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New Post Everyday, Whole Of September! 30-Day Blog Marathon Begins!


Hey there,

How are you? Hope you’re doing great. It’s the first of September. There’s something so special about the number 1.

For me, it brings in a new ray of hope. What about you?
I think it’s the same with everyone right now. We’re all waiting for a month with ‘Zero COVID case’. So, let’s together pray that the month of September brings in much good news and joy along.

If you’re an old reader of this blog you know I do a blog marathon once in a year or sometimes twice (depending upon the number of challenges I think I should be taking).

If you are a new reader and wonder what a blog marathon is, please click here to know in detail.

So, this 30-day blog marathon is going to be really special as my new book – Monday Mornings Done Right was recently published and you guys are loving the book.

I’m overwhelmed by the response and so I thought of starting a blog marathon to give you even more content to help you cope with the month of September.

I’ll be writing every single day, a new post every day, only for YOU. The blog post may be a motivational read, or a poem, or a page from my journal and some surprises posts too.

Get going and subscribe to this blog to not miss a single post. As you know, blogging is the best way for interaction, let’s interact in the comment section below.

I’ll highly appreciate if you leave a comment below. It’ll encourage me to come up with an interesting post everyday.

See you tomorrow guys! Right here!
Until then take care and stay happy!



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