Australia For You | The End Is Nearing


You’ve seen the havoc that the bushfire has created in Australia. The videos and images shared on the internet are heartbreaking.

It’s difficult to come to terms with such massive destruction.

But it’s true. This is happening. Welcome to a brand new decade.

If you’re not aware of the enormous bushfire of Australia let me give you some disgraceful facts.

Brutal Facts :

1. The sky was seen blood red in the middle of the day in Australia. (As far as I know the sky has never shown this colour, has it?)

2. The bushfire was burning in every single territory and state of Australia.

3. Around 5.9 Million hectares of land has been burned till now.

4. 2019 has been recorded as the hottest and the driest year in Australia.

5. Because of the temperature change, Australia’s capital city was ranked as the worst air-quality state worldwide.

6. Australian Wild fire was caused due to extreme weather conditions, dry air and longer heat waves.

7. More than half a billion (480 million )wild animals are said to been burned with no remains left.

Being Human :

1. The Steven Irwin family rescued over 90,000 animals and is treating them in their family-run hospital.

2. A golden retriever brings home a baby Koala on his back saving his life from the deadly fire.

3. A woman in Australia runs a wildlife shelter where she’s nursing 13 Joey refugees of the bushfire.

It is said that humanity is seen at the times of natural calamities. And this is Australia for you – being human in the worst conditions.

But is this even a natural calamity as they’re claiming it to be?

Ask this question to yourself and you’ll get your answer.

The earth is all set to give us back. As you sow, so shall you reap. The more we read about the catastrophic bushfire in Australia, the more we know that it’s all our fault, isn’t it?

Welcome again to a brand new decade.

I don’t write sad, depressing and negative content on my blog. But global warming is real – it’s not a hypothetical term to be ignored.

How long are we going to live in a illusion of a safe environment?

Let’s be informed that the end is nearing.

To be honest I don’t know how to conclude this blog. The glaciers are melting so rapidly that we cannot even imagine.

And so I’ll be abruptly ending this blog .

See you tomorrow with a positive blog.

Till then — keep praying for Australia as well as for our Mother Earth.

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