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All Things Around Books | Day 5 of Blog Marathon

Today’s blog is going to be a talk on books. There’s so much on my mind to be shared with you that happened today. I’m happy I decided on doing a 30-day blog marathon. This is helping me write my heart out to you, my dear readers.

I love talking about books and never get tired of it. I love reading books, smelling books, seeing books, feeling books, and doing everything I can do with the books.

So, let me tell me everything that happened today around books:

1.The office training call

Today, at 6 in the evening, we had a training call in the office. The training was wrapped up in 30 minutes, and we had some time before we could call it a day. So, as usual, we got a chance to catch up on our personal lives.

One of my colleagues from another team confessed that he has bought My Brave Lady but did not get a chance to read it and is planning to read it in the coming weekend. He said, “This will be my first English book. I’m more into Hindi books. But I’m glad I’m starting with English because of your book”.

The other one said, “I just completed reading your book, Shraddha. This is the first book I did not want to finish. I read it slowly, absorbing every emotion and learning a lot from it”.

I was elated to know that I’ve contributed to people’s ‘first experiences’.

Further, we talked about the happiness one gets from reading and how gifting a book is the best thing to do.

There’s a quote by Garrison Keillor, an American author – A book is a gift you can open again and again!

I shared about my neighbour’s gesture and how she bought two copies of My Brave Lady – one for herself and one to gift to a friend.

2.The book contest on Instagram

As a part of my new book’s promotion, I’m running a contest on Instagram. I shot a fun video with the focus being my book – My Brave Lady, with the help of my husband. A  couple of years ago, I was camera conscious, and today, I’ve overpowered the fear by 50 per cent. Long way to go!

So, the contest goes like this. The participant has to follow the below rules to be eligible for the contest:

Click a beautiful picture of yours with my new book, My Brave Lady and post it on your Instagram page (as a post).

Follow the below steps to be eligible for winning 2 vouchers worth Rs. 500 each. 

  1. Use the hashtag #mybravelady in the caption
  2. Tag @shraddharane23 and @bloggershradz
  3. Tag 3 friends in this comment section and tell them 2 reasons for reading the book. 

Results will be announced on 30th May. 

Two winners will get an Amazon voucher worth Rs.500 each. Isn’t that exciting? If you’ve read my new book, do participate.

My mentor, who reviewed the book before its publishing, said, “Good going, Shraddha!” He was probably impressed by the kind of efforts I’m putting into promoting my book.

Getting a pat on the back from your mentor is a blessing.

3.The first entry

After some time, I got my first participant. He had followed all the rules mentioned and thus got eligible for the contest.

It’s important for people to read the caption carefully and win a chance to get an Amazon voucher.

4.The current read

I’m currently reading Do Epic Shit by Ankoor Warikoo. As he has written at the beginning of his book that this book has several lines worth highlighting. He is legit, right.

I’ve been sitting with a blue highlighter (to match the book’s colour tone 😉 ), and today I happened to highlight an entire page. That’s the power in Warikoo’s words.

5.The cutest thing that happened with my best friend

While having my dinner, I got a Whatsapp from my friend. She seemed super excited and wanted to share something with me. I am always up for something interesting. Apparently, my friend had been to an old book shop. She was browsing through the old and second-hand books when she came across a handwritten note in one of the torn books.

She found it very cute and sent me a picture of the note, asking me to decode the message. The handwriting was too hard to be understood, and I gave up.

She said, “So easily you gave up”.

I said, “That’s the whole purpose of the note. The one who’s written it doesn’t want a third person to understand the message as it might be for a loved one. Sometimes, you don’t need to know everything”.

I don’t think I could convince her. Probably, she’s still staring at the note, trying to make sense of the alphabet.

Summing up the day, it was full of cute little instances which revolved around books.

I hope you liked this blog and all things about books.

See you tomorrow with yet another exciting blog.

Take care!


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2 Replies to “All Things Around Books | Day 5 of Blog Marathon”

  1. Loved this one !!! The more i read, the more i learn eveyday…Books are truly one of the greatest creations by humans…the art of being able to pen down your thoughts to tell a beautiful and inspiring story is rare. And you have it !!
    Keep growing friend !!
    Love, always

    1. Yeah, you’re right! Happy you loved it 😊😊

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