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Why Is It Important To Talk It Out | Blog Post 11

70% of all our worries are FICTITIOUS. Are you thinking too much about your life in these corona times?

Do you feel stressed all the time?

You are not alone, my dear reader. According to a study, EVERY 2ND INDIAN IS HIT BY CORONANXIETY.

Today’s TOI says, “One in every four persons may require medical interventions.”

I’ve been longing to talk to you about this issue and the above study has only about it.

Today, I want to tell you that when stress gets the better you, you slowly move towards the devil called as “depression”.

Please don’t let this lockdown add to your anxieties and worsen your mental health. Your mental health is the most important not only today but always.

Because the worst thing about depression is you being unaware that it is slowly getting inside you. If you don’t know you’re going through a chemical imbalance of thoughts and actions, how will you know that you need help?

It’s as simple as that.

Also, depression is something which affects not only the one who’s suffering from it but each and other person who’s associated with the one affected.

Today, I’d only say that YOU are not ALONE.

Millions of people around the globe are going through this coronanxiety. But hang in there. If you’re feeling down, know you are not alone.

It’s going to okay soon!

Talk it out with your friends, indulge yourself in various activities. Do different things that’ll keep you busy and happy at the same time.

Make books your friends.

Do everything that you can to keep yourself sane amid the lockdown. It’s going to be a task but we shall get through this. Definitely.

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