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Hello! A Life Update From Me!


It’s been a while since I wrote to you, my dear reader. A lot is going on in my life, both good and bad. Life is nothing but a balance of both happiness and sorrow, and you ought to accept it wholeheartedly.

I’ve been busy much in writing my next book and I’m really emotional about it. I can’t wait to complete writing it and deliver it to you for reading it.

Amidst the writing process, I got engaged to my best friend. In these uncertain times, he’s been the only constant. I’m happy to share this important life update with you, my dear reader. My best friend and I have gone through a lot of challenges in life. The good thing is that we’ve been with each other through all the odds. Hence, this engagement of ours feels all the more important and a blissful moment of our lives.

Yesterday, we exchanged rings and promised togetherness, ever after. I embraced each moment of the day, living it to the fullest.

The only sad thing about engagements and weddings in these corona times is that we are forced to compromise on ‘our’ people. We’re restricted to get engaged or married in the presence of a few selected people. Selecting the most important people of our lives was the most tedious task in all the preps. Because each and everyone in our life is equally close and dear to us and choosing a handful of them was a saddening part of all.

But as they said, life must go on, we took this tough decision of getting engaged in the presence of a few people according to the government norms. Though we were happy for finally taking our friendship to another level, deep down we missed our friends and relatives who couldn’t attend our life event.

I’m sure they were equally sad for not being a part of our happiness. Nevertheless, each one sent their best wishes by putting up our engagement pictures on their WhatsApp and Instagram stories. One of our groups had made a video call to celebrate the day as they wanted to see our happy faces. The faces would have been happier if only everyone could be physically present.

Hoping to see all our near and dear ones attending our wedding. Here’s a picture of my fiancé (it feels different yet special to address him as fiancé) and me, exclusively for you, my dear reader.

Your blessings are also of utmost importance to me.

Until next time,
Stay safe, stay happy!

P.S. Will keep you updated with the progress of my next book and of course our marriage.

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6 Replies to “Hello! A Life Update From Me!”

  1. Congratulations dear 😘😘
    I wish you both have a wonderful time together ever after 🥰❣️

    1. Thank you so much Vidya !

  2. Congrats shradhz. But at time of marriage u have to do stream online post link or live for whole marriage ceremonies. Also plz send more pics of both of you and rings 😍

    1. Awww….this is so sweet. I would have been the luckiest person to have you at my wedding than you seeing me on a live stream. Let’s see how everything goes. Hoping for the best!

  3. Gaurav Balapure says: Reply

    Heartiest congrats 💐

    1. Thank you dear 🙂

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