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Pinku’s Zero-Network Zone | Part II

Pinku's-Zero-Network-Zone -Part-II

Continued from the previous blog…

“As I said I had made up my mind to defeat this addiction of mine, I made my way to the “Zero-network zone”.

This idea originated in the elevator where the network is minimum. One fine day I set out on a trip to Elephanta caves all alone with my study books. I researched well in advance about the zero mobile networks in some villages of Elephanta caves.

After a soothing ship ride, I reached the caves. I kept walking until my sim card’s network was completely dead. Keeping my phone in the pockets I looked around the village. People around were busy in their daily routine activities.

You know Didi, seeing a group of children in school uniform marching towards their school with a grin on each one’s face I was taken back to the children in our society. Mostly they grumbled for their mother’s phone and seemed restless throughout the day.

Outside a tiny house, a mother sat tying the second plait of her daughter’s hair. Both chatted over something and laughed whole-heartedly without any phone beeping around. Unlike, the mothers doing their daughter’s hair and chatting simultaneously on their phones.

The constant comparison was hitting me hard as I walked alongside the village. Looking around the peaceful world out there, I had not touched my phone for quite a while then, not sure how much time had passed.

While on my way back home, I laid back my head on the seat reminiscing the past few hours. Only upon reaching home did I take off my phone from my jeans.

Delightedly I called it a day and slept contently at night. But the next morning I was home and my mobile was back with me again.

Didi, I really want to live life to the fullest without this addiction. Please, can you help me overcome this situation of mine?

This question shook me from within because my situation was not much different from his. In fact, every generation is affected as the technology has grown with leaps and bounds. I promised him to come back with a solution.

After giving it a prolonged thought, without any discussion I gifted him a book- Life is what you make it. This book never fails to inspire me. Also, I had read somewhere – If we do one thing for 21 days continuously, it becomes a habit. I was confident that after reading this book, Pinku would come back to me for another book. He did come as soon as he finished reading the first one.

Gradually, Pinku got into the habit of reading and consequently, the mobile phone became his second priority.

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I know you can relate to Pinku and his mobile addiction in some or the other way. Do let me know how do you cope with this dreadful addiction of yours? I would be glad to know your tricks to lower down the mobile phone use and would love to apply that in my day to day life also.

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