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26 Lessons Learned In 26 years

Tomorrow, in fact in 30 minutes from now, its my birthday. I’ll turn 26 year old. So,I thought of jotting down all the lessons I’ve learned in these 26 years.

1. Expect no gifts or surprise from anyone, rather gift yourself.

2. Happiness is short lived.Be ready for a turmoil just after a happy moment in life.

3. Accept your failures and build your own success.

4. Stay grounded after each success achieved.

5. Cry your heart out until all your tears dry off. Evolve strong and never cry again for that particular reason.

6. Friends will comfort you but at the end of the day you have to lift yourself.

7. Parents are always your go-to-person.

8. Patience is the key to avoid many unnecessary fights.

9. Have enough savings to help yourself survive in case you plan to leave your day job to follow your passion.

10. Stop blaming “Nazar” for all the bad that happens to you. Just go with the flow and accept things the way they are.

11. Please talk. Don’t keep everything to yourself. Find one person with whom you can share everything. Once you vomit out everything you wont be at a risk of facing any mental disorder in future.

12. Listen to your heart. It always speaks the truth.

13. Books are your best friends, always.

14. Giving closure to a particular topic is important.

15. Getting a degree is must.

16. Choosing a right educational path is of utmost importance.

17. Your body is like a temple, take care of it.

18. Love yourself before loving anyone else.

19. Ignore/block the toxic people in your life.

20. Isolate yourself whenever necessary ( for decluttering your thoughts )

21. Social media is way far different than your real life.

22. Buy your own birthday cake.

23. Being “Atmanirbhar” is the need of the hour.

24.Life is too short to overthink.

25. Problems are an inevitable part of your life.

26. You need to pick yourself up, after every downfall.

That’s all for today!

Good night ! Take care!

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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