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3 Astonishing And Never Read Before Advantages Of Reading Books.


It’s never too late, does not really apply in all walks of life. There are exceptions, one of which is reading. Yes. Had I obeyed my father years ago and taken reading seriously, I wouldn’t be struggling now. I wouldn’t be missing on the advantages of reading all these years.

The other day I ordered books worth Rs. 600, just because Amazon promises free delivery on goods purchased above Rs.500 (I know it’s crazy of me). Every day I hardly get 40 minutes to read in the bus while I am heading to the office.

In fact, that’s the only motivation which keeps me on my toes every morning.

Eat. Sleep. Read Repeat.

Like a hungry hawk, I settle down quickly in the window seat and start reading without wasting any time. At times, I only look up when the bus stops at my office gate and people start moving out.

Now that I have realized the benefits of reading, I think I should read two books at a time. One to be of short stories and another to be a novel, in that way I wouldn’t mess up with the stories and characters. The thought which keeps me worrying is will I ever reach (leave crossing) my friend’s number (3000 +). I am still trying to believe that he has read 3000+ books and is just 24.

Lately, as I read more and more books, I make a mental note of the advantages of reading. And here are three astonishing advantages of reading that I discovered.

1. Reading is like breathing knowledge.

Believe me, you never know which book can give you some wonderous story or a piece of brilliant information. Each book in this world is unique. Every other book has something to give.

It is we who have to make an effort and grasp the knowledge each book offers. I strongly believe in buying books and treasuring them in my bookshelf, for this is the real treasure I’ll be inheriting to my next generation.

Yesterday, I happened to read the book The One Minute Apology. To my surprise, apart from the central idea of the book, I got to read many unheard stories of some of the great personalities and discovered this advantage of reading.

One of the stories said that Alfred Nobel – best known for the Peace Prize was involved with the invention of dynamite.  When Nobel’s brother died, Alfred got a copy of the local newspaper and discovered that they had somehow mixed up the two brothers.

As a result, Alfred Nobel had the very unique experience of reading his own obituary. Can you imagine what that must have felt like?

The central message of his obituary was about his involvement with dynamite. Nobel was devastated to think that he would be remembered only for destruction. And hence, he redesigned his life so he would be especially remembered for honoring the pursuit of world peace.

Wasn’t this a unique and unheard story?

Likewise, you never know which book will have such interesting hidden stories until you yourself read them.

2. The sense of gratification.

As I mentioned earlier, I mostly read in the office bus or while I travel. The other day, I read a page and closed the book reminiscing the words that were just sinking in.

I saw nobody around me was reading. Suddenly, a feeling of pride ran through my body and I smiled. At the same time, I felt sorry for the people around. Few were busy arguing over the phone with someone, few were fast asleep and the others ran their thumbs through their smartphones.

I think each and every book in this world is meant to tell us something. I think no youtube video or TV show can share as much knowledge as a book can do.

Not all addictions are healthy. But yes, one who is addicted to books is wealthy all his life.

3. Reading Teaches Us To Be Humble.

Just the next day I witnessed a boy reading the book – Tuesday’s with Morrie. I was glad to see him read.  Yesterday, yet another girl was reading an ebook on her phone or probably some article on the internet. Now we were three people reading in the bus.

One of the many advantages of reading books is, they teach us to be humble. Have you ever seen a well-read man being arrogant?

I was overwhelmed to have reading partners in the bus. The newly created vibe urged me to read more gracefully.

Books not only tell us stories but also give us chance to experience diversified lives of the characters that dwell inside. That’s what makes us humble.


Whichever book you pick up to read today, I’m sure you’ll experience at least one the above advantages of reading. Read anything you wish to. It may be a newspaper, a fiction or a non-fiction book, a magazine or even a dictionary.

For starters, the genre does not matter. What matters is, you holding a book and entering into a new world where you find your inspiration and evolve like a star shining brightly in the sky.

So what are you waiting for? Get going and grab a book right away. Do let me know how it felt to have read a book in the comment section below.


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9 Replies to “3 Astonishing And Never Read Before Advantages Of Reading Books.”

  1. Very nice description on the value of booky reading

    1. Thank you so much Sireesha …😊😊

  2. I started reading as u brought a zeal in me to read. But i forget instance or stories , which i don’t want to. What can i do for it? As i can’t revise all books again and again because i forget in which book i have read what.

    1. Hi Samia, I’ll get back to you on this for sure ☺️

      1. Hi Samia,
        I had the exactly same doubts as you have when I was in school and started reading books from library. I always thought how will I keep so much of stuff in my mind. Then I thought let’s not read books at all, as it I’m going to forget.
        But then it was my Dad who urged to read. Without me asking the questions to him ( like you did) he would always say, “A book can inculcate that knowledge within you which no one else can. No matter if you don’t remember everything of it, but you’ll at least remember that one catchy word or sentence. And gradually your brain will have the power to grasp things quickly. Suddenly you’ll realise you remember stories, incidents read in some book and then you’ll automatically train your brain to remember which story was from which book. If not all this, you are sure to become smarter and wiser by reading more and more books. And you’ll realise it in some or the other way.”

        I still remember his words and can actually relate to them today. I’m sure you’ll too find yourself whilst you keep reading more and more.

  3. Thank you soo much. I hope i will become shraddha in future, and give this advice to some samia 😁

    1. OMG! That’s a compliment for me. And of course you can become 🙂

  4. I really like the point you brought up when you mentioned that reading books helps us to be humble because we experiencing the characters’ diversified lives within. In my opinion, another benefit of reading is that we feel more confident about ourselves. Reading things like inspirational books can go a long way in helping someone being happier.

    1. Wow…that’s such a wonderful thought…thank you 🙂

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