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6 Reasons Why We All Fell In Love With The Light-hearted Web Series – Panchayat | Day 6 Of Blog Marathon


The wait was finally over when Amazon Prime announced the release of Panchayat season 2. We all have been waiting for it for over a year now, isn’t it?

Just like me, many of you must have woven various stories around season two. Some of us prayed for the advent of Sachiv Ji’s love life, while others hoped he cleared his CAT in this season.

Unwittingly, we all had started belonging to Fulera and could not wait to visit there again. I feel Fulera has become our Nani’s house which we visited during our summer vacations. Despite the underdeveloped village, we fell for the little Panchayat office and had a weird urge to see the village from the top of the water tank.

My sole reason for watching Panchayat season 1 was Jitendra Kumar, aka Jeetu Bhaiyya. But in no time, I got fond of all the characters. Rinky’s entry in the last minute of the last episode had left us all the more excited for season 2.

Well, it is the human tendency to make assumptions on the grounds of some visuals.

Let’s understand the reason why we all fell in love with this light-hearted web series – Panchayat:

1.The spectacular performances by the characters

From the bus conductor at the beginning of the series to our very own Pradhan Ji, all the actors have done justice to their characters. Maintaining the subtly and not seeming too loud throughout the episodes was a real challenge.

I loved the innocence in Vikas’s dialogue, the anger in Sachiv Ji’s behaviour, the parental advice from our Pradhan Pati Ji, and the beauty of Pralhad’s friendship. Everyone gave their best without overdoing things.

2.Sachiv Ji’s relatable struggle

If you’re an Engineer and earning 20k per month, you know you’ll get a 100 or 200 per cent hike when you switch jobs. But Sachiv Ji is clueless and disappointed with his life. He’s motivated by his friends who sit in an AC office earning lakhs at the beginning of their careers.

We can connect with Sachiv Ji here. He’s repenting for not giving his best in his initial days, which almost everyone will relate to. Nevertheless, he does not give up or accept the new life at the same time and tries to be happy in the present day.

3.Beautiful friendship

Making friends at work is the most precious thing to have in your early 20s. You make friends with people from different age groups, sometimes double your age. In the acquaintances, you learn a lot and sometimes surprise yourself by doing cute things in friendship.

Pradhanji, Sachiv Ji, Pralhad, and Vikas share a beautiful bond which we feel should remain forever.

4.Father-daughter relationship

Panchayat is based in a small village, but Pradhan Ji is not a typical father who loves his daughter to the moon and back. He’s that modern Dad who takes his daughter’s consent while taking decisions. Who’s not in a hurry to get her married. If you’ve not seen Season 2, you must. I won’t be giving out much about the father-relationship shown in the second season.

5.The perfect husband-wife scenes

Pradhan Ji and his wife are role models to all of us. Their catfights are so adorable that we can’t wait to get to their age and have a friendly debate with our spouses. Well, at least I can’t wait!

6.The minimalism of a village life

I don’t want to be Sachiv Ji’s motivational friend, but we all know that we find solace in a place away from the city. The village life is much more peaceful and refreshing than the city life. People are still happy with their little, whereas the city people are still busy running the rat race.

At the bottom of our hearts, we understand we’re in that race, but then that’s where we are meant to be. Society has set some standards for us, and we ought to follow them. Being a rebel is good in movies. Real-life runs on money, and we run behind money. It’s a cycle that repeats itself generation by generation.

A dialogue from the last episode of season 2 of Panchayat was a slap in the face of all the youth. You know it if you’ve completed watching it.

Well, this is the first series that I’ve binged watched.

When are you going to watch it?

Let me know in the comments below what you think about all the points above.

Till then, bye, take care!


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  1. The scene where he sachiv ji asks for his daughter’s opinion had me smiling too.

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