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5 Things Women Really Want From Men!

Reams of papers have been written on how women are complicated and how hard it is to please women.

How men are from mars and women are from Venus and how impossible it is to understand women.

It is no rocket science to know what women really want from men. In the popular radio chat show What Women Want aired on 104.8 Ishq FM, RJ Kareena Kapoor Khan touches some major topics pertaining to issues faced by women.

It’s a pleasure listening to her confident voice and talking about what women want. She addresses the substantial affairs associated to women. (I recommend you to listen or watch it on YouTube)

So, I thought of going with the basics. Many times men fail to understand the innate needs of women. They find women complex human being and sometimes give up on them.

But, in reality it is not that intricate. It’s simple!

Though men are from Mars and women are from Venus, a few simple tricks can work wonders in nurturing a relationship in a better way.

Here are five things women really want from men.

1. Compliment often

Women put in a lot of efforts to get ready. Though it’s not always in the anticipation of getting a compliment, but deep down we’re expecting one.

Notice the small things about us. Like the earrings, the new heels. Notice the new mascara. I know it’s a trivial thing to notice but women feel flattered when you notice these small things.

Tell us, we look pretty. Select a dress for us ( I personally think that’s the cutest thing to do). Show genuine interest in our shopping.

Women don’t want you to carry their shopping bags.

All we need is a good company that’ll make us feel cheerful, especially on a tough day.

2. Please talk!

Whatever it is, talk to us. Even if it is something that we don’t understand or don’t like, we’re willing to listen.

Women love to hear you talk. When men talk passionately on their favourite topics like cricket, politics, etc. women allow you to talk not because they love that subject but because they’re in love with your passion for it.

Conversations boosts the bond between you and your lady.

So, please talk and show that we’re important to you.

3. Surprise us with little presents

Guys, you don’t have to save for a vacation to Rome. You can put a smile your woman’s face with as little a gift as a flower or a chocolate.

Small things matter more.

We, women, respect the gesture of gifting. Looking at the price tags and then celebrating over it is not our forte.

Give us little presents for no reason at all. That shows how much you think about us whenever you’re out for shopping or surfing online.

4. Please listen!

It’s annoying when you dig your heads into your mobile phones when we talk and upon demanding say that you were listening.

You might have listened and can repeat the whole story.

Well, that’s not enough. (Yes, women are difficult at times.)

Look at us when we’re talking to you.

Unlike men, we love taking out our worries in front of you. We consider YOU as our go-to-person. Respect that.

Also, when we talk it’s not always that we ask for advice. So please don’t give unsolicited advice. 

It can annoy us if we’re only blabbering out the days sequences in front of you to free off our minds. 

5. Tell you love us

Express your love for your woman, often. Women want to listen to those three magical words.

Again, don’t overdo it. ( we may find it cheesy 😉 )

If you’re too introvert then write love letters. If you don’t know how to write one read THIS.

Last but not least, always remember that –

YOU are because SHE is and vice versa is also true.

Guys, I hope you follow these five very simple things to keep your woman happy. 

If you want to stay happy forever in a relationship I advice you buy the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This book has saved thousands of relationships from breaking off.

Well, don’t think I’m being biased by writing this blog. Be informed that my next blog is on five things men really want from women. 

So stay tuned. 

Also, do let me know how useful was this blog to you. Will love to answer your doubts if any. 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Women Really Want From Men!

  1. I read this blog to my special one as he is very lazy to read. He loved it as he do almost all. But he has demanded you to write another blog on ” what men want from women”

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