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5 Things Men Really Want From Women


As promised in my previous blog – 5 Things Women Really Want From Men, here’s a list of five things men really want from women.

I strongly believe that a relationship blossoms only when both the man and the woman put in equal efforts to nurture their relationship.

And why should it always be what women want from men? As men are from Mars they’re definitely different from women who are from Venus.

If you don’t relate to the above sentence, read this book for understanding the concept in a better way – Men are from mars, women are from Venus.

Dear ladies, every once in a while we need to walk into men’s shoes to understand them closely and do what they want from you.

You might have misunderstood men for their ignorance, their pragmatism and their silence. It’s high time you understand that there’s a valid reason behind every action of men which we women fail to understand.

On this note, let’s understand men a little closely.

So, here are five things men really want from women

1. Live your dreams

Men like women who are passionate about their dreams, career, hobby, etc.

They want you to live your dreams to the fullest. Talk to them about your dreams. Share the knowledge of the field you are in. Men like to listen to new stuff.

Have aims in your life. Set goals for yourself and your man will love you more for that.

2. Please be a good listener

Men want you to listen to them when they talk. Active listening – not just hearing.

They expect you to take in everything that they say and engage completely in it.

If you listen to their talks without interrupting them, men are happy and feel a sense of satisfaction.

This is something that even men won’t be aware about them. But it’s true.

3. Respect their cave time

When men are stressed out or going through their depression phase, they go into their caves. This means they become completely silent and prefer staying in that state as long as they want to.

On the contrary, women love talking things out when they’re stressed or depressed.

So, you need to make a note of this huge difference.

It is very important that you don’t disturb men when they’re in their caves. They hate when someone pesters them in their cave.

Men are like rubber bands. They come and go in their caves as per their wish.

Please be informed that your man will come out of his cave all by himself. You don’t have to put any efforts. If you want to know more about the ‘cave’ concept read – Men are from mars and women are from Venus.

4. Be their best friend first

A man often sees a friend in his wife or girlfriend. And that’s the reason he shares everything with his woman that he’ll share with his friends.

The day you realise that you’ve made friends with your man, that’s the day when you reach a milestone in your relationship.

Treat your man as your best friend first before anything else.

5. Believe in their capabilities

Men are always in search of trust in their lady’s eyes. They fall for the girl who has complete trust in their capabilities.

They don’t like constant pushing and pestering by you. You ought to give them their space and time by believing in their strengths.

That’s all they expect from you.

When you doubt their capabilities that’s when they start pulling out from you.

And I think that’s the last thing you’ll want, isn’t it?

Well, of course, yes, otherwise, you wouldn’t have read this blog till the end.

I hope you agree with the above things. You might have experienced at least a couple of things in your man.

If you did and also if you did not, please comment below and share your thoughts on the things men really want from women.

Thank you for your time. 🙂

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