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6 Promising Ways That’ll Help Reduce Your Stress

The other day, one of my friends asked me, “How to reduce stress at work?” Well, that was a difficult question for a person who is already going through it. I did not disappoint her and promised her that she’ll get the answer very soon.

Only after self-analysis have I come to write this piece of answer for my friend and all those peers out there waiting to be stress-free at once.

The word ‘stress’ is now a common phenomenon each one of us shares. Around seventy-five per cent to 90 per cent of all doctors visits are for stress-related issues.

Where the remedy is available free of cost, we end up spending huge pennies at the clinics.

If we take stress in a much lighter way, life would be easier than it is now. For 2 years now, I’ve been taking this unnecessary stress and tension.

The result of this had either been a doctor’s visit or immense depression. The loss was all mine. Lately, after self-realization, I’ve managed to beat the stress levels to a great extent without any medications.

I’d wish to share 6 promising ways that’ll help reduce your stress.

1. Stop Giving A F*ck To Anything And Everything

Knowingly and unknowingly we think too much about something that has zero importance in our lives. I literally used to overthink my overthinking. Back then I had a very cute, bubbly co-worker who was 7 years older to me. Yet, I was the one who seemed to be overloaded with responsibilities.

She always smiled and I would be a serious and furious child throughout the day. Only after she left office, did I understand what she always tried to convey?  The book,  The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, imprinted this very thought on me and the process of overthinking automatically minimized.

Stop acting as if the entire universe’s tension is on your head and smile often, because it’s free and healthy.

Let’s stop giving a fuck about the traffic out there and find the bliss in observing the real people outside and inside the window. Ignore the Whatsapp stories (mute them if they are too annoying), friends going on fancy weekends, people getting married, having sex, producing children.

Just focus on you, your life and your happiness. Give a fuck about things which are dearer to you. Invest time in creating Whatsapp stories and not feeling sad looking at someone else’s story.

You can envy someone’s life but you can’t own it.

  2. Do What Makes You Happy

Sometimes we end up comprising on our hobby which once upon a time was the greatest pleasure of life.

Pause, breathe, think and search for that pleasure of life you’ve left behind. Make time for that hobby of yours. When the day at work is hectic, don’t sleep. Stay up, sit back and do what makes you happy.

A small start can make a big difference.

Earn for a living and live for a passion. One of the most common reasons for stress is when we are not doing what we like to do. Many a time your passion cannot fetch you money, but it can fetch you the inner happiness.

Then why not, earn for a living and live for a passion?

Make some time and work on your passion. I’m sure you’ll have a smile on your face whilst you sleep.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination can be one of the reasons for stress. The work you deliberately put away and make way for reasons, piles up and results in sudden pressure and stress.

Do read my blog on how to stop procrastinating.

4. Sing On Top Of Your Voices

I am not even joking. Singing is the best stress reliever ever. Every morning I wake up with a big question mark on my face which says, “Office?”

The only motivation I have then is singing in the bathroom. No matter how awful my voice is, no matter how annoying it would be for my roommates, I sing.

Singing, not only opens up our vocal cords but also restores our brain and we are ready to start afresh for the day.

Take your Bluetooth speaker or mobile in the bathroom, increase the volume to maximum and sing on top of your voices. Be the “bathroom-singer” and release stress the fun way.

5. Talk And Take It Out

Stress builds up when we keep things inside us for a prolonged time. I have been doing this for 24 years now. Being an introvert in my school days, I haven’t spoken too much to anybody.

As a result, everything went on piling up only to burst at some point in time. I’ve realized now that I had been stupid by hiding my thoughts within me for absolutely no reason.

Talking is yet another impromptu way of reducing stress. At work, you just have to look away from your desktop, turn around and talk to your neighbor to release all the frustration you’ve been going through.

Your co-worker is your best stress-buster throughout the office hours. You can certainly rely on him/her. If he/she is on leave, he’s just a ping or call away.

Unless you speak, the world is deaf.

6. Ring Your Friend, Reduce Your Stress

This is the world’s best stress-reliever. When nothing from the above 5 ways work, pick up your phone, dial in your best friend’s number and blabber out everything happened throughout the day.

They will listen to all your cries and comfort you in the best possible way he/she can. Sometimes we cannot share all the things with our parents. But with our friends, we can share anything and everything.

Don’t get so busy in life that you have no life left to live.

A few months back, I heard this from my colleagues, “Get yourself some life dude”. Today, I hear myself telling others, “Get yourself some life dude”.

Follow all these 6 promising ways to reduce your stress for at least a day and let me know how was your day different from the usual stressful days. I’ll be looking forward to knowing your views. Also, let me know how you manage stress in your day-to-day life.

Let’s release stress the fun way by interacting in the comment section below.

Together we shall all conquer this enemy of ours called ‘stress’.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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4 thoughts on “6 Promising Ways That’ll Help Reduce Your Stress

  1. Whenever i do barati dance in dj, i forget all my stress. But as u know i am introvert i exhibit this talent only in darkness 😂. Aao kabhi haveli p tum bhi dance karne 😝

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