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What I Learned From My Blog Marathon | Finishing Post [Blog Marathon Post 7]


Though it did not end well, as I wanted it to (seven blogs on seven consecutive days), a finishing post is important.

Many of you asked me the meaning of Blog Marathon (my mother was the first one), and why I started with it in the first place. I loved the curiosity building up in you.

Being curious is the first step towards gaining knowledge.

Blog Marathon simply means writing a blog every single day for a week or a month or for a declared number of days.

If it wasn’t my eye infection, the start of this finishing blog would have been a little different. Because writing everyday and posting it on a blog is not easy at all. Especially when you’re working 9 to 6, travelling for 2 to 3 hours and then sitting in front of the laptop all over again and thinking about a new topic altogether.Β 

And not all days at your workplace are the same. Some are good, others are tiring and challenging. Coming home and writing down afresh in a completely different voice and style.Β 

If it was easy, it wouldn’t have been challenging.

The reason why I started a blog marathon and what I learned from it.

  1. It brought discipline in my day-to-day life.
  2. It was challenging: As a content writer, writing in the office and then coming back home and again writing 1000 words on a completely different topic was a challenging task. And I believe, taking up challenges every once in a while is growing in the true sense.
  3. Blog Marathon was an introspective activity: You are more than you think you are. I had read this line somewhere and experienced it during my blog marathon. I utilized every single minute of my day and felt great about it. I wrote my blog on the bus, on the train, during my lunchtime and complied the scattered work at night before going to bed. On the fourth day, my fingers ached, hands throbbed with pain and my eyes burned maybe due to the increased screen time. But my heart pumped happiness and surrounded me with positivism, hope, and excitement.
  4. It was a boost to my creativity. Due to social obligations, I had to come up with a new thing on my blog every day. And that also, without being overwhelmed by the surrounding happenings.
  5. It helped me connect with my authentic readers. I love receiving your comments and beautiful emails. While I was on a blog marathon, one of my beloved readers was on an email marathon. He replied to every email of mine. His dedication was fuel to my energy levels.
  6. As you know I come up with a blog every weekend. Well, though it’s a task, writing on a weekend involves fewer hassles unlike writing on weekdays, and that too every day. When I discovered that I was able to write every day on distinct topics I evolved more confident. It’s only laziness that pulls you back from what you ought to do.

I know you enjoyed the Blog Marathon as much as I did. Isn’t it?

Have you taken up such a challenge and announced it socially? Be it a 30-day gym challenge or a diet plan or a reading challenge.

If yes, do share your experiences in the comment section below. This platform is for you and me to express ourselves truly.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you. So, see you around.



P.S. Thank You again for your love and support. It helped me keep going.

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4 Replies to “What I Learned From My Blog Marathon | Finishing Post [Blog Marathon Post 7]”

  1. Great atlast blog marathon completed with success…no matter hurdles comes,as its a start…. And ofcourse u hv big supporter ur mom n never worried…❀
    Yes everybody shud create this habit of marathon in their life- it can be anything … Exercise, reading, writing, jogging, dancing etc etc… Or may be making some sweet dish or snacks everyday😜😜 which i love… Really discipline is created first…
    all the best dear for many more blog marathon…God bless u…❀😘 Lots of luv

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your love for making sweets πŸ˜‡πŸ€©

  2. Loved your piece Shraddha … especially about being disciplined! Keep writing! God bless you!! One day I will invite you to College to address our students!

    1. Thank you so much Mam 😁😁😁 working hard to make you proud πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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