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Birthday Girls | Blog Marathon Post 12

Today is the 18th of September. Septembers are filled with birthdays and I’m happy that I share my birthday month with many of my close friends.

Ashna & Gurmeet from Monday Mornings Done Right and other stories have their birthdays today. Every character from this book is for real. And the stories associated with them are really close to my heart.

If you’ve read the book, you know how sweet and adorable are these two girls.

Today, I would like to write a few words about them in my blog post. Please allow me.

Ashna – is a beautiful young girl

who reads books and soothes soul.

She draws, she sketches

there’s a charm in everything she does.

She’s on fire when she


Yet there’s calm in her eyes.

She’s carries her own style quotient,

as elegant as a swan.

She’s an inspiration to many

and I am one of the many.


Gurmeet – a pretty girl

with the sweetest smile ever

is someone I’ve always admired.

It’s her soft spoken nature

which is her biggest charm.

An introverted, that she is

carries a storm of thoughts within her.

But the ice-breaker moment with her

is the most beautiful one.

I would like to wish these two gorgeous ladies a very happy birthday and lots of happiness and success. It feels great to have known them and share some valuable moments with them of my life.

Thank you, girls.



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2 Replies to “Birthday Girls | Blog Marathon Post 12”

  1. Love you sooo much….. I love ur description of mine. Thank u once again for ur wish….

    1. It’s always my pleasure 😊

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