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What Happens When Your Family Members Are Tested COVID-19 Positive

Oh yes, I know it’s been over 3 weeks since I posted a blog. I’m extremely sorry for the same and thank you for all your sweet messages on Instagram, WhatsApp and the emails checking on me for where had I gone missing all these days.

I would like to share with you a beautiful message from a friend of mine saying, “Hello. How are you? Hope everyone at home is fine. As you didn’t post for many days so thought of checking on you. Not like you have to post, not a compulsion but your daily posts were missing so it got me thinking”, everything in a single message. I read it twice and let the emotions sink in for a minute. It felt nice. You guys are so sweet and concerned.

But to be very honest, I missed you guys more than you did. And yes, you read it right. The global pandemic hit us also.

After the corona-virus visited us, my relationships with a lot of people have changed. I’ve evolved stronger and learned a lot during the corona days.

But before going there, I want to ask you guys, how are you? I pray and hope that you and your family is safe and sound. I’ve been missing asking this as I did in my previous blogs.

We are a big family of readers and I owe you an explanation as to why I hadn’t been posting. I don’t wish anyone of you to go through a life-and-death experience that I’ve gone through.

I’ve seen everything on the ground level which was until then only about the huge figures flashing on our television screen and somewhat too venomous to be true. But the humongous confirmed, recovered, and death counts seem smaller when your family members are one of the millions.

Narrating an experience as unfathomable as COVID-19 is not possible in a single blog. And to give it complete justice I thought of writing an ebook to help you know the insights of how an unseen virus can turn your world upside down.

Also, as I owe a lot to around a hundred people, writing about them is the best I can do right now. Thank you would be too small for what I’ve received from these people in the past 20 to 25 days.

I’ve written an ebook that may help you to cope with the most difficult crisis in your life. It’s titled – “Home Quarantined – a story of hope, inspiration & kindness” and it will only inspire and motivate you to handle the toughest crisis that may come your way in any point in life. While I wrote it I felt grounded and urged me to rethink my relationships with some people.

I hope you like the ebook. Click here to download it on your mobile phone right now.

Until next time, please take care of yourself and stay safe.

P.S. Download the Kindle App on your mobile phone to read the book.


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4 Replies to “What Happens When Your Family Members Are Tested COVID-19 Positive”

  1. Happy that you are back 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinith 😃😃

  2. OMG you’re back!! I hope you are okay and doing good with yourself.
    Looking forward to reading the ebook now…cuz i really need some of that inspiration.
    Glad you posted mate.
    Welcome back.

    1. My pleasure dear…it feels good coming back to my blog

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