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15 Things That Happen To You In The Last Year Of College!


Last Year Of College – a year filled with mixed feelings. A year to explore new relations, to repair your mistakes, and a year to live life to the fullest.

Your college has given you a lot more than just education. It has given you the sense of being an individual first, a sense of being a responsible citizen, a sense of direction and above all a bunch of beautiful friends that’ll be there with you for the rest of your life.

You spent the peak years of your adulthood in your college campus. It may be a junior college or a degree college, the feelings are the same when the end nears.

College days are the happiest years of your life, but when it’s time to leave, and you look back through the years, you tend to ruminate the memories and the time well spent.

Here are the most unforgettable moments you’d have experienced in the last year of your college.

1. You start off with the #onelasttime

As soon as you step into the last year of your college, you’re surrounded with new vibes. Vibes that you don’t want around you.
The #onelasttime haunts you every single day. And when the end is near, you start celebrating that last saree day, rose day, and every college fest with great enthusiasm and with a slight touch of sadness deep down in your heart.

2. You envy your juniors.

When you look at your juniors, you automatically see yourself in them (when you were their age or their batch). You compare yourself with them, and that is but natural.

But moreover, you travel down the memory when you wrote your assignments, bullied your juniors, forcefully attended seminars, spent long hours in the canteen and roamed all around the campus.

You envy all this seeing the juniors enjoying it in front of your eyes.

3. You study harder but can’t concentrate

This is the time you think you should study harder so that you pass out with flying colors. And you very well know your relatives are going to pounce on you as soon as the results are out.

But guess what, the feeling of leaving college is so intense that you find it difficult to concentrate.

4. You start spending more time with your friends

In the name of extra-lectures or group studies, you sit in the campus for extended hours.

At times you lie to your mother and go to movies or simply sit in the canteen (and talk over life after college) when you know that this time will never come back.

To cut a long story short, you tend to spend more and more time with your friends.

5. You are compelled to think about your future in the big bad world

What next after college? This question starts bothering you once you see that the end is nearing.

You try avoiding it in every way you can. As you’re still as confused as you were when you first walked into college.

6. Couples have to start thinking about their future with their significant others seriously

How will we stay away from each other? What if it is a long distance relationship? When shall we marry? Will everything be fine? All these questions hover above the couples heads like drones on the cricket grounds.

7. You start warming up to the teachers you didn’t particularly like before

You all have that one teacher whom you hated from the bottom of your heart. But somehow when you know that you’ll not be able to see that person again, you develop a strange connect with that person.

And that connect pushes you towards that professor of yours whom you hated the most.

8. Campus Interviews are the most emotional part of last year of college.

You study together, give exams together, and most of the times pass along. But when it comes to placements/campus interviews, you’re on your own. It’s an individual struggle.

And in such a situation, if you get placed in a company and your friend doesn’t, well, you know that’s the worst feeling ever. Though he/she will get into another company, the feeling that he/she is left behind is based on the emotional quotient.

9. You take photographs and more photographs.

It’s like you’ve made a resolution to click pictures of every corner of your college campus. If you’re crazy enough, you won’t forget the washrooms either.
(Washrooms are the integral part of your college life. You’ve had a lot of drama and fun moments in your college washroom).

10. You literally spend most of your college time in the canteen

Canteen is the most romantic place to be when you’re in college. You’ve had a hell lot of eye contacts, deep ones, in your college canteens.

You know everyone by their names from the canteen staff by the last year of the college.  And the fact that you’ll not be served by them anymore makes you sad.

11. All the secret crushes get revealed in the last year of college

You know you won’t be seeing your friends very often after college finishes, so you don’t mind sharing all your secret crushes with them.

And somebody from your group deliberately plays ‘Truth and Dare’ to uncover each other’s secrets.

12. Farewell shopping is a big deal because you need to look fabulous

From the blazers to the bump heel shoes and sarees to the hairstyles, everything is planned out way ahead of the college farewell.
Some boys are pre-planners while others wander here and there in search of a tie and a blazer in the end moment.

13. And your farewell party is tear-jerking and overwhelming

Both boys and girls cry at the end of the farewell or while the function is inclusive of the patent farewell song – “Hum rahe ya na rahe kal…”

And you get the best good-bye from your juniors.

14. After farewell parties

When you have a fabulous group and the farewell party isn’t enough for you, you go on a long drive or simply spend the night at a friend’s place.

And that night becomes the most memorable night of your college life. You cherish those moments all your life and maybe share them with your children (if you have a friendly rapport with your kids).

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15. Finally, you bid good-bye to the place that gave you so much of who you are today

Tears roll down my cheeks while all the good-bye hugs flash in front of my eyes, while I write this down.

No matter how much you hated your studies, your assignments or your teachers, the college building has a different aura altogether that makes it difficult for you to step out of it into the big evil world.

In the end, you know that each and every memory of your college life will stay intact inside you and will come out passionately at the reunions or get-togethers.

I would like to share two short poems I had written in my last year of college, four years ago. Hope you like them…

Machi hai hulchul…

Aaj fir ek ajeebsi hulchul machi hai,
Dher sara kam, lekin na jane thakan kaha chali gayi hai..
Pet main gudgud, aur man chanchul..
Kya kare aur kya nahi..
Sab samajh ke bahar.
Onelasttime karte karte..
Sare hotels ghum liye
Abhi maa baap se bheek mangne ki naubat agayi hai.
Farewell ka jitna utsah hai usse kayi jyada dar student life khatam hone ka hai..
Sab kuch karna hai hame,
Lekin vakt bohot kam hai..
Pehle books main safalta dhoondne chale the,
Aaj dosto main Zindagi dhoodh rahe hai.
Kash Zindagi rewind hosakti,
Taki Doston ki mehfil aur bhi khoob sajti.
Dil fir aaj ro utha hai..
Kehta hai, Abhi abhi to asli zindagi shuru hone wali hai. Kya dil, dosti, duniyadari bas itni hi hai?

The end is nearing…

With the dawn of a new day,

the end is nearing …

After writing each paper,

the end is nearing …

With the worries about the future,

the end is nearing …

With memories flashing back and forth,

the end is nearing …

It’s a perfect day out there,

yet the nearing end is threatening…

The countdown is a terror,

because the end is nearing…!

So, this was my 50th Blog post, and it had to be special. Please let me know your memories of the last year of college. I would love to know.

And a heartfelt thank you for the love you shower upon my blogs in the form of comments until now. Please continue the same because I’ll be coming up with more and more blogs every week.

Also, share this blog with your friends so that all those beautiful memories flash in front of their eyes.

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9 Replies to “15 Things That Happen To You In The Last Year Of College!”

  1. From canteens, to college crushes….everything was soooo relatable….its like all of us were somewhere, somehow singing from the same sheets in colleges….
    Congrats on your 50th !!
    And here’s hoping for mannny more
    Keep writing 👍

    1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️yeahh

  2. Pranav Powar says: Reply

    Nostalgia…is what I can say..

    1. I’m glad Pranav ☺️

  3. Gaurav Balapure says: Reply

    I doubt your 50th blog has brought my fifty of comments as well 😝😛.
    Congrats on FIFTY NOT OUT!!!🙌
    And the hindi poem was ‘a walk into the past’ for me 😍😍 through those classrooms, labs, hostel life, campus katta and colourful yet illusionary life.
    मस्त रे, फार आवडली कविता आपल्याला 👌❣️

  4. Aplach mitra says: Reply

    Congrts on ur 50th blog. 🙂
    It feels like u just started काल-परवा and here u r आज with 50th blog…..!

    Cheers… keep it up champ….

    Wish you luck for ur journey towards 100th blog…!

    1. OMG …I have no words to reply to your beautiful words 😍😍😍😍

  5. i read today….feeling sad….purane din yaad agaye….last year was like..dher saari masti # naugtiness # madness ….my God… Kaash !!!! woh din wapas laut aye..☺
    aankh bhar aayi…
    still meet my friends atleast once in a year….we r in touch on phones…but still we all miss each other lot… everytime we meet we discuss about the naughtiness we done in colleges…
    Golden days Sweet days….

    1. Wow that’s awesome. Hope your friendship lasts for years together 😍
      Keep meeting 😊

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