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A Textrovert – And His 6 Magnificent Characteristics

Yes, you read it right. The word textrovert does exist. Until one of my friends sent me a meme, I was only aware of these two words – introvert and extrovert. The meme had the meaning of textrovert-

Textrovert is someone who is expressive and funny in texts but shy in person.

It amazed me. And the exciting part of all this was, the textrovert himself sent this to me.

And I pondered on the thought of how interesting textroverts can be. His and my chats kept flashing in front of my eyes. It was as though the meme was just written for him. The ‘Eureka!’ moment it was.

Ignoring the latter part of the meme as of now, let’s concentrate on the former. Someone being extravagantly expressive in texts, now that’s fascinating, isn’t it?

So just thought of elaborating those extra-ordinary characteristics a textrovert possesses.

1. Introverts initially

I’ve known this friend of mine for 2 years now. My first acquaintance with him was itself a mysterious one. He just refused to look into my eyes while we had a formal handshake (as the meeting was a formal one). That very moment the curious girl inside me peeped out and decided to discover him as and when possible.

A textrovert will answer in one word wherever he can. One sentence is a rare thing and answering, in brief, is next to impossible.

So, basically, they are the introverts being able to express themselves only due to the grace of the internet (Whatsapp).

2. A bundle of surprises

It took him 1 year and 9 months to actually make the impossible possible. Now, this introvert friend of mine goes on and on, in our Whatsapp chats. His messages are always filled with a bundle of surprises.

The ‘Awe’ moment is what I call it.

Suppose if you message or ask something in the text, the textrovert’s reply will be either hilarious or a thought-provoking statement. It will never be a plain yes or no, never. Always an unpredictable, unexpected and surprising response.

As though, they brainstorm for a moment and then reply with a full swing to leave us dumbstruck. Also, they are smart enough to remember each and every text you’ve sent in the past, though it is a year old.

3. Peculiar Style Of Texting

Textrovert’s have their proper spellings reserved for texting particular words, maybe it is in English or their mother tongue. They follow it so strictly that you can easily find out whether that person himself has messaged you or someone else.

I have been used to my friend’s words style of texting, it’s rare.

4. Addictive

Their style of replying/texting is so addictive that you can hardly hold yourself back from replying/chatting. Once you message them, you’ll literally wait on the same chat to read the text from him/her. His message decides whether you’ll be laughing or reminiscing on his words.

The other day I happened to scroll up to my friend’s and mine Whatsapp chats. And to my astonishment, the trail was a never-ending journey. I gave up halfway and realized how addictive these textroverts are.

5. Storytellers

You should experience this feature of a textrovert at least once. It’s a treat. The way they narrate a story in texts in detail is credible. It requires a lot of efforts to engage a person entirely in a chat and making it attractive.

This friend of mine is the best storyteller online. The incidents he narrates are always wacky and vivacious. Many a time I feel I am witnessing the entire event in person.

6. Out of the box thinking

If you’ve known a textrovert who possesses the above five characteristics, I’m sure the sixth one is by default part of his/her personality.

Whatever this textrovert friend of mine does is different from others. His choices, his ideologies, his way of working at the office, etc. are distinct. I’m stunned to see the kind of examples he has to give in every discussion.

Today if I ask him a question, he not only answers my question briefly but also narrates the background story associated with it.

So, these textroverts are the extroverts when it comes to texting. And introverts are introverts until they have a platform to express.

If you have a friend or colleague, who’ve got these characteristics you can address him as textrovert and share this blog with him/her. I’m sure he/she will agree to the above points and enjoy reading them too.

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16 Replies to “A Textrovert – And His 6 Magnificent Characteristics”

  1. Gaurav Balapure says: Reply

    Eager to see the meme 😍😍

    1. The meme says – Textrovert is someone who is expressive and funny in texts but shy in person.

      1. Md. Ismail Hossen says: Reply

        That seems my friend write this about me 😂

        1. Hahaha…that’s so sweet

        2. Damn yes! But suprisingly enough, people who I chat with are extroverts and as good at texting as I am, but yeah, I think I engage then more 👁️👄👁️

          1. That’s awesome 🙂

    2. Till date i was thinking i am introvert. But Today i came to know, i fall under this 3rd category coz i can express in chats not in person.

  2. A very unique blog I have read in past few months 😁.Nice one Shrad 😇

    1. Thank you Nithu 😙😘

  3. Just now found the word TEXTROVERTS. Yeah i am a textrovert too…i chat only with the person who r special to me.. Maybe same with ur frnd..but with some people who i feel more comfortable and i think they know abt me, i am an extrovert with them( Mostly the persons i have seen frm my childhood and frnds of my same age and gender)

    1. great to know that Kawin 🙂

  4. Nahi sangnar says: Reply

    Asa hoy?

  5. Nice one.. 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinay 😁

  6. Even I realised that somewhere I fall under this category😅
    Great observation skills and you jotted them perfectly, Kudos to you!

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