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A Story From Monday Mornings Done Right

Hey there,

Are you done for the day? Or still struggling with your Monday blues?

I know it’s difficult to cope with these Monday blues. But don’t worry, here’s a a beautiful story that’ll cheer you up in no time and bring a gorgeous smile on your face.

It’s exclusive for my blog readers. Happy reading, guys.

A smile of curiosity, a smile of inspiration! 

It was 9.30pm when I boarded a train from Kurla to reach Parel(the nearest railway station from my house in Mumbai). I had come to Mumbai on a weekend and was returning home after meeting a close friend. As usual, I sat in the direction of the train’s movement to avoid the disturbing wind that blows in the opposite direction. 

The lady sitting next to me was touching her mobile phone in an unusual manner as though to feel something. She had her earphones put on and eyes closed. 

I couldn’t figure it out as to what she was up to. Thus, as soon as the lady sitting in the opposite seat stood up to get down at the next station i.e. Sion, I quickly grabbed that seat neglecting the disturbing wind. 

All that I wanted is to know more about the mysterious lady now sitting just in front of me in the opposite seat. 

For the next few minutes, I stared at her from head to toe to find out every detail about her. She wore a modest orange and yellow colour Kurti with a scenic Varli Painting printed in black colour. 

Her sandals were decent with the same colours used for the Kurti. Nails painted with well-favoured reddish orange nail paint added to the beauty of her toes. 

She had a trendy silver-coated bracelet in her right hand which was constantly moving around her mobile phone in amusement. 

A diamond studded pendant and earrings shone on her white skin. Yes! She was a foreigner in a typical Indian attire sitting there in a local train. 

Besides the accessories, her smile was her most attractive accessory which she continuously flaunted since I saw her. 

When I finished admiring her outfit, I was shocked to see that her left eye was closed and it wouldn’t open. It seemed she was unable to see, as initially she was touching her mobile and trying to feel something and now her one eye was shut. 

But above all, her beautiful smile was constant. A smile of admiration, a smile of curiosity, a smile of enthusiasm and a smile of sheer beauty. 

I jotted down her pretty features in my cell phone’s note-pad when I suddenly saw her folded walking stick underneath her black purse. 

The purse too was tucked around her neck (may be for safety purpose). The stick was proof that she definitely couldn’t see. 

But this definitely did not affect her happiness, her hopes and her aspirations. Her smile was contagious to move my eyes away. 

Soon the train reached Parel and it was time to leave. But I continued looking at her till the train left the station and she went away from my eye-sight. 

I’m taken back to her smile when things become difficult to handle. Her happiness is always cherished when things go bad. Her simple, decent and modest attire is always admired when there’s greed to look stylish and beautiful. 

Those 14 minutes with her in the train were the most beautiful and inspiring minutes of my life. 


Hope you liked this inspiring story. I chose this one because according to the reviews and the comments on Instagram, this story is a favourite of many of my readers.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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