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5 Pointers To Know What Your Passion Actually Is!

In the world where everybody is busy running the Rat-Race, it’s time we pause for a while and discover our passion. Ask yourself this indispensable question

“Did I make myself happy today?”

This question shall be an eye-opener to most of us who are engrossed in making the world proud, but ourselves.

One of my friends, who’s an architect tells me the other day that her boss who’s in his 60’s attends a singing class sometimes after office and on weekends.

She tells, sometimes he also practices sitting in his cabin. The spark on his face when he sings is magnificent. He lives his passions in his singing class and sometimes in his cabin.

The fact that he’s chasing his passion after crossing 60 is commendable. Isn’t it?

But why wait for such a long time ? Can’t we start off the moment we realize what our passion is and be happy now?

Many a time, it becomes difficult to understand what our passion actually is. Some follow their career blindly without hunting for their genuine interests, some others follow their careers and keep their passion locked somewhere in one corner of their heart whereas some follow their career and also live their passion. Some never understand what they actually want from life while some have never bothered to discover themselves.

For all those who really want to live their life to the fullest, there’s only one way out i.e. re-discover your passion and start living for it. Now the question arises how to know what is your passion actually is  ?

1.Experiment different things

First and foremost try hands-on on different things. Observe the happiness and energy you gain while you to those activities. Note down the observation and analyze where you experienced the sheer happiness.

2. Follow it Diligently

Once you know your happy-task, start following it throughout. Learn more about it. Google about it. Explore the in and out of that particular thing. There is knowledge all around us, grab it.


Once you enjoy a  particular task/thing, start analyzing yourself.  There will be a point where you’ll find yourself engrossed in that particular task day in and day out. The ‘lazy you’ will now forget food, sleep and everything else to just do what you want to. If you are a working person, you’ll desperately wait for weekends to just get a chance to follow that one thing. The satisfaction experienced will sooth you at the end of every day.

4.Making Some Time Out For Your Passion

No matter how busy you are in your college studies or office work, somehow you’ll make time for that particular thing. You’ll long to run home and do what you like.

5. Ignorance Towards The World

You’ll simply turn a deaf ear to the free-advises the world has to give and continue with what makes you happy. Your love towards your passion will show up in your eyes one fine day !

And once you do all of this, there you’ve discovered your passion. You are then on your way to happiness. The moment you start living for what you like and what you want to achieve in life, I’m sure life will be much exciting and beautiful than what it was earlier.

Witness the sunrise, breathe for your passion and love your life because you’ll definitely not get another.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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