Australia For You | The End Is Nearing


You’ve seen the havoc that the bushfire has created in Australia. The videos and images shared on the internet are heartbreaking. It’s difficult to come to terms with such massive destruction. But it’s true. This is happening. Welcome to a brand new decade. If you’re not aware of the enormous bushfire of Australia let me […]

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Pinku’s Zero-Network Zone | Part II

Pinku's-Zero-Network-Zone -Part-II

Continued from the previous blog… “As I said I had made up my mind to defeat this addiction of mine, I made my way to the “Zero-network zone”. This idea originated in the elevator where the network is minimum. One fine day I set out on a trip to Elephanta caves all alone with my […]

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Who Is Consuming Whom ? | Part I


The stage was lit with bright dancing lights when the would-be couple pushed their engagement rings into each other’s fingers. The crowd sitting in the chairs applauded to congratulate them. I moved impatiently left to right and then right to left just to get a glance of the rings, but with no success. It was […]

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7 Subtle Things To Do On Vacation


I’m sure most of you are eagerly waiting for your summer vacation. Few of you are already traveling off away from the monotonous and sweaty city life. With the temperatures making new records, you’re bound to plan a vacation way ahead of the summer. Curling up into nature’s lap is the only way to kill […]

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What Crying During Movies Tell About You


Crying during movies is not abnormal, it’s a sign you being an extraordinary person. All these years I was in a completely wrong set of mind that crying during movies is abnormal. I was glad to know that researchers studying crying during movies say that it actually means you are mentally tough. For a long time, […]

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