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On The Eve Of International Men’s Day


Many a time, we generalize man to be a male chauvinist or a jerk or a road-Romeo. Very easily we make a statement that “Jarur ladke ne kuch kiya hoga”. I know this is a frequently used line but it isn’t a fact. Before hearing his verdict, the society declares him the culprit.

I’m not generalizing but this happens quite often that men are cursed more and complimented less. Also, with the #Metoo storm, men are being side-lined and betrayed. Can we not look at the brighter side of men?

So let’s appreciate the other side of men that’s unnoticed, on this International Men’s Day.

Why MEN are important?

  1. You can’t spell(Madam),

without the (Adam) in it.

  1. Neither can you spell (Woman),

without the (Man).

  1. You also cannot spell (Female),

without the (Male).

My colleague showed me these lines put up on his friend’s status. That was unique. And isn’t it true?

Aren’t they a vital part of our day to day life? Let’s imagine a day without men.

I’m sure it was scary.

Men are the most beautiful creature God has ever created. Discovering them from within is an art in itself.

We all have that one friend who is considerate of our feelings irrespective of the situation. I remember, one of my friends asking me this question when he noticed I was moody, “What do you feel like doing in these days of yours?”

His gesture was astonishing and comforting at the same time. Never had anybody asked such a thoughtful question to me. Don’t you think your chumps would’ve been much more painful if you didn’t have that male friend of yours who has his own code word for periods and comforts you in any way he can?

We all have that one friend who opens the door for us and says, ” After you!” Don’t you feel on top of the world when someone puts you before himself?

We all have that one friend who understands what you want without even you speaking it out. Once when I was on a trip, after our lunch I was looking for a wash-basin to wash my hands. I looked around with a question mark on my face. A guy, whom I had known only a day before said, “Wash-basin is to the right”.

That was his level of understanding.

We all have that one friend who keeps his parents’ picture as his phone’s wallpaper. The moment you see one, understand that he’s the most loving person on earth. A person who loves his parents will always be a large-hearted person.

We all have that one friend who has cracked the silliest joke ever to make your day a little lighter. I will never forget this joke of one of my friend which was crazy but put a smile on my face on that hectic day.

The joke can be told, no harm but read it at your own risk (disclaimer in place)

I – hehehehe

He – if you were a feminist who’d laugh something like this – sheshesheshe

We all have that one friend who respects his girlfriend the way he’ll respect his mother. A gentleman he is.

We all have that one friend who’s words have the power to melt anyone and everyone. I know this guy who writes for himself. If only he would write for the world. The world would’ve got the most handsome and down to earth author ever. His description of Pune was a marvel-

And the best thing is the city can have its own version of a love affair with every individual. Each story is new and different.

Of course, Pune is my successful love affair till date.

Rewind yourself a day back and pick that one smile of yours which was because of a man. And let him know that he was the reason for your smile. Thank him for being around you. And be the reason for a smile on his face.

It’s because men exist, we women get a chance to be happy. What if there was no man to compliment your beauty? What if there was no shoulder for you to lay your head and cry? What if there was no man to guide you through your difficulties?

Next time when you get a compliment “Oh! You looking nice today”, “really you look different today”. Take it, treasure it and appreciate it.

If you have not already wished the men in your life a Happy International Men’s Day, please do and let them know how you feel about them. If you’ve made a card, bought them a chocolate then you’re on the same page as I am.

Let’s celebrate the day of the men in our life!

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