached to the extension board spread over the off-white floor tiles. The mobile and iPad’s charger sit just beside the extension board awaiting their turn to be put on again. The book which I’ve been currently reading lies beside me and I’ve very lazily yet creatively used my comb as the book mark with the strand of hair still tugged into the comb’s teeth. 

And of course, the sanitiser bottle steals all the attention off my seating arrangement. The Vitamin C tablet’s strip has intelligently fallen down from the wooden cupboard behind me to send me a signal that it’s time I take one. I also have an empty glass right next to me which was filled with piping hot water a few minutes ago. Now I’ve gotten used to drinking hot water so much that I find normal water to be tasteless.  

Suddenly, my Bluetooth keyboard starts to malfunction. I panic. I try reconnecting it but the iPad refuses to detect the keyboard. There’s no light blinking either. I am scared to the pit of my stomach. How am I going to write if there’s no keyboard? The lockdown doesn’t seem to open up any sooner so there’s no chance I can buy a new keyboard. With all these thoughts juggling in my mind, I absentmindedly hold the keyboard in my hands and turn it in all directions ( with no idea what I’m searching for ) and to my surprise I find the root cause of the problem. I find an opening in one corner of the keyboard which indicates that I can charge the Bluetooth keyboard and probably it’s time I charge it (it’s been 4 months since I bought it). So I immediately plugged my mobile charger into it. The poor black charger must have wondered who this new device is as all this while he was only used to charge my Mobile and the power bank. I feel elated to see the red light glowing indicating that the charging is on. 

My happiness doubles when a cool breeze kisses my legs. That very moment I switch off the useless ceiling fan and grab my book to read and head over to the balcony to enjoy the sudden change in weather. I had heard a lot about 2 states (by Chetan bhagat) and wished to read it once. Despite having watched the movie, I had the curiosity of reading the book. So here I am, on the balcony, reading romance and feeling the pleasure of the cool breeze from head to toe. I read two pages and as I feel the bliss in the air, for the 47th time I play the song Do Naina ek Kahani, thodasa badal, thodasa pani. I had recently seen a movie called “Meri Pyaari Bindu” where I first heard this song. Though I hated the weird climax of the movie , I got obsessed with this song from the 90s that was the actress’s mother’s favourite song in the movie. I absolutely love singing along and connect to the pain in the song as I sit in the balcony mesmerised by the sudden coldness in the air. 

Moments like these, in the middle of May month are rare to find in Mumbai! 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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