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If Cats Could Talk | Day 13th of Blog Marathon


Today’s blog is a continuation of my previous one. Read here if you haven’t.

You read how I finally adjusted to the family where cats are the topmost priority. Soon after I got comfortable with the cats in the house, my mother-in-law and the rest of the family members had to leave for Belgaum to tend to an emergency.

This was the first time my husband and I were left alone in the house with five cats. Manya (the mother cat) gave birth to three kittens around a month ago. My mother-in-law took care of the mother and the newly born. She keeps the kittens in a huge box with multiple layers of cloth spread in it to cushion the babies.

Generally, the box is kept in my in-laws bedroom. That’s where they belong. But my husband would bring the box to our bedroom in the mornings. I noticed this for three to four days and thought he wanted to play with the kittens in his free time between office hours.

A few days passed, and I noticed a pattern in his getting the box to our bedroom. Out of curiosity, I asked him the reason why he was doing that. His answer left me stunned. He said, “They also feel hot. As the fan is on here, I bring them here”.

I felt that to be cute and surprising at the same time. At that moment, I wanted to be reborn as a cat. Apart from jokes, I’m writing this blog to tell you what happened when my mother-in-law was not home.

The kittens slowly started climbing off the box and crawled on my bed. I would look at them to find they’re already looking at me in sheer innocence. It was too irresistible not to click pictures of these cuties and not post them on my Instagram stories.

In a couple of days, I got addicted to their cute movements on my bed, and their vibrant eyes started talking to me. I would go to them now and then, which affected my office work.

As they were gradually learning to hop and play and were found everywhere but the box, we decided to lock them up in my in-law’s bedroom. That gave them the freedom of playing around in a big space.

My world revolved around the cats. It’s been around ten days since I’ve taken over my mother-in-law’s role of feeding her pets. Tomorrow she’ll be returning to her babies, and I’ll be back to my world (still around cats).

Yesterday, an impossible thing came to mind what if cats could talk? And I could not wait to write this blog. So, here are some dialogues I managed to imagine for the cats if they could talk to me. It goes like this –

As soon as I wake up in the morning and unlock my bedroom door, the two big cats surround me and cry for their breakfast. Guddu says, “Hey lady, it’s my breakfast time. Make it fast. I can’t control my hunger. Please don’t give me looks. You lazy fellow. Why can’t you wake up early?”

I assure him, “Please wait; let me reach the kitchen first”. 

Manya says, “I have to feed my babies. Please give me my milk, quick. If I don’t drink milk, how will I  produce it for my kittens?”

By the time I boil the milk for them, I serve them some cat food in two different bowls – one for Guddu and the other for Manya. Both quickly finish their food and ask for more, “We want more. We want more. We are starving.”

I quickly make the gas flame high and pour some milk into their bowls. Guddu comes near the bowls, tries licking the milk, looks away and says, “How do I drink such hot milk?”. He looks at me and says, “Why don’t you understand, lady? Our Mom warms the milk on the gas, brings it to room temperature and then feeds us with utter love, unlike you”.

I have a long day ahead of me with a 9 to 6 job to attend, and I can’t sit beside you, trying tricks to make the milk lickable for you – I wish I could say.  

When it’s time for lunch, as soon as I enter the kitchen, at around 1.30 pm, Manya and Guddu come running from wherever they are on the earth. Manya asks, “What’s for lunch today? Please give me the egg yolks you served last night. It’s yummy. I’m not going to touch your chapati today. That’s final”. My husband is on a diet and has started eating egg white, and as a result, the egg yolk goes into the cat’s stomach. It’s a treat for them.

Manya would usually eat one chapati/roti, but now she turns around and says. “I will only have egg yolk. Give me, or I’ll go hungry for the day”.

Guddu follows suit, and I stop making chapatis for both. 

Sometimes we feel we’re their servants and that we live in their house. As the kittens are locked in the bedroom, the mother cat summons me to open the door for her so that she can enter and feed her babies.  

Once her work is done, she then calls from the inside, “Open the door. I need to come out and go strolling in the society”. She will call out until I open the door to let her in or out. 

These cats don’t know how to use the doors. They have these secret entry points from where they come in and go out. There are specific windows which need to be kept open for them. If they’re closed, Manya and Guddu say, “You lady! Don’t you understand these windows are to be kept open? We come and go whenever we feel like it. It’s your duty to keep them open, remember, next time onwards”.

We’ve finally let the kittens out as they were getting quite restless to explore the entire house. Initially, they seemed petrified to discover the new place, but eventually, they’ve conquered the whole house now. When they see me walking, they panic and run in all possible directions, saying, “Run, run for your life. A huge monster is coming our way”.

OMG! I never thought I’d write over a thousand-word blog on cats. I hope you liked this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care!

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  1. That’s some wonderful conversation running through your mind

    1. Hehe thank you ☺️

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