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How My Blog Marathon Ended Abruptly & The Messy Me!

How My Blog Marathon Ended Abruptly & The Messy Me!

It’s raining cats and dogs in the small town of Roha, which has been home for around a year now. Roha is a town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is located 120km southeast of Mumbai. It is the starting point of Konkan railways and the end point of central railways (Mumbai).

Okay, these details are for those who’ve never heard about Roha. I always have to tell people it’s somewhere near Alibag because that’s a familiar place.

The beautiful drizzling since morning has made me fall in love with myself all over again. The day I stopped by blog marathon and let it die without any explanations was the day when I first began hating myself. Ever since I started blogging, I have done many blog marathons (straight for 30 days) and have completed all of them by hook or by crook. I never fell short of ideas or missed a blog because of my laziness.

But this time, I procrastinated after the 13th day, planned to write a bunch of them and cover for the miss, and ultimately never wrote again. Deep down, I knew I had laid myself down, my readers down. But I could do nothing about it. I just let that be.

Indeed, life has changed after marriage. Could I say, “I can’t cook today, or cooking makes me tired, and I can’t afford to be tired because I have a blog to write?” to my family as I did at my parent’s place?

The answer is ‘No’. Right?

I’m not blaming anyone or my married life for standing by my words. It’s just that sometimes things aren’t in your control. And at times, it’s better to not take control over them.

I didn’t want to stress out over not being able to write amidst a death in the extended family, a wedding in the society and many more things that happen and we have no control over.

Today, when it began pouring triumphantly, I had this adrenaline rush of writing, reading, trekking, and doing everything on my list.

I felt like writing a Shayari, so I picked up the notepad and scribbled a couple of them. I felt like reading a sensuous love story and ended up reading a short story on Kindle, which turned out to be just the perfect one for this weather.

I often feel this urgent urge to do things right here and cannot contain my excitement. I have many ideas in my head, waiting for me to sit and pen them down. But I also have a 10 to 7 job followed by another equally important one.

Also, as I write this, I received a book from Amazon which I pre-ordered. It’s my favourite author’s book. Now I’m super excited to dive into it and finish it as soon as possible. But before that, I’ll share a picture of it on Instagram, tagging the author. Well, everyone should follow this. It makes the author happy.

I feel overwhelmed these days for not finding or making the time to write. I have two ebook ideas niggling in my head, one novel idea sitting in my cupboard in the form of printouts.


Right now, all I can do is write this blog and try to suppress the adrenaline rush within me.

Do comment down and make me feel I’ve conquered it! Would love to chat.

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