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What Happens When You Read A Lot Of Books ! [Blog Marathon Post 3]


I know you’d immediately want to know what happens when you read a lot of books.

But before getting into that let me thank you for the love and best wishes you’ve been showering on me and my blog Marathon. YOU are the source of my energy.

Some of you have been telling me in comments that you like my blogs and I’m happy to see as promised you’re reading every day. So, I’m into a writing Marathon and you’re into a reading Marathon.

Isn’t that great? A win-win situation, right?

The reason I chose this topic today is because I was moved by one comment on my yesterday’s blog.  She’s not my regular reader and she honestly confessed the same (I like this about people – honesty). She liked my yesterday’s blog and confined to herself that she’ll not take her partner for granted anymore. Above all, the concluding words astounded me. She said, “Reading really helps.”

Many people will still deny this universal fact that – Reading helps! And so here I am all set to tell you what happens when you read a lot of books.

1. You get the strength to forgive

I feel I’m Ali Baba and I’ve got the superpower of saying “Khulja sim sim” to open the books full of treasures.

Books are the jewels of life that introduce you to the inner you. They enlighten your mind and soul with humanitarianism and you automatically empathize with others. You start putting yourself in other people’s shoes and think from their perspective, ultimately forgiving them.

That’s the power of reading.

2. You understand the real meaning of social media

Social media is a puddle where we all vomit out negativism and evil thoughts. Only when you start reading more books will you understand that social media is not the right place to be in.

Understand that turning the pages of books is far better than scrolling through your social media posts. The sooner this sinks into you, the smoother your life will function.

3.  You know the significance of motivation

Life is not a bed of roses all the time, right? And you cannot have a human motivator every time around you. That’s when books come into the picture. It takes only one good book to understand the importance of books in your life.

The book which keeps me motivated even after 7 years of reading it is “Life is what you make it” If you’ve read my previous book-related blogs you’ll know I’ve recommended this book in almost all of them.

Carry a book in your bad every day, read even if you’ve got 5 minutes and believe me or not – this helps in staying motivated always.

4. Failure is just normal

Books tell you failure stories that leave you inspired for a long time. Sometimes the characters and their life stories are so relatable that you strangely connect with them, thus knitting a beautiful relationship with the virtual characters.

You know when your favourite character fails, he/she emerges strongly at the end of the story. And so you know failures are just normal and part of life.

5. You become sensible towards life

When you read more books your mind processes to think wisely. The words you read every day and the thoughts you feed your mind make you a sensible person.

Your mind starts listening to your heart and you start living a meaningful life.

6. You feel the happiness and sorrow of others

Yes. You not only empathize with the characters in the books but also feel for your colleagues, your co-travellers, or any random person that you meet on your journey of life.

Try reading more and more books every year and you’ll believe this.

7. You see a leader in you

Many self-help books bring in the best out of you. Reading non-fiction books is reading YOU.

When you read more of motivational books, you gradually evolve a leader in life. You unwittingly grasp the leadership qualities that helps you upgrade yourself.

You’ll see no manager who doesn’t read. Reading improves the managerial skills in him/her and that’s the reason they read more and more.

8. You believe in living a happy life

Reading books makes the world you a happier place to live in. Your mind wanders in the magical world of books and when you’re back in the real world you seem to be a happy person.

When I close a book after my reading sessions, I feel a different level of satisfaction – that which can’t be expressed in words.

9. You discover the difference between love and lust

When a writer writes a book, he/she describes the insights of the characters. While you read through any book, you instinctively know the difference between good and bad.

The author does not put it in straight forward words but you just know it.

When you read a lot of books you gradually start knowing the difference between love and lust, provided you hold the right book.

10. You learn new quotes, new words

I love highlighting new words, anecdotes and good quotes while I read. Thankfully now I don’t have to use a highlighter, I can do that with my fingers on the Kindle.

It’s good to introduce yourself to new things. Books help to explore the magical phrases and proverbs which you’ve probably never heard of.

11. You know when to step out from an argument

This, I think is the most significant thing that happens to you when you read more books. You know exactly when you should stop and step out of an argument.

Because you immediately understand the thought process of the opposite person and it comes to you that whatever you’ll say is bound to fall on deaf ears.

And hence, your sensible mind (who has read a lot of books) asks you to stop banging your head on the wall.

I know I might miss on one or the other importance of reading in our life but I’ll have to end this blog here.

Please do let me know how did you find my today’s topic and the points mentioned in it. Also, if you want to make a start and take that baby step, you can read my short story which is available on Amazon.  It is 20 minutes read.

See you tomorrow. Till then, good night 🙂

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  1. Books give tiny Details and takes to places which we haven’t seen before. For ex. I haven’t been to Amsterdam but John Greens fault in our starts literally took me there. We also can learn to control and let go of our emotions

    1. Yeah thank you for mentioning that Vinith

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