15 Things That Happen To You In The Last Year Of College!

Last Year Of College – a year filled with mixed feelings. A year to explore new relations, to repair your mistakes, and a year to live life to the fullest.

Your college has given you a lot more than just education. It has given you the sense of being an individual first, a sense of being a responsible citizen, a sense of direction and above all a bunch of beautiful friends that’ll be there with you for the rest of your life.

You spent the peak years of your adulthood in your college campus. It may be a junior college or a degree college, the feelings are the same when the end nears.

College days are the happiest years of your life, but when it’s time to leave, and you look back through the years, you tend to ruminate the memories and the time well spent.

Here are the most unforgettable moments you’d have experienced in the last year of your college.

1. You start off with the #onelasttime

As soon as you step into the last year of your college, you’re surrounded with new vibes. Vibes that you don’t want around you.
The #onelasttime haunts you every single day. And when the end is near, you start celebrating that last saree day, rose day, and every college fest with great enthusiasm and with a slight touch of sadness deep down in your heart.

2. You envy your juniors.

When you look at your juniors, you automatically see yourself in them (when you were their age or their batch). You compare yourself with them, and that is but natural.

But moreover, you travel down the memory when you wrote your assignments, bullied your juniors, forcefully attended seminars, spent long hours in the canteen and roamed all around the campus.

You envy all this seeing the juniors enjoying it in front of your eyes.

3. You study harder but can’t concentrate

This is the time you think you should study harder so that you pass out with flying colors. And you very well know your relatives are going to pounce on you as soon as the results are out.

But guess what, the feeling of leaving college is so intense that you find it difficult to concentrate.

4. You start spending more time with your friends

In the name of extra-lectures or group studies, you sit in the campus for extended hours.

At times you lie to your mother and go to movies or simply sit in the canteen (and talk over life after college) when you know that this time will never come back.

To cut a long story short, you tend to spend more and more time with your friends.

5. You are compelled to think about your future in the big bad world

What next after college? This question starts bothering you once you see that the end is nearing.

You try avoiding it in every way you can. As you’re still as confused as you were when you first walked into college.

6. Couples have to start thinking about their future with their significant others seriously

How will we stay away from each other? What if it is a long distance relationship? When shall we marry? Will everything be fine? All these questions hover above the couples heads like drones on the cricket grounds.

7. You start warming up to the teachers you didn’t particularly like before

You all have that one teacher whom you hated from the bottom of your heart. But somehow when you know that you’ll not be able to see that person again, you develop a strange connect with that person.

And that connect pushes you towards that professor of yours whom you hated the most.

8. Campus Interviews are the most emotional part of last year of college.

You study together, give exams together, and most of the times pass along. But when it comes to placements/campus interviews, you’re on your own. It’s an individual struggle.

And in such a situation, if you get placed in a company and your friend doesn’t, well, you know that’s the worst feeling ever. Though he/she will get into another company, the feeling that he/she is left behind is based on the emotional quotient.

9. You take photographs and more photographs.

It’s like you’ve made a resolution to click pictures of every corner of your college campus. If you’re crazy enough, you won’t forget the washrooms either.
(Washrooms are the integral part of your college life. You’ve had a lot of drama and fun moments in your college washroom).

10. You literally spend most of your college time in the canteen

Canteen is the most romantic place to be when you’re in college. You’ve had a hell lot of eye contacts, deep ones, in your college canteens.

You know everyone by their names from the canteen staff by the last year of the college.  And the fact that you’ll not be served by them anymore makes you sad.

11. All the secret crushes get revealed in the last year of college

You know you won’t be seeing your friends very often after college finishes, so you don’t mind sharing all your secret crushes with them.

And somebody from your group deliberately plays ‘Truth and Dare’ to uncover each other’s secrets.

12. Farewell shopping is a big deal because you need to look fabulous

From the blazers to the bump heel shoes and sarees to the hairstyles, everything is planned out way ahead of the college farewell.
Some boys are pre-planners while others wander here and there in search of a tie and a blazer in the end moment.

13. And your farewell party is tear-jerking and overwhelming

Both boys and girls cry at the end of the farewell or while the function is inclusive of the patent farewell song – “Hum rahe ya na rahe kal…”

And you get the best good-bye from your juniors.

14. After farewell parties

When you have a fabulous group and the farewell party isn’t enough for you, you go on a long drive or simply spend the night at a friend’s place.

And that night becomes the most memorable night of your college life. You cherish those moments all your life and maybe share them with your children (if you have a friendly rapport with your kids).

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15. Finally, you bid good-bye to the place that gave you so much of who you are today

Tears roll down my cheeks while all the good-bye hugs flash in front of my eyes, while I write this down.

No matter how much you hated your studies, your assignments or your teachers, the college building has a different aura altogether that makes it difficult for you to step out of it into the big evil world.

In the end, you know that each and every memory of your college life will stay intact inside you and will come out passionately at the reunions or get-togethers.

I would like to share two short poems I had written in my last year of college, four years ago. Hope you like them…

Machi hai hulchul…

Aaj fir ek ajeebsi hulchul machi hai,
Dher sara kam, lekin na jane thakan kaha chali gayi hai..
Pet main gudgud, aur man chanchul..
Kya kare aur kya nahi..
Sab samajh ke bahar.
Onelasttime karte karte..
Sare hotels ghum liye
Abhi maa baap se bheek mangne ki naubat agayi hai.
Farewell ka jitna utsah hai usse kayi jyada dar student life khatam hone ka hai..
Sab kuch karna hai hame,
Lekin vakt bohot kam hai..
Pehle books main safalta dhoondne chale the,
Aaj dosto main Zindagi dhoodh rahe hai.
Kash Zindagi rewind hosakti,
Taki Doston ki mehfil aur bhi khoob sajti.
Dil fir aaj ro utha hai..
Kehta hai, Abhi abhi to asli zindagi shuru hone wali hai. Kya dil, dosti, duniyadari bas itni hi hai?

The end is nearing…

With the dawn of a new day,

the end is nearing …

After writing each paper,

the end is nearing …

With the worries about the future,

the end is nearing …

With memories flashing back and forth,

the end is nearing …

It’s a perfect day out there,

yet the nearing end is threatening…

The countdown is a terror,

because the end is nearing…!

So, this was my 50th Blog post, and it had to be special. Please let me know your memories of the last year of college. I would love to know.

And a heartfelt thank you for the love you shower upon my blogs in the form of comments until now. Please continue the same because I’ll be coming up with more and more blogs every week.

Also, share this blog with your friends so that all those beautiful memories flash in front of their eyes.

Why Sitting Idle Is Toxic To Your Mind – 3 Ways To Eliminate It

Are you wondering why I chose this topic of ‘sitting idle’ for my weekly blog today? Well, this wasn’t planned at all.

The other day, when I was on the train, traveling to the office, and for the first time, I did not open the book that I always carry in my bag. I was so busy thinking about something that I literally forgot about my daily ritual.

First time in the past 4 months, I sat idle for that 15 minutes journey (Parel to Kurla). While I walked across the foot over bridge to board the train to Vashi from harbor line, I was puzzled at the sudden fatigue that I felt.

Rewinding the 15 minutes of the morning, I realized it was all because of the thinking process. It had actually sucked out some energy out of me.

So after I boarded the train to Vashi, I opened my book (Interpreter of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri) and read till my station arrived. Then when I walked to the office (which is a 2-minute walk from the station), I felt much better and lighter.

Are you with me? Did you find out what change took place when I was idle and when I was busy doing something?

“Its the regularity of doing something makes the person happy rather than sitting idle.”
― Sadhana Devi Chauhan

Why I feel sitting idle is toxic to your mind?

Do you know why successful people are so productive in their lives? It’s because they make every minute count. You’ll find every successful person indulged in something or the other task every moment of his life.

Be it reading a newspaper or a book, learning new sports when on vacation or even watering plants when at home. He/she is engaged in something rather than sitting idle and staring far away nowhere.

When you are sitting idle, your thoughts always take over you, and you lose your senses. The moment you’re stuck somewhere between nowhere unwittingly you start overthinking. This intoxicates your mind, and you’re left drained out emotionally and to some extent, physically also.

Rewind a couple of hours of your life and count your idle time. (Idle time is the time when you’re unproductive). If you find that it’s piling up, then you’re at danger.

What happens when your idle time is piling up?

  • You overthink your overthinking and end up stressed out. (Download the guide to a stress-free living)
  • You waste the precious minutes (those minutes that are never coming back) that life has bestowed upon you.
  • You water the proverb “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” and actually implement it.
  • You scroll up and scroll down on your phone and feel bad about yourself when you see people on their pre-wedding shoots, getting married, having kids, going abroad, succeeding in life and ultimately waste your time gazing at them. The time which you could have invested to become a better version of yourself.

“Working on something despite certain failure is better than sitting idle.”
― Udai Yadla

There’s a difference between Me-time and Idle-time.

If you wonder if me-time and idle-time are the same, then let me correct you. Me-time is the time when you’re spending quality time with yourself.

When there’s no one expect you around while you contemplate about the things going on in your life. It’s the time when you are working on yourself. When you’re molding yourself into what you’d like to see yourself shortly.

On the contrary, idle-time is the time you’re wasting doing nothing. Yes. When you do nothing, you tend to think about all sorts of wrong, unhealthy things around you.

You think how unlucky you are that you don’t have a car or a 3 BHK. You envy others in your idle time. Your soul is filled with negativities when you sit doing NOTHING.

Sometimes, you may experience an idle time even while you’re watching TV at home. That’s the moment when you’re lost in your own thoughts and are looking at the TV but not watching it.

I think that’s even more dangerous. That there is something bothering you and you’re unable to concentrate on anything.

So, in that case, you should completely eliminate this idle time from your life and make life more beautiful and meaningful. Here are a few things I would suggest you do when you think your idle time is piling up day by day.

  1. Write down your goals.

A study was done on Harvard University’s student on whether they write down their goals.

The result of the study was, 3% of students did write their goals in a book, 13% had goals in their minds but never penned them down, and 84% had no goals at all.

After 10 years, the same group of students was interviewed again, and the result was astonishing. The 13% of students who had goals in life but did not write them down earned twice that of the 84% without a purpose. 3% of students who had written everything down made 10 times more money than the other 97%.

Where do you think you belong to? The 3%, 13% or the 84% group?

If you’ve not yet written down your short term and long term goals, use your idle times to do that.

2. Read or listen to audio books.

You’d be thinking, why do I mention reading, and it’s an advantage in almost all my blogs. It’s simple. Reading has no alternative, and it comes with many benefits.

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8 Life-Changing Books That’ll Shape Your Thinking

3 Astonishing And Never Read Before Advantages Of Reading Books.

Get into the habit of reading in your idle time. It’ll only add up to your knowledge. Won’t it?

Just think about the knowledge you’d have when you read books. I started a little late to read books, but I don’t want the same happen to you. So, start today!

3. Go for a small walk.

I would always feel walking was an annoying thing to do. But my father never gave up on encouraging me to go for walks.

It was late, but I’ve now understood the importance of walking. It not only burns your flab but also rejuvenates you.

You’d be surprised if I say that I walk in the evening after coming from the office. And you know what magic it does to me? All my fatigue is washed off, and I’m ready for the latter half of the day. After my walk, I have a bath and sit back to write blogs for you to read or read a book.

Also, when you walk, you are engulfed with some invisible energy that helps you attract positivity towards you. You suddenly feel excellent about yourself, fresh, and evolve an optimistic.

So, guys do you still want to dwell in your idle time or get your ass working?

Let me know your thoughts on this blog in the comment section below or simply reply to this. I’ll be waiting.

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7 Subtle Things To Do On Vacation

I’m sure most of you are eagerly waiting for your summer vacation. Few of you are already traveling off away from the monotonous and sweaty city life.

With the temperatures making new records, you’re bound to plan a vacation way ahead of the summer. Curling up into nature’s lap is the only way to kill the summer blues (though for a few days).

From the magical transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the roar of the gushing waves on the seashore nature abounds with wonders. Opening the windows of your car and turning off the AC are the signs you’ve crossed the city life and are off to get close to nature.

Appreciating nature helps you understand that you are a part of a larger universe and that all living things serve a purpose. Don’t you think you should be doing more subtle things than just clicking pictures for your Instagram stories and posts?

Here are seven subtle activities to spark your interest in the natural world and to build imagination, inquisitiveness, and compassion when on vacation.

1. Go Bird-watching

When was the last time you saw a sparrow drinking water from its tiny beak and pecking little particles from a colossal fruit? If you live in a city, it’s hard to recollect, isn’t it?

When you’re on vacation, at your native place or a new place altogether, get to know the birds in that area. Investigate trees, bushes, and listen to the sound of dry leaves that you crush beneath your feet as you walk along with the vegetation. Observe a bird’s color, size, and behavior. Listen to its song, and watch how it flies.

You’ll find your connection with nature to a great extent.

2. Gather Nature’s Collectibles

Collecting nature’s debris like acorns, colorful autumn leaves, bird feathers, pretty rocks, and shells can be a fun hobby.

Awaken the creative person within you. Think about how you can use the shells collected, though not actually come back and practically make it (due to the same old excuse – “Where’s the time?”).

Creative thinking can alone make a difference in your mood altogether.

3. Stroll with your senses

Explore the outdoors with your insights on high alert. Look under logs and rocks for insects and chameleons. Sniff the eucalyptus tree. Play with the mimosa plant.

Feel the rough bark or the sticky sap. Listen to the sounds of birds, water, and small animals.

Also, listen to the crickets chirping in the dark night and sit back on the armchair pondering on the day’s activities.

Allow the salty water kiss your legs and help you forget all your worries and anxieties. Watch your footsteps that you leave back on the sandy beaches.

Move around like a child when you’re on vacation.

4. Gaze at the stars

On a clear night, go outside with nothing in your hands. Stroll around and feel the coolness in the air.

Gather your family or neighborhood friends or the people with you on vacation and enjoy chit-chatting or playing ‘antakshari.’

5.Celebrate the sunrise and sunset

Enjoy the sky’s changing hues, and look and listen for early birds and nocturnal creatures. Don’t lie on your bed and miss the early morning bliss.

Make the most of your trip, and for that, you need to rise early and be on the ‘Get-Set-Go’ mode.

6. Make peace with yourself

Steal some time off for yourself and contemplate on ‘life’ and its beauty. Be grateful to the Almighty to have given you a chance to experience such subtle moments of life.

Lie below the sky and gaze at the moon with your hands making a pillow for you. For once feel your head functioning smoothly without any pressure, tension, deadlines, future plans, etc.

7. Converse with each other

Please don’t be too attached to your mobile phone that you don’t spend quality time with the people traveling with you. I understand how important is our phone to us but can’t we carry out all our updates after coming back from the vacation?

Is it so important to post stories and tag people while on vacation? What’s the use of tagging your neighbor and not talking with him/her in real?

It seems insane right?

Then why not spend some profound moments with your companions or travel mates when they’re still around you. Nobody is going to be back together sooner after that.

While I wrote this blog, I actually felt each and every moment, as if I was on vacation. That’s the power of words which can feel even while you sit in the hottest of the temperatures (I’m sitting in my house in Mumbai without turning on the AC)

And see, I saved my money by almost writing down a vacation. Apart from jokes, I did feel fresh after writing this blog.

I hope you also liked the blog. If so, do let me know in the comment section below or simply reply to this email.

As promised, I’ll be writing blogs to help you keep yourself inspired throughout. And yes, thank you for all the love you showed for Why I Quit My Job blog.

With love comes responsibility. So here I am with this new one. Many more to come. Do subscribe if you want to receive my blogs in your mailbox.

I would love to know one subtle thing you do when you’re at a vacation.

How To Write Love Letter And Its Importance

Regardless of your shy or unromantic nature, you’ve got to write a love letter at least once in your lifetime. I happened to read a book by Cecelia Ahern named ‘Where rainbows end‘. To my astonishment, the fat book was filled with emails only.

There was no dialogue writing, no narration, only the salutations, and the endless emails. I completed reading the book though I was scared at the beginning for its thickness. The intense letters hooked me to the book.

You may be puzzled about the fact that can writing love letters to your significant other make any difference? It does. Words have the massive power to re-affirm your love for that someone special in your life.

The problem is everyone wants to keep it obvious. “I love her. She loves me. What more needs to be written?”, is many people’s perspective.

Recently, one of my guy friends asked me, “What are your expectations from your would-be-someone?”

“I’d love to receive a 500 words letter from my special someone”, I replied in excitement. But he bluntly replied, “How many times do girls want to know stuff?”

“It’s simple. If you’re with them, if you share a blanket, don’t they deserve to know why you love them?”

Not all of us are born writers. But we can try and become good at expressing ourselves. Telling your loved ones how you feel about them once in a while strengthens the bond the couple shares. Otherwise, things get boring.

Here are few guidelines to those who find it hard when it comes to putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Follow them before writing your love letter.

1. Choose a relevant medium.

In the world of Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp pull out a notebook’s page and start off with your letter. Live those movie scenes where the hero is surrounded by endless paper balls while attempting to write a letter.

Some girls watch out for minute details. Right from the color of the paper used for writing the letter to the type of pen. Other girls are satisfied by the mere efforts you’d put in writing one. Know your girl and go for it.

2. Do not steal.

You don’t have to have extraordinary writing skills or mastery at flowery writing. Your words on paper themselves speak a lot about your love.

Don’t steal, write in your own style. Just as you chat over messenger apps, let the words flow naturally on the paper. Express your love, gratitude, caress through the letter.

3. Wear your creative caps.

Though you’re not good at drawing or painting, attempt it. Let it turn out to be a kindergarten child’s artwork. Your significant other will definitely appreciate your efforts.

If you’re a techie and s*** even at drawing a tiny flower, take help from your artist friend. I’m sure you’d have one.

4. What goes into a love letter?

Surely, you must have the question that what needs to be written in the letter.

Stop taking your loved ones for granted and make them feel that they are an integral part of your life. ‘I love you’ is not the end, rather it’s the beginning of a relationship for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

Write those beautiful things you’ve never said in person or feel shy to speak out loud on a piece of paper. She’ll cherish it forever and keep coming back to it whenever she feels like.

Female brains are quite a bit more language oriented than male.

If you are confused as to what to write in a love letter, this will help you kick off.

1. The reason for the letter

Express your feelings not only on special occasions but take efforts on small significant incidents. For instance, thank her for the scrumptious dinner she cooked, compliment her for the surprise party she threw on your birthday, tell her 50 things you like about her simply for no reason at all and so on.

You can also write a letter of apology if on some day you’d had a fight with her. Words on paper have a greater impact than a text message.

2. What do they bring to your life?

The biggest problem with couples is they don’t tell everything they feel about their significant other. Each one wants to be understood by the other.

In this battle of expectation, many things are left unsaid. The little things in life matter the most. Tell her how you feel when she’s around.

Confess the positive changes you experienced after she entered in your life. Say how proud you are to have her in your life. Make her feel wanted, always.

Take pride in saying ‘I love you’ after all, she’s your choice.

3. Ponder on the moments spent together.

Girls like savoring old memories. Write about a hilarious incident happened when you were on a train or an unforgettable memory of your first date.

If you are in a long distance relationship, write a deep miss you love letter for your significant other. There’ll be a long-lasting smile on their face.

4. What do you love about them?

One of my friends told me a story about his friend. She had received a proposal from a guy who gifted her a basket full of rolled chits with a tag of – ’51 reasons why I love you’. Wasn’t that crazy?

Sit back, tax your brain a little, pen down the good things about him/her and fill the blank paper with your lovable words.

When we talk, sometimes we hesitate to give him/her a sweet compliment. The gesture of writing things down for someone is special and conveys the correct feelings.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that pen of yours or buy one if you don’t already have. Choose a nice paper (you can also write a love letter behind your domino’s bill and leave her awe-struck) and get started to pour all the emotions you have for your significant other.

I’m sure this small act of yours will lighten up his/her face and tighten the bond between the two of you. Start with one letter and let me know your experience in the comment section below. Waiting for your lovely responses.

P.S. – Love letters are not restricted only to be written by boyfriends or girlfriends. You can write a sweet letter of love to your friend, your colleague or your parents telling them how much they mean to you. Good Luck! Enjoy writing the letters.

7 Fantastic Tips On Keeping A Creative Journal In 2019

Journal writing is a trending practice. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, let me tell you in detail. For starters, creative/illustrated journal writing is different from diary writing.

When you write into your diary, it’s a plain script that you pen down. Basically a written version of your entire day.

But journal writing is much interesting. It is a creative process of penning down something that makes you smile in your day to day life.

It can be an illustrated journal or a collage or simply sticking of newspaper cuttings.

The motto behind keeping a journal is replicating your day onto paper in a creative fashion.

Journal writing helps me sleep well!

If you have enough time in the morning and wish to start your day creatively, you can go with the creative journal writing.

Let’s hop onto the 5 useful tips on how to begin a journal and maintain one in 2019.

1. Explore

You don’t need to be Ranbir Kapoor from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to have a super cool travel journal. You can discover what you are fond of and just kick start your creative journal.

So what, if it’s the second month of the year.  It’s better late than never.

You are born unique. Think different. Some may like painting, others may like collages. Some enjoy writing proverbs for the day. Some may simply like scribbling with colour pencils or sketch pens.

Use any of the above methods and start off with your creative journal ideas.

2.Think out of the box

Don’t be scared if you draw or paint like a nursery kid. The entire motto behind this is you enjoy journaling.

At times you may laugh at your own art, but believe me, that’s all worth it.

I’ve stuck my train tickets into my journal while I was on a picnic in school. Think different. Don’t copy. As your day cannot be the same as your friend’s, your journal cannot be the same as someone else.

3. Follow no rules

We follow rules in our day to day life. It does get boring sometimes. As a getaway from those hectic and boring hours, follow no rules while you sit and write in your journal.

Set yourself free. Let your imaginations roam in all directions. Play with colours and live those moments spent in drawing period in school.

I’m weak in drawing so I stick cuttings from old magazines.

4. Flaunt it

If we were 10 years from now, I would’ve said, “Exhibit your journal when your friends come over at your house”.

Today we can just click a picture of the page and upload it as Whatsapp story, Insta story, Facebook story and also send it over to our friends.

Flaunt it on social media. This will motivate you to continue and follow the journal writing as a routine.

5. Take pride that you’ve maintained a journal

I don’t buy a special book for journaling. This year I found a diary from my father’s cupboard. I was thrilled to read the cover page. It says, “THE DIARY OF AN INNOVATOR”.

I got a readymade cover page. These words encourage me to sit back every night before going to bed and play around with the journal.

If you start off today and after a few days turn the pages of your journal, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

Take pride in whatever you do towards making it a creative journal.

6. Stress Buster

This is my personal experience. It may work for a few or may not.

Journaling is truly a stress buster. If your work leaves with a headache at the end of the day, believe me, journaling will work as a therapy.

You’ll forget all your office tensions while you paint, draw or simply write in your journal. It is therapeutic because it takes carefree involvement in doing it.

7. Be a kid

Observe children when they paint. They’re carefree and enjoy what they paint.

Once in a day, it is noteworthy to think and act like a child. According to a recent university-developed personality test, kids are novelty-seekers. This character trait drops by half till we reach adulthood.

Kids are expressive. They don’t hold grudges and live a happy life. Give a child a cardboard, you’ll see an uninterrupted act of experimental session.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going and start your hunt for a journal. Create. Experiment. Enjoy.

Let me know in the comment section below if you’ve actually started with and how it feels.

If you already maintain one, share these interesting blog with your friends and peers.

What Crying During Movies Tell About You

Crying during movies is not abnormal, it’s a sign you being an extraordinary person. All these years I was in a completely wrong set of mind that crying during movies is abnormal.

I was glad to know that researchers studying crying during movies say that it actually means you are mentally tough.

For a long time, I carried this guilt that I cried during movies. As I don’t like anybody see me cry, I prefer watching movies alone, in my own comfort zone. But when it comes to going to the theatres, I get petrified.

There have been instances in the past where my friends were embarrassed to sit beside me in the theatre because I cried throughout the movie.

When I thought over this problem of mine, I realised that no one around me cried at a movie as much as I did. Was I over-reacting? Why can’t I be like others? All sorts of questions troubled me. My friends said, “You don’t have control over your emotions. Maybe you need to see a doctor”.

Until I read this article, I was under an impression that crying during movies was unaccustomed. Let me highlight what crying during a movie actually tells about you.

1. You have a kind heart

Even today, my cousins make fun of me because I had cried for the movie “Taare Zameen Par”. They say, there was nothing to shed tears for.

I can strongly disagree with their statement now. It takes a kind heart to know the depth of relationships.

If you’d cried during a scene which has no dialogues at all, you have the strongest and kindest heart. It shows that just by seeing the actions you know what goes on in the characters mind/heart at that particular instance.

If you’d have to watch something without your heart, you’d choose something else over a movie. Willing to watch a movie which you know will make you cry your heart out is a bold thing to do in itself.

2. You are considerate

You have absolutely no relationship with the actors on screen. And you know for a fact that it’s a reel life and not real life. Yet you cry when the actor goes through a crisis.

You actually imagine the situation and somewhere at the back of your mind think – What if this happens to me or my loved ones.

Unwittingly you pray this never happens to anyone and hope the actor gets out of the crisis soon.

If you are considerate about an actor’s problem, how can you not be considerate about your near and dear ones?

3. You feel the pain of others

If you have watched “Kal Ho Na Ho” for the nth time and you still believe that Shah Rukh Khan will die in the end and cry during that scene, don’t feel ashamed of yourself.

Instead, take pride that you can feel the pain Aman’s mother, Naina, Rohit, Lajjo and the tiny tot Gia go through standing beside his death bed.

Next time if anyone asks, why are you crying for the Nth time for the same movie, tell them because you feel the pain everytime you see it. And that’s what humans are born for. To understand each other’s pain.

Q – Why is everybody so different?

A – Because you are unique.

4. You are an empath

Empathy is a gift that allows you to feel how someone else must be feeling. While you watch a movie, you put yourself in the actors/actresses shoes.

Researches also say that many a time you are illusioned to be in two bodies. In theatre, you are at times in your seat and at times on screen. You tend to feel everything is happening around you and you are a part of it.

If you are an empathetic viewer in the theatre, you may find yourself thinking like a father after his daughter’s rape scene. You may find yourself thinking like a mother on what she feels on her son’s suicide.

It’s but natural to feel for someone. And movies are adapted from real life experiences only. All stories are relatable in one way or the other.

5. You are a human being

Next time you re-think on your habit of crying during movies, just remember the most important fact. You are a human being.

We sometimes tend to underestimate the power of shedding tears. And holding them back only leads to suppressing your feelings. Whenever I see someone cry in front of me (nevermind if it’s on screen), I cry. In a fraction of seconds, I can shed tears.

Initially, I thought it was something weird, but now when I get with terms with my tears I know they are flowing down for a reason.

A reason emotional enough to change my facial expressions and body language.

The other day, a friend of mine said he also cries at movies. I was glad that he had the guts to accept it and felt nothing was wrong in crying during movies.

Another friend advised me to look away or look at the wall when a crying scene comes up. You can do that when a condom advertisement flashes on the screen whilst you are with your parents. Why do you have to do it while watching a movie? To hide your feelings?

Face it and cry it off. There’s no harm in doing so. Next time if any of your friends or relatives tease or belittle you for you cry at movies, share this blog with them and they’ll know how lucky you are to be able to cry during movies.

6 Life Changing Lessons Learned In 2018

Lessons learned every year need to be cherished for they are the true treasures of life. We all grow through the thick and thin in the passing years which we need to be grateful for.

All good things come to an end and so 2018 had to. The lessons learned in 2018 will be marked as a significance of my growing years.

Without much of introduction, let’s take a deep dive into the lessons learned and how they can help you in changing your years into lessons.

1.Free yourself from the “Log Kya Kahenge” circle.

90% of the youngsters are caught in a trap called – Log Kya Kahenge. The remaining 10% have risen above all these odds and are shining bright in their lives.

Log Kya Kahenge is literally translated as “What will people say”.

Unless we do not decide to live life on our terms, it’s next to impossible to pull off yourself from this cliche phrase.

Instead of mulling over this thought why not emphasize on – “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, Logon Ka Kam Hai Kehna…”, the lyrics of a popular song written by Anand Bakshi.

The literal translation of this song is – “People will keep talking, it’s their job to do so. It is we who have to rise above all this and evolve powerful and successful in whatever we do in life.”

Listen to your heart and follow the path it takes you to. Life will surely be a nice place to dwell in then.

2.Take decisions and implement them.

A decision taken without a proper action is just a vague statement done. If you really want to change something, work towards it.

If you have had the guts to take a particular decision, it’s good. But at the same time have the ability to implement it and make something good out of it.

3.Learn to say ‘No’

Many of us find it extremely difficult to say No.

It came to me as a surprise as to how important it is to say ‘No’. Unless we do so, we are taken for granted by the world around us.

It is definitely not a easy task if you are a happy-go-lucky person. But there are times when saying No becomes utmost important for the well-being of ourselves.

Let people think it was selfish of you. Remember you cannot make everyone happy at the same time.

 4.Read more books.

It was high time when I realized the importance of books. However, it’s better late than never.

Reading changes you. It changes our perception towards life. All great men are well-read. Their biggest assets are their books.

Swami Vivekananda said, “I’ve worked for twenty-two hours a day for twenty-four years. Some days I didn’t even sleep”

Buy books. Do not borrow them. I have stopped lending my books to my friends.

Money spent on books are money invested.

Sudha Murthy possesses a library of around twenty thousand books. She does not believe in lending books to others.

She feels that people should be encouraged to buy books instead of borrowing them. She emphasizes the only way writers will survive is if people buy their books, not borrow them.

Such a deep thought.

5.Nothing is stagnant in life.

Few months back my friend and I were chatting over a serious topic called – Life. In our chat conversation, she happened to say this line – Nothing is stagnant. This too shall pass.

Her words were powerful enough to sooth ones soul. I passed these words to my friends.

And now, they’re being used by us more than she must have used them.

The depth of these words encourages our mind and helps us rise and shine in every situation we fall into.

6.The right set of people.

You are known by the company you keep – a proverb which sums up a lot about us. In today’s world it is of utmost important to find the correct set of people in life.

I was fortunate to find some great people in 2018. This shall be a remarkable year for this reason in particular.

Be choosy when it comes to choose people. Be with those who encourage you and not belittle you in any way.

And after-all you only need a bunch of real people to bring out the original version of you out, loud and clear.

I hope you could relate to the above lessons learned. If not, please do follow them in the upcoming year, 2019. Make it a little more significant and spend each day in developing yourself.

Hope you’ve checked my blog on how to celebrate new year on a Monday night and tried one of the ways.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2019.

Goa And Its 7 Extraordinary Things You Must Know.

“Goa aye aur beer nahi piya to kya khak Goa aye”, a patent line you must have heard about Goa, isn’t it?

It’s not just the cheap beer and Breezer that Goa is famous for. I visited Goa 3 years back but it still feels like yesterday. Every now and then there are posts coming up of people visiting Goa and their hashtags #atlastgoa #gogoagone #goadiaries #beachlife #goatourism etc.

It makes me nostalgic. Memes on Goa are always evergreen. They never get boring. As it’s said, one must visit this land of beaches at least once in a lifetime. It’s so true.

Besides the obvious reasons why Goa is so special to all of us, let me tell you a few more Goan forte you should know about.

1.Love at first sight

Goa quotes, Goa hashtags, there’s a lot of stuff already present on the internet. Yet my fingers can go on and on to write about this hypnotizing tourists place. It emits a continuous magnetic force which attracts the tourists every year.

Even today when we see a Goan street or beach in a movie, it hardly takes any time to recognize the place. The place has that uniqueness.

The narrow streets, the tallest ever coconut trees, the tranquil fragrance in the air, charming beaches, inspiring mornings, surreal evenings is such a bliss.

Lying on the beach, enduring the exquisite sunset is like Love at first sight. And asking your friend to click a picture of you with the charming sun, is a mandate, isn’t it?

2.The sweet Goan dialect

Jevle mugo tu? (Did you have your food?) Doesn’t it sound cute?

The people of Goa speak “Konkani” irrespective of their religion. It ain’t a chaotic language like many other. It has a soft and friendly accent which automatically helps in spreading love all around.

No wonder it’s a peaceful place to live in.

Also, the houses in Goa. Every house will look similar to your dream home. Sizes may vary but they are perfect for those calm and cozy moments.

3. Best ever hospitality

When I had been to Goa with my friends, we stayed at one of our friend’s aunt’s place. His Aunt’s neighbour had thrown his retirement party but she couldn’t attend because she had to cook dinner for us.

The party was over by 8 pm and everybody had returned home. Aunt sent all of us to their house to apologize on her behalf.

We had no plans that night and we accepted the invitation willingly.  The family greeted us and asked us to make ourselves comfortable. The uncle who had retired began sharing his life story with us.

His son got us water. We had it. In the next 5 minutes, he brought 7 glasses of cold drinks. We had it. Once that was done he got 7 glasses of beer. We were taken aback and refused it.

On that, they all laughed and said, “This is the welcome drink we serve to our guests. You are new so we started off with water and cold drinks. But you will have to have this too. Look our grandson will give you company”, and the uncle’s wife served the 3-year-old guy beer in his special glass.

We were awestruck at this culture of Goa.

The family was so adorable we couldn’t deny so we drank a little bit from 1 glass only and returned the rest. We all had a great time with this completely new bunch of people.

4. Goa and its cleanliness

Owing to a smaller population, the government emphasises a lot on the development and upliftment of the state. You will not find a single piece of wrapper or paper lying on the roads of Goa. They are always spik and span.

The aroma in the air is retained and is distinguishable because of the maintained cleanliness.

5. Affordable as f*ck

Besides the amazing deals on airbnbTrivago and Oyyo rooms, hotels in Goa are always cheaper than expected. If selected a good hotel you can devour on great seafood and meat and have an unbelievable bill at your table.

6. Goa is for Men’s trip

It’s not just because I adored Dil Chahta Hai’s boy’s trip that I’m making this statement, but overall I get a vibe of men’s trip are more successful and worth it than any other trips.

When we had been on a trip, it was a ratio of 4 girls and 3 boys. The time girls take to dress up is way too long and annoying. When on trips, everything should be quick.

The sole motive is to enjoy every moment to the fullest. And I think guys can make it happen.

I’ve observed the instagram/facebook pictures that guys upload after a Goa trip. It’s as though they create memories. Each picture seems to have a story to tell.

It’s inspiring how men get passionate about Goa and it’s bliss apart of the wine.

7. The Panaji ferry terminal

Goa has this viable form of transport, ferry. And it’s free of cost. People can take their two and four wheelers also onto the ferry to commute from one place to another.

The ferry crossing from Panjim to Betim runs every 20 mins from 6am to 10pm. It is free and takes less than 10 mins. Whereas if we go by road the cab will cost 600 rupees one way.

So do use this free transportation when you visit Goa.

Hope you relate to some of the above points. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Goa. Please do let me know in the comment section below, till then see you soon.

How To Celebrate New Year On A Monday Night

While all the offices/schools/colleges are busy preparing secret Santa gifts, let’s not forget that this year New Year is falling on a Monday. If you are puzzled or worried on how to celebrate New Year on a Monday night, then sit back and read this blog. I promise to help you make your New Year night the most memorable one until now.

1.Try the chit game

Last year I had one of the most memorable New Year nights ever. I experimented the below and posted it on my blog. Three of my readers actually loved the idea and decided to follow my footsteps. It was a moment of pride.

…and the year ends with me being at peace. Celebrating another day with a hell lot of chits lying on my bed. Oops sorry!Come let me walk you through the flash back. I’ve been folding these random chits in a jar for the last one year. All the good and the not-so-good memories, I’ve been treasuring in this jar of mine to gift myself on the 31st December’s night.

Yes, 2017 hugged in a jar!

On 29th December, Sam (my bestie) asks me ,” Hey when are you gonna open those chits?”
And I was overwhelmed to see her excitement, though she was definitely not allowed to read them.

On that question of hers I decided to read them on the night of 31st when the entire world would be partying hard out there.

Yes! This is Shradz. Different yet close to the world.

And trust me, the chit venture was exciting. I felt tranquil while I opened and read each of it. Some brought a wide smile on my face , some made me think while some others were just close to my heart. Fortunately, none of them made me cry. Maybe because each one had a lesson to inculcate in me. It seems with each chit I’ve evolved stronger.

And I’m happy , Sam has started off her venture with the chits. Of course! I’m the inspiration. It’s so good to be an inspiration for someone, isn’t it ?

Folks, let’s hope for the best for 2018. I’m going to continue dropping my chits in the jar for 2k18. I think you must be wondering what I’ve done to those chits. Then let me tell you, they’ve been stuck and treasured in my diary to be my lessons for the life!


You still have 2 weeks before you actually celebrate the New Year. So get going with your chit game and fill your jar of happy-sad moments. Gift it to yourself and celebrate New Year by surprising you with every chit you open.

2.Say Bye Bye to the Monday Blues

Generally, a Monday is known for its blues. But this time it’ll be a significant one, isn’t it? I was excited on this thought of New Year night falling on a Monday night. People will surely look up to this particular Monday.

Despite it being a Monday and a working day, treat yourself with a movie, your favourite popcorn flavour and a cosy blanket and have your “me-time”.

3.New Year Resolutions?

As we all know for how long our New Year resolutions lasts, let’s plan something more meaningful this year. Take some time out to think what actually makes you genuinely happy.

Plan out everything well in advance once you are ready with your thing. On the New Year’s Eve, actually do what you like and step into 2019.

The entire motive behind doing this is you’ll be doing what you like while you enter a New Year. The satisfaction you’ll get thereafter should be worth experiencing.

4. Pick up a small book

I would suggest you to read a quick-read book to celebrate your New Year with. Yes, when the world around you is partying hard, make peace with a book.

A good book can never betray you, but friends can by cancelling the plan or so.

If you really want to make a spectacular start of the year, let me suggest you 2 best books that I read in 2018. Each one will take hardly 2 hours to finish but the benefits it’ll give you are enormous.

Probably you may turn out to be different person on the 1st of January, 2019 or at least you’ll be happy you chose to sit back and read instead of getting drunk.

Do read any one of the below books to kick start your New Year and celebrate it more meaningfully.

Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

One Minute Apology : A Powerful Way to Make Things Better


Have a Happy and fruitful 2019. Let me know if you really celebrated your New Year the new way.

On The Eve Of International Men’s Day

Many a time, we generalize man to be a male chauvinist or a jerk or a road-Romeo. Very easily we make a statement that “Jarur ladke ne kuch kiya hoga”. I know this is a frequently used line but it isn’t a fact. Before hearing his verdict, the society declares him the culprit.

I’m not generalizing but this happens quite often that men are cursed more and complimented less. Also, with the #Metoo storm, men are being side-lined and betrayed. Can we not look at the brighter side of men?

So let’s appreciate the other side of men that’s unnoticed, on this International Men’s Day.

Why MEN are important?

  1. You can’t spell(Madam),

without the (Adam) in it.

  1. Neither can you spell (Woman),

without the (Man).

  1. You also cannot spell (Female),

without the (Male).

My colleague showed me these lines put up on his friend’s status. That was unique. And isn’t it true?

Aren’t they a vital part of our day to day life? Let’s imagine a day without men.

I’m sure it was scary.

Men are the most beautiful creature God has ever created. Discovering them from within is an art in itself.

We all have that one friend who is considerate of our feelings irrespective of the situation. I remember, one of my friends asking me this question when he noticed I was moody, “What do you feel like doing in these days of yours?”

His gesture was astonishing and comforting at the same time. Never had anybody asked such a thoughtful question to me. Don’t you think your chumps would’ve been much more painful if you didn’t have that male friend of yours who has his own code word for periods and comforts you in any way he can?

We all have that one friend who opens the door for us and says, ” After you!” Don’t you feel on top of the world when someone puts you before himself?

We all have that one friend who understands what you want without even you speaking it out. Once when I was on a trip, after our lunch I was looking for a wash-basin to wash my hands. I looked around with a question mark on my face. A guy, whom I had known only a day before said, “Wash-basin is to the right”.

That was his level of understanding.

We all have that one friend who keeps his parents’ picture as his phone’s wallpaper. The moment you see one, understand that he’s the most loving person on earth. A person who loves his parents will always be a large-hearted person.

We all have that one friend who has cracked the silliest joke ever to make your day a little lighter. I will never forget this joke of one of my friend which was crazy but put a smile on my face on that hectic day.

The joke can be told, no harm but read it at your own risk (disclaimer in place)

I – hehehehe

He – if you were a feminist who’d laugh something like this – sheshesheshe

We all have that one friend who respects his girlfriend the way he’ll respect his mother. A gentleman he is.

We all have that one friend who’s words have the power to melt anyone and everyone. I know this guy who writes for himself. If only he would write for the world. The world would’ve got the most handsome and down to earth author ever. His description of Pune was a marvel-

And the best thing is the city can have its own version of a love affair with every individual. Each story is new and different.

Of course, Pune is my successful love affair till date.

Rewind yourself a day back and pick that one smile of yours which was because of a man. And let him know that he was the reason for your smile. Thank him for being around you. And be the reason for a smile on his face.

It’s because men exist, we women get a chance to be happy. What if there was no man to compliment your beauty? What if there was no shoulder for you to lay your head and cry? What if there was no man to guide you through your difficulties?

Next time when you get a compliment “Oh! You looking nice today”, “really you look different today”. Take it, treasure it and appreciate it.

If you have not already wished the men in your life a Happy International Men’s Day, please do and let them know how you feel about them. If you’ve made a card, bought them a chocolate then you’re on the same page as I am.

Let’s celebrate the day of the men in our life!