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Life & Learnings | The Workshop Day!

Life is all about learning new things every day. In these tough times, it’s crucial to learn something new every day as much as it is important to survive and embrace the day.

Upgrading yourself with new skills and implementing them in your day-to-day life is the need of the hour.

I feel that one day wasted is like one life wasted. We live an entire life in 24 hours and we cannot forget the fact that the time passed can’t be turned back. I’m someone who believes in living in the present moment. I believe in making the most of ‘today’ and laughing as much as I can, today.

But, ever since I realised that both learning and living go hand in hand, I started learning new things. I focused on my weaknesses and targeted to overcome them. The extra time we all got during the lockdown was a blessing in disguise for me and I made good use of it.

Being camera conscious was one of my biggest weaknesses. In the era of videos and Instagram reels, I felt left out and weak for I couldn’t make videos as I couldn’t face the camera.

During the first lockdown, post office hours, I practised looking into my phone’s camera. Initially, I only looked into it trying to make eye contact with myself. Gradually, I made confident eye contact and went ahead with the next step that was talking into the camera.

I made small videos as and when possible. At first, I made pathetic videos and hated my voice. Well, we all hate our recorded voice, don’t we? But I obediently listened to my recordings and tried improvising in the next recording.
I wrote down scripts, memorised them and then made videos. I sent the videos to my best friend who gave me honest feedback and helped in polishing my speaking style – which according to her should have been more natural and not rigid.

The process was tiring and sometimes frustrating. But as I was determined to learn this new skill of talking in front of the camera and ultimately connecting with my readers or viewers through social media, I did not give up.

In the coming months (August 2020 to be precise), when my book was released once the COVID effect was lowering down in India, I was supposed to go live on Instagram for the virtual book launch of Monday Mornings Done Right. That was the time when all my practice was put into practice and it was all worth it.

Post the book launch live session I was confident enough to talk in front of the camera and address my audience. This was a small achievement but it made a huge difference to me, to my personality.

For writers, their job is not done after writing a book. Their job actually starts thereafter. Promoting the book on social media is a task and a never-ending process for a writer. And to be honest we cannot rely on anyone else for doing it for us. It’s our work and we ought to showcase it for ourselves.

Slowly, I started making videos for my publisher’s Instagram page for promoting the book. My publisher has pushed me in the right direction by encouraging me to make creative reels and to be myself when I’m in front of the camera. I owe her a lot.

A couple of months ago, I happened to conduct a workshop on blogging at my publisher’s request. I was quite reluctant and kept postponing it for weeks. But, I guess she saw the potential in me and followed up persistently.

To my surprise, the Workshop was loved by the attendees and besides that, I enjoyed sharing my blogging experiences with everyone to the fullest. I gave away several tips and tricks required in the blogging and also shared the mistakes I did in my journey which would help them in avoiding the same.

Today, it’s again a big day as my publisher – Mithaas Services and I are coming up with a Blogging 101 Workshop from today i.e 10th May 2021 to 12th May 2021 from 9 pm to 9.45 pm.

I feel nervous and excited at the same time and can’t wait for the clock to struck 9. A lot of planning and preparation has gone into designing this workshop. It’s basically an A to Z guide to starting your blogging career.

Many times we are overwhelmed by the sea of information available on the internet and ultimately are left clueless as to where to start from, isn’t it? The sheer purpose of this workshop is to throw some light on the facts and process of blogging and of course, know how to write a blog.


Little did I know that the small achievement I made during the lockdown of being able to talk into the camera would lead to conducting a workshop one day.

Today is an important day of my life and I hope I’m able to share the most from my seven years of blogging experience with you. I promise to be honest in giving whatever I have and Mithaas and I would make sure you benefit from the workshop.

If you wish to register for the workshop, you can reach out to Mithaas Services on their Instagram handle – @mithaasservices.

Wish me luck for tonight!
See you!
Until next time,
Keep learning, keep living!

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  1. This is just so sweet of you, Shraddha. You are yourself an ocean of information. We are so glad to have an author like you! 😀

    1. Yayayay!! thank you so much Devanshi!

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