7 Subtle Things To Do On Vacation


I’m sure most of you are eagerly waiting for your summer vacation. Few of you are already traveling off away from the monotonous and sweaty city life. With the temperatures making new records, you’re bound to plan a vacation way ahead of the summer. Curling up into nature’s lap is the only way to kill […]

How To Write Love Letter And Its Importance


Regardless of your shy or unromantic nature, you’ve got to write a love letter at least once in your lifetime. I happened to read a book by Cecelia Ahern named ‘Where rainbows end‘. To my astonishment, the fat book was filled with emails only. There was no dialogue writing, no narration, only the salutations, and […]

7 Fantastic Tips On Keeping A Creative Journal In 2019


Journal writing is a trending practice. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, let me tell you in detail. For starters, creative/illustrated journal writing is different from diary writing. When you write into your diary, it’s a plain script that you pen down. Basically a written version of your entire day. But journal writing is […]

What Crying During Movies Tell About You


Crying during movies is not abnormal, it’s a sign you being an extraordinary person. All these years I was in a completely wrong set of mind that crying during movies is abnormal. I was glad to know that researchers studying crying during movies say that it actually means you are mentally tough. For a long time, […]

6 Life Changing Lessons Learned In 2018


Lessons learned every year need to be cherished for they are the true treasures of life. We all grow through the thick and thin in the passing years which we need to be grateful for. All good things come to an end and so 2018 had to. The lessons learned in 2018 will be marked […]

How To Celebrate New Year On A Monday Night


While all the offices/schools/colleges are busy preparing secret Santa gifts, let’s not forget that this year New Year is falling on a Monday. If you are puzzled or worried on how to celebrate New Year on a Monday night, then sit back and read this blog. I promise to help you make your New Year […]

On The Eve Of International Men’s Day


Many a time, we generalize man to be a male chauvinist or a jerk or a road-Romeo. Very easily we make a statement that “Jarur ladke ne kuch kiya hoga”. I know this is a frequently used line but it isn’t a fact. Before hearing his verdict, the society declares him the culprit. I’m not generalizing but […]