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A Beautiful Evening At The Sea Face | Blog Post 13

My evening walks, these days, are becoming really important for both my mental and physical health. It’s difficult to stay indoors, sit in front of the laptop for 12 to 15 hours and switch from one task to another.

To wash away the stagnancy that the lockdown has laid down upon me, I decided to take evening walks at least thrice a week.

I love observing the people around me while I’m on my walk. The mere sight of people gives me joy.

Today, as it was a Saturday evening, the sea face was moderately crowded. I decided not to put on my earphones and just gaze around me and let me tell you, I had a wonderful time.

I saw many couples sitting close to each other, taking selfies, having their hands around their partner’s shoulder, or just sitting peacefully staring at the enormous Arabian Sea ( probably thinking about their future ).

Walking a few steps ahead, I saw a car parked off the jogging track. Two guys had decorated the car’s dicky with elegant balloons and other attractive probs. The cake was amazingly arranged in the middle of all the balloons and the birthday girl was in awe of all the efforts that her friends had put in. I smiled behind my mask, innocently, as though the whole celebration was for me.

Innocently, I feel the happiness of others. And I love being happy with them.

As I moved ahead, I reached the open gym area of the Sea Face. Around four boys were doing a plank. Probably they had put a timer and were competing with each other. A little boy in his shorts and sports shoes skipped uniquely with his colourful skipping rope.

A couple of boys did the pull-ups and some others had finished with their workout as they were stretching their arms and legs.

On my left-hand side, on the concrete edge of the sea, I saw two women in Parvadasan, sat facing each other.
Sometimes you need the motivation to work out and I guess the two ladies helped each other stay motivated in every manner they could.

At some distance from them, a boy did the butterfly asana and another meditated with his eyes closed.

I saw many children running all around the place. Children have the power to brighten up your mood, instantly.

A cute dog caught my attention and I almost twisted my neck to look at it.

Everything about the people on the sea face amuses me and I can spend hours there all alone enjoying my me-time.

Here are some pictures I clicked on my evening walk at the sea face today.

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