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How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Covid 19


How are you guys? I hope that you’re not going out of your house except for grocery and other necessary stuff. 

I’ve been starting my blog with these two questions since the covid 19 breakout hit us like a bad nightmare. And I don’t know how long will I have to do this. But now that we’re amidst a “seems-like-never-ending-pandemic” we ought to learn to live with it, without whining. 

It’s been almost over 40 days ( my quarantine diary says 42nd day ) since we’re all quarantined in our homes. By now I’m sure some of you must have got super bored, some must have forgotten to smile also and a few others must be struggling to keep themselves sane inside their houses. It’s natural to feel so. Life has taken monotonous leisure for some of you. It did for me too but in a different way.

I had busiest myself so much that I had almost forgotten to rest. All I wanted was to make the most of this quarantine by writing more, reading more, doing everything I always wanted to and just keep going no matter what which led to disturbed mental health. 

Sometimes being too busy can also be harmful. So, yesterday, that was on a Sunday, I did not do anything. It was difficult as I’ve got into the habit of doing something or the other every minute of the day.

And somehow I got over my mental turmoil and woke up fresh today morning. If you’re feeling the same or slightly more stressful, continue reading to know how to take care of your mental health during Covid 19 breakout. 

1. Help your mother/wife 

The only true thing is and shall continue being is your mother or wife working day in and day out in the kitchen. 

This hit me hard when a couple of days ago my mother fell sick. It was then that I realised she had been continuously making breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last 40 days ( to be precise since the time she got married ) and my father and I just sat and ate all day.

I cannot be giving an excuse of my WFH schedule because I could have helped her in the evenings. Having said that, I knew the guilt had grown inside me and was leading to mental stress. So, yesterday I helped my mother in every possible way that I could and shall continue doing it ( at least during this lockdown ).

Believe me, it gave a sense of satisfaction after a long time. 

I think you should also try the same thing. It’s okay to not reply to a text for some time. Let’s prioritise the right things for the sake of our family’s happiness and ultimately regain our peace of mind. 

2. Chat as you did before the lockdown

Here’s a chat that you should have with your friends today –

She – Let’s meet this Saturday


We’ll buy some books …and then go to the mini seashore??

What say?

I – You ok?

You should be kidding me, right?

She – Just play along. I want to have this conversation for some virtual content. 

I – Cool! That sounds interesting. 

She – Yeah! Okay, where should we go? What if we meet in the morning? 

I – Yes, we’ll get the entire day for ourselves. 

She – Yeah…We’ll go to a movie also. Which ones releasing this week? I’ll check the tickets on book my show! 

I – I’m excited much!

…and we went on for some more time with this unrealistic yet pleasing chat. It was fun! Thanks to my friend and her idea! 

This is something we’re all waiting for. Why wait? When you can chat and experience the fun? 

Go for it guys. I promise you’ll feel satisfied at the end of it and it’ll help you to take care of your mental health to some extent.

3. Take a good night’s sleep

It’s extremely important to sleep properly during this lockdown period. Many of you would be sacrificing on your sleep in the name of web series or movies. 

Please don’t do that. Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day to sustain a full-fledged day ahead of you. 

When it comes to sleeping less than 7 hours, I become grumpy and feel irritated for the rest of the day ruining everything that’s laid down in front of me. So, I make sure I take a good night sleep. 

If that’s the same with you, please shut your eyes as soon as they’re tired. 

4. Write it down 

I’ve maintained a ‘quarantine diary’ and write into it every single day. This has helped me a lot to keep myself calm amidst the chaos. 

You’ll thank me for this later. Write down every single thought that’s coming to your mind during this lockdown. 

Your own words shall give you a way on how to take care of your mental health during Covid 19 breakout.

5. Stop binge-watching and start bing reading 

How many web series can one watch anyway? If you’ve got this precious time which you always complained about not having, why not use it in the right way?

I know I mention reading in almost all my blogs. But understand, dear reader, its the ultimate solution to most of your problems. 

When nothing seems to be right, I open a book and get lost in the pages of the book. 

Read some soothing books that’ll keep your mind engaged and soothe your heart, hence taking care of your mental health during Covid 19 ( Do let me know if you want recommendations of soothing books in the comment section below) 

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Do try these five ways and take care of your mental health because that’s the most important thing to do in a pandemic and otherwise too.

Let’s fight off this hard time together. Share this blog with your friends and family and help them to take care of their mental health.

If you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section below. I make sure to reply to each one of you and grab that chance to connect with you. You can also download this free guide to a stress free life! 

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