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10 Annoying Reasons For Which People Are Still Roaming Out

As you read this blog, I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that you are safe and sound in your homes. We’re all going through a difficult situation right now.

Unfortunately, India has failed to take lessons from Italy, USA, Spain, France and has landed up in the third stage of the pandemic. That was the last thing we wanted to happen.

But it has happened and we can hardly change it now. Nevertheless, we can still fight against this virus by following the rules diligently and thinking for a million times before stepping out of our homes.

”Do I really need to step out of the house now?”, ask this question for at least ten times to yourself. I’m sure it’ll help you stay indoors.

I know all my readers are diligently following the rules and taking care of themselves. This blog is for those handfuls of people who’re all set to take us into this “Maut ka kuwa” along with them.

So, dear reader, if you find the following reasons as annoying as I found them, please share this blog in your WhatsApp stories or directly to the people who’re out right now for no valid reason at all.

Here are ten annoying reasons for which people have the audacity to go out even in this lockdown period.

1. “I was just going to grab my monthly stock of alcohol and cigarettes”.

With this reason, I believe the person is an addict. But isn’t this a brilliant opportunity to give up your alcohol addiction?

If you think “ek din to marna hi hai”, dude please die alone. Don’t move out of your house and risk the lives of a thousand other people.

2. “Let me check if the grocery shops and markets are open and be the first news reporter in my society”

What how much will you stuff your house with? Also, nobody’s asking for your help. So stop giving this silly reason and sit back home.

3. “I need to bake a cake and deliver it to my friend’s place. It’s his birthday today”

Okay. So his birthday won’t come next year? The birthday boy or girl can do without a cake for one year. If you want to celebrate a much grand birthday next year, please stay in.

4. “Let’s see if everyone is inside their homes or not”

Dude, come on! You don’t need to be the watchman in this quarantine period. People know their duty and you better know it yourself too.

5. “I’m so sad right now. Let me grab some fish from the market and pamper myself”

Are you on your dream vacation or something? Why can’t you stop being selfish and eat whatever you have and that which is easily available?

(I know a man who travelled from Worli to Mahim for the craving of fish. He also got some alphonsoes on his way back)

And the police are marching on the roads announcing people to stay home.

6. “Will just check on my relatives and come soon”

You may come home soon but what if you affect 20 more people on your way back? What is this sudden urge of visiting relatives only in this lockdown?

7. “Let me go to my friend’s place and make a video for our YouTube channel and ask people to stay home and stay safe”

Really? Are you in your senses? I can give you a better option which the entire Indian film industry has opted for. Click here.

8. “I can always go from one terrace to another and play-n-chill with my friends”

Can’t you play games online? What is this sudden love that you need to see your friends right now?

9. “Nothing will happen to me. I’m strong”

Stop showing your heroism! It’ll take you nowhere rather you could be the reason for a disaster.

10. “I’m bored af”

Better be but sit home! If you don’t want to be bored then do something good with your life.
This is that time which you always complained you didn’t have!

Read books, watch good series and do anything you want but refrain yourself from going out.

Share this blog as much as you can and let it reach to those people who have become so ignorant and selfish towards society.

Together, Let’s fight this virus!
Stay home, stay safe!

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3 Replies to “10 Annoying Reasons For Which People Are Still Roaming Out”

  1. Those ppl never think of themselves and they are hell care for others, their only life is for enjoying and let others go to hell… Dont know what will hpn to India…

  2. That’s so disheartening to see people neglecting their lives over minor things.

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